Rocky McIntosh not pleased with RFA tender

The realities of the uncapped season is starting to hit home for players like Redskins linebacker Rocky McIntosh.

Jason Reid of the Washington Post reports that McIntosh was given the second-round tender as a restricted free agent.  That should be worth $1.759 million. As a former player
rep and four-year veteran, McIntosh understands his bad timing. 

“Guys don’t know
how much longer they can play at this level,” McIntosh said.  “They just
want to be paid for what they’re worth, and that’s not going to happen
this year, so it’s just hard for a lot of guys.”

McIntosh was hoping for a contract extension.

“I’m totally
shocked that they didn’t put forth a little bit of an effort,” McIntosh said.  “But I’m just
stuck in a bind with this free agency thing.”

McIntosh is also suddenly stuck in a 3-4 defense that may not suit his skills.  That partly explains Washington’s hesitance to give him a longer deal. 

If you don’t want
me . . . you don’t want to give me anything that’s close to fair, just let me
go,” McIntosh told Reid.  “Let me start over somewhere else

The Redskins may have done just that in a normal offseason. Under the current rules, they’d be crazy to just let a quality player walk away. 

McIntosh is hardly the only young player stuck in a bind.

22 responses to “Rocky McIntosh not pleased with RFA tender

  1. I am so sick of a-holes like this guy whining about how one and three quarters of a million dollars is unfair or a year’s work.
    GFY McIntosh, you and the rest of the greedy vermin. You’re going to make more for one year than most people do for 20 year’s labor. The economy and job market is still in a horrible state, and you’re bitching about making this kind of money ? GFY 100 times over.

  2. And the Redskins have stated that much, that they would let McIntosh leave if anybody wants him… in exchange for a draft pick.
    I wish these pampered babies would stop for a second to listen what they sound like, “I’m not happy making over a million dollars a year, you don’t appreciate me, I’m worth more than that! WAHHHH!” Why don’t they go check the classified sectons in the newspapers or go look at the latest news about unemployment being around 10% nationwide? There are people that don’t have jobs and would be happy making $30K a year and they’re crying about “only making a little over a million”.

  3. “McIntosh is hardly the only player stuck in a bind.” – Deep thoughts, by Gregg Rosenthal.

  4. “you don’t want to give me anything that’s close to fair” – getting paid 1.75 million to play a game is not fair? And they wonder why many fans are tired of pro athletes and their ‘pay me’ attitude. You play a game, enjoy it, get a little cash for it and shut your mouth.

  5. “McIntosh is hardly the only young player stuck in a bind.”
    He’s also (probably) hardly the only young player not to think this one through earlier and instead relied on his agent to keep him informed about his “business” stuff.

  6. If you want more “rocky” talk to clueless De Smith and tell him to sign the best deal the owners are willing to give him……..otherwise, remember that you are labor and management has you under its thumb, especially this year!!!! Now, put on your skirt you whinny whining little girl, grab your pom poms and go to practice!

  7. Smart move by the Skins. This shows me there is a new regime in town and they are calling the shots.

  8. Please stop the whining about Pro Athletes being greedy and complaining about their compensation packages, and comparing it to what you earn in a year or a lifetime.
    If McIntosh, or anyone else is seeking “fair” compensation for their work in comparison to what others who are in the same line of work, at the same position, are being paid it’s not greedy and they’re not ungrateful. It’s a business, they’re trying to maximize their earning potential in this field of work while the window of opportunity is still open, because it sure as hell is going to close due to age or injuries sometime.
    If you are uncomfortable about the disparity between your compensation and that of Pro Athletes do something about it, stop paying your hard earned dollars to support your favorite team, or STFU.
    It is what it is, so get over it and stop whining. Or don’t support Pro Sports, because it’s your support that enables these kind of compensation packages to become the norm.

  9. Yes, he should just quit whining about wanting fair market value for his services in his field. Yes it’s a lot of money for most people, but most people are not elite athletes in a very lucrative sport with a very limited time frame to earn their lifetime income from their skillset.

  10. Come on Rock, get over yourself. Take the money and shut the F up. I am a skins fan and would normally side with the player, but my god. I have not made that much in 20 years.

  11. Hey Brewster – I have no problem with what athletes make. I do have a problem with them whining about this situation like they have no choice. If they want to be a free agent after 4 years, then tell your union boss get on his knees and beg management to cut him such a deal. Otherwise, these players have an agreement that applies for 2010 that they negotiated and signed, so they need to honor and live with it rather than whine like a bunch of little girls!

  12. The reason these type of starting players for the 4skins do not get paid a fair salary is because the midget weasel owner overspends on players like worthless D Hall, Haynesworth and others.
    I love it though being a boys fan as this team has some major attitude issues from D Hall to Lazy Haynesworth which will never be fixed until you unload these cancers….Forgot about short bus portis…LMAO.

  13. People need to stop whining about…players’ whining. And I need to stop whining about people who need to stop whining about players’ whining, etc.
    When people start expecting players to be content with getting less than their market value is, those people have lost touch with reality. The players produce a lot more money for their organizations than any schmoe earning $30K/yr., and furthermore, those earning $30K and even those who are unemployed in American need to stop their whining, because their lives are paradise compared to those of your average citizen in Haiti, Dem. Rep. of Congo, etc.

  14. I imagine Washington will let him go if someone came calling. Neither London Fletcher-Baker or Rocky McIntosh are good inside fits for a 3-4. They may hold on to LFB due to his leadership, but they have to start finding LB’s that fit.

  15. Agreed, all these guys knew this was coming. These teams are not stupid, why pay someone an exorbitant amount when you can get away with the minimum possible, its perfectly legal and has been talked and written about ever since the owners rejected the Agreement, what like last year. And if they didn’t expect it then their agents aren’t doing their jobs.

  16. I think Rocky is a good player for the Redskins to try to keep. I hope they don’t let him go over relatively small money, then go throw a pile at some other guy who’s older and on the downward spiral……..
    Which means, of course, because we’re talking about Washington here……Bye bye Rocky, Hello Julius Peppers, Antrelle Rolle, and every other unwanted defensive player in the NFL………..

  17. Brewster – so who should stop whining? Us, them or both? I don’t care what he gets paid or how much he/they whine about it…just win games. Hail!!

  18. To all you simple minded folks attacking McIntosh…GET A CLUE! Don’t start with the bullsh#t comparisons between pro athletes and the Average Joe. He’s got a valid complaint and I’m sure he didn’t broadcast his feelings on the subject on his own accord. Guess what, somebody asked him what he thought and –GASP– he answered honestly. You geniuses don’t understand that football players don’t have the number of years available to them as other pros in others sports and that they have to earn the most they can in the short amount of time they’re around. Do any of you morons even know what $1.75 mil comes to after taxes/agent’s fees/union dues?? Didn’t think so…STFU.

  19. boysroll says:
    March 3, 2010 3:18 PM
    “I love it though being a boys fan”
    I always knew you were a fan of boys.

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