Report: Olsen not on the trade block

After whispers about Greg Olsen’s availability turned into a full-blown news report, it was almost inevitable a denial would emerge.

This is a strong one. Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times writes the team not actively trying to trade Olsen.  A league source has confirmed the report to PFT.

Jensen writes that Mike Martz is still trying to wrap his mind around his new offensive pieces, and nothing has been decided.

Of course, not actively trying to trade Olsen now isn’t the same as not listening to offers in April.  The impression is out there that some team could make a bid for Olsen.

We won’t find out if any are truly interested until we get closer to the draft.

15 responses to “Report: Olsen not on the trade block

  1. Chris Cooley or G-reg Olson (from da 7th floor crew)
    Which TE has more of a future?
    Cooley is coming off of a self-inflicted injury while G-reg is coming off a Cutler-inflected injury.

  2. Olsen sucks! He cant block or break tackles! If AZ is really interested you can have him and our fifth round pick for Boldin!

  3. Really Joneser, Boldin and a 5th rounder.
    You can have Boldin for Olsen, your 3rd,4th, & 5th
    That would be more even.

  4. Kellen Davis is better. I would gladly give up Olsen. Who would Cutler throw to if Olsen goes? Probably still the other team.

  5. This is spin control by the Bears, as if Olsen’s agent (Rosenhaus) got too chirpy about demanding a trade, Olsen’s trade value would plummet.
    The guy is a marginal TE. Sure he was tenth amongst TEs in receptions, but considering how many times he was targeted, I’d expect him to be in the Top 5.
    As pointed out, he can’t block, and that’s mandatory and a priority from the TE in Martz’s system.
    Perhaps they move him out to WR, where he could try to become the second coming of Joe Jurevicous – a tall (not so fast) possession WR.

  6. “Of course, not actively trying to trade Olsen now isn’t the same as not listening to offers in April.”
    All teams will listen to any offer. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be doing their jobs.

  7. Report: You post contradicting stories and then hide behind the fact that it wasn’t you that broke the story. Because you don’t break anything.

  8. -What’s your name?
    -What you do?
    Get head.
    -How you do it?
    Drop my drawers and let her see my third leg.

  9. Somebody said that Greg Olsen doesn’t break tackles in the comment section, and they’re really on to something there. This guy was touted as a fast TE out of school, but Chicago has seen absolutely no YAC from him. NONE. The QB’s have been bad, the running game average at best and the O-line terrible in his time here in Chicago, but Owen Daniels made catches and then made something happen after the catch with Rosenfels throwing him the ball. Cooley was apart of an inoperable offense in Wash the past few years and has caught the ball with at least some open space to pick up a modest extra 2-3 yards.
    Olsen simply hasn’t done that, he gets hit right as he catches the ball. Maybe that’s Norv Turner’s fault, but there’s still something to it on Olsen’s end.
    Now, as for making a personnel move, why? WHY?!?
    1.Martz was THE LAST GUY on Chicago’s list of desired coordinators.
    2. He may only be hear for one season if Lovie Smith gets canned
    They won’t toss guys out or bring guys in to fit Martz’s formula. He ain’t the head coach, he’s more likely than not only here for 1 season

  10. @ Sow Crates
    Agreed about the YAC. Further, he can’t block. Anybody else notice how Cutler’s protection improved when Dez Clark returned to the lineup last year?? Check the film.
    Disagree on finding guys for Martz. Whether he was the first or last choice, his success determines whether EVERYBODY stays or goes.
    Whoops, forgot my standard, sarcastic nod to Denver. This is all Jay Cutler’s fault. If he weren’t such a little crybaby, Olsen would have been in the pro-bowl.

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