Richard Marshall could be intriguing target

As we sift through the rubble of Wednesday’s restricted free agency eruption, we’re putting together a mental list of players that could be targeted for offer sheets.

Add Carolina cornerback Richard Marshall to the list.  He was tendered at a second-round level, which isn’t too high for a starter coming off an impressive season.

The Panthers also placed second round tenders on tight end Jeff King and defensive tackle Louis Leonard, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Carolina put original round tenders three defenders: linebacker James Anderson (third round), defensive tackle Tank Tyler (third round), and defensive back C.J. Wilson (seventh round.)

The Panthers also threw three players back into the pool: kicker Rhys Lloyd, tackle Rob Petitti, and safety Quinton Teal.

UPDATE: Linebacker Thomas Davis was handed a first-round tender.

12 responses to “Richard Marshall could be intriguing target

  1. Would be a great idea for the Vikings! Especially considering Cedric Griffin’s injury.
    Would make our first round pick a little more flexible as well.

  2. Carolina fans know what the rest of the league doesn’t. He gives up big plays on a regular basis. He gives up on the receive way to soon and releases them to the saftey five yard past the line.

  3. A second for him isn’t that bad. He is still making too many mistakes although Ken Lucas was so terrible 2 years ago that Marshall looked that much better last year across from Gamble

  4. Your a fool Marshall is a great CB that tackles like a safety & is great in man coverage & does his job in zone the panthers made a BIG MISTAKE

  5. Carolina fan here. Give me a second rounder in this draft for Marshall. (laughing to myself).

  6. Let Marshall go for a second round pick and then trade DeAngelo Williams for Antonio Cromartie and a late pick

  7. ^ hahahahah marshall is a baller letting him go is a huge mistake, but the panthers front office is known for making dumb stupid mistakes.
    Remember delhomme is getting 13 mil this season

  8. Your a fool Marshall is a great CB that tackles like a safety & is great in man coverage & does his job in zone the panthers made a BIG MISTAKE
    Not exactly. He is a good nickle back. He lacks corner skills. He is good in run support. 2nd round is about right. Captain made him expendable. We will take a 2nd rounder for him. We have no 1st.

  9. “Go Heels!” I see why us southern people are considered morons to the General Public! Who the hell would trade a franchise back, who is about 25 yrs old for a Corner coming off of back to back flop seasons? On top of that let possibly the most physical/Athletic corner in the league go for a late pick? Who is also like 24-25 yrs old?!?! Marshall is money in Nickel situations because of his supreme tackling ability, and is on his way to being a top notch corner. I peeped this his rookie year when Carolina played Dallas and he held his own against T.O. This is coming from a Falcon season ticket holder. Richard Marshall is the TRUTH!!!

  10. @ Go heels!
    Im assuming your kidding or wasted…
    As a Carolina fan this absolutly is a huge mistake! Marshall could be a starting CB on lots of team and has huge upside! Carolina personel is extremely fustrating…your afraid a team will give Matt Moore a 1st round pick so you tender him a 1st and 3rd guarenteeing him $3.03M then you risk Marshall for a 2nd round tender? Doesnt make sense to me…

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