Rolle wants $8 million-per-season

A. Rolle.jpgConventional wisdom says that the Cardinals will make a strong push to keep safety Antrel Rolle, but they don’t want to give him equal money to teammate Adrian Wilson.

Well, something has to give because Rolle wants Wilson money.  More, actually.  Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune writes that Rolle is expecting a deal that averages $8 million-per-season.

That’s more than Wilson, Troy Polamalu, and Ed Reed earn on average.

Rolle clearly isn’t in the same class as those players.  It will say a lot about the uncapped year and odd inequities of NFL free agency if Rolle gets the money he wants.

29 responses to “Rolle wants $8 million-per-season

  1. As a 49er fan I really hope they give him that much because that would very stupid. Is he really good enough to get $8 Million a year? I seem to remember him being ok at best, and they should remember that this will set a precedent for what other better players on their team will want.

  2. child please, i’ve had season seats for the cards for 16 yrs…you were a bust until 2 yrs ago…i know you owe 2M in back taxes but don’t fleece a team for your past screw-ups…4M, if you’re lucky

  3. What would it be like to stress over Millions and not over a $30.00 a month increase in rent???
    F’n Hog Farmers!

  4. “That’s more than Wilson, Troy Polamalu, and Ed Reed earn on average.”
    Well…………. good luck with that?!

  5. You have to be kidding…
    What if I said I want 8 million per year for being a firefighter.

  6. C’mon, Rolle! You need to know your ‘role’ and shut your mouth! No way he’s gettin that 8 mil a year…

  7. It is amazing the price some of these people believe they are worth. God bless him if he finds somebody dumb to pay him that kind of bucks.

  8. Thursday, March 4th, 11:59 pm: The Redskins have just agreed to a deal in principle with Antrel Rolle.

  9. i hope he sign with miami. i am a big miami fan i think they need him. they can put him on the other sign of vontae davis. i dont think they will pay him that much money but i think they will give him a big amount.

  10. Of course he’s not going to get that, but it might be a negotiating ploy to get him somewhere around 5-6mill per year.
    That’s still too high for this guy.

  11. Rolle has had several games without a single tackle… and it’s not because he was in coverage, it’s because he is an extremely hot/cold, inconsistent player.
    5M a year, max.

  12. $8Million? What, is he performing some other service as well as playing football? I hear Leinart likes a strong jaw around his meat.

  13. Dear Antrel,
    you haven’t been a corner for two years. You weren’t very good at it, that is why they moved you to safety. You’re not a bad safety, but you are not the best safety on your own team, let alone in the entire league.
    Reality Check.
    PS. Call Dan Snyder, considering our current FS, he might just pay you 10.

  14. I wonder if he’s screaming into the phone with his agent, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”
    I want a Mercedes and a big house in the country. Rolle’s chances of getting 8 mil as a safety are roughly equivalent to me getting what I want.
    Only the Redskins would be stupid enough to pay him that much.
    If he gets 4 mil he should dance in the streets, 8 mil? Please.

  15. “$8Million? What, is he performing some other service as well as playing football? I hear Leinart likes a strong jaw around his meat.”
    I just spit milk all over the inside of my Storm Trooper mask!

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