Rumors abound that Bears want Brandon Marshall

Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall says he’s willing to stay in Denver this year, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen says he wants to keep Marshall and Broncos coach Josh McDaniels thinks it can work.

And yet hardly anyone seems to think Marshall will be a Bronco in 2010.

The biggest question is which team would be the best landing spot for Marshall, and Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that it could be the Bears. Hayes writes that Bears GM Jerry Angelo’s comments about wide receiver not being a ”need” position are viewed by many as a smoke screen, and that one NFL source wagered a steak dinner on Marshall being in a Bears uniform when camp opens.

We’re not sure whether Hayes accepted the wager, or whether the Sun-Times allows its reporters to wager dinners with sources, but the bottom line is that the Bears are among the handful of teams that are consistently named as a potential suitor for Marshall’s services.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler had a good rapport with Marshall when they were teammates in Denver, and new Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz would love to add a talented wide receiver to the offense. It’s safe to say this won’t be the last time we hear talk about the Bears acquiring Marshall.

49 responses to “Rumors abound that Bears want Brandon Marshall

  1. What could the Bears offer in return?
    They don’t have a draft pick until the third round.

  2. Haha apparently the bears writers think everyone is going to chicago.
    And what ammo will the bears use to get Marshall?
    No 1st or 2nd.
    I am interested in a Porsche, i have $500 to offer.

  3. Must be Bears rumor day. How about a 3 way trade where the Bears send Olsen and a 3rd Rounder to the Cards. The Cards send Boldin to the Broncos and the Broncos send Marshall to Chicago for a 2011 1st round pick. Alright I’ll put down my crack pipe now.

  4. What are they going to trade with? They don’t have a first OR second rounder – Anyone think Denver will accept rounds 3-7 in return? What players do they have to give?

  5. rumours abound that i want JESSICA ALBA
    give me a break, the roster traded 300 picks for Jay “Mr. INT” Cutler
    can they afford to burn another whole draft???
    i doubt it. as much as i know are they pretty up in the ages on several positions

  6. The Bears don’t really have much to offer for Marshall do they? I’m referring to draft picks.

  7. What could they possibly give up that would make it worth it to the Broncos? They have no picks in the first 2 rounds and I don’t see much on their roster that would be worth it either. Maybe Tommy Harris? Urlacker plus a future pick? There really isn’t much there for a deal to be made.

  8. Kyle Orton drops back, finds a wide open Greg Olsen…Touchdown Broncos!
    Jay Cutler drops back, has a wide open Brandon Marshall…oh, Interception!

  9. I don’t think the Broncos will accept just Olsen in a trade. The Bears are almost out of players to mutually swap. Olsen for Marshall would require a draft pick as well and the Bears don’t have much worth trading

  10. I’m sure they would like him, but without a #1 or a #2 to deal, hard to see how they could get it done…

  11. Are all the free agents going to the bears? Peppers, chester taylor, LT, Antrel Rolle, and now brandon marshall. Will there be a free agents left?

  12. Kyle Orton drops back, finds a wide open Greg Olsen…Touchdown Broncos!
    Jay Cutler drops back, has a wide open Brandon Marshall…oh, Interception!

  13. Isn’t it inherently dangerous to bring Marshall to a town with more McDonalds, trash and windswept wrappers? Dude could end up limbless within a season.

  14. Here’s a situation I wouldn’t mind as a Bears Fan:
    What about sending a combination of the following: Olsen/Mark Anderson (DE)/Jamar Williams (LB) to New England for their 44th and a 3rd rounder. Then sending the 2nd rd pick and the remaining player above to DEN for Marshall?

  15. cause the bears have so many draft picks left and all after that brilliant jay cutler trade

  16. Yeah, the Ravens are prepared to offer their 2nd Round pick for Marshall. As previously mentioned, the Bears can’t beat that offer.

  17. The Bears would have to mortgage the future (again) to make this happen and they’d have to include Olsen.
    How ’bout Olsen+ 2010 3rd+2011 2nd for Marshall.. Maybe work Sheffler in a trade, as well.
    Even if the Bears could manage to swing it, they would be basically going all-in on the notion that their offense would win most of the games for them. Without a servicable line. Ouch.
    That said, I firmly believe Marshall is going nowhere.

  18. The Bears have ZERO in trade value for Marshall. The only reason this is even a rumor is because of Cutler. They know they have nothing to offer, Denver knows the Bears have nothing to offer, the WHOLE league knows the Bears have nothing in value.
    Denver isn’t gong to trade Marshall for anything less than a 1st and 3rd or a player of equal value.

  19. Did somebody really ask what the bears had to offer? Hello…Greg Olsen. Tony Scheffler doesn’t want to be there and Greg Olsen wants no part of Chicago. Its almost too obvious. Throw in some cash considerations if you need to and everybody goes home happy.

  20. The Broncos would be stupid to get rid of Marshall. He’s still their best offensive weapon, and don’t have a #2 ready to step up in his place.
    Then again, this is Josh McDaniels we’re talking about…

  21. Knowing the Bears, they’ll probably trade away NEXT year’s 1st round draft pick. Heck, they may throw in their 2012 first round pick as well just for good measure.
    Maybe they can trade away their 2012 second rounder for some other team’s water boy.

  22. Isn’t their first pick in the Fourth this year? Thought they traded a 1 & 3 this year for Cutler, and the 2 went in the Gaines Adams trade. Not sure there…
    Boy, everyone and their mom are going to the Bears. We already have Julius Peppers a “lock” to be there, and now they’ll have enough talent to pony up and get Marshall?
    The only possible way would be if they start trading away chunks of their declining and aging defense. Tommie Harris and a first in 2011?
    Just spitballing there. But I can’t really see them being able to go all in at this table, not enough value in the short term for what Denver would value Marshall for.

  23. FireJerryJones says: March 3, 2010 10:49 AM
    What could the Bears offer in return?
    They don’t have a draft pick until the third round.
    they will just blow up their next year’s draft lol

  24. Please don’t put anything past McDaniels..
    He seems to think that a slow-short corner back is 1st round talent..
    Do the Bears have any slow-short corner backs to trade??

  25. Sadly, I can see an Olsen – Marshall trade…So they might as well rename the teams.
    Chicago Bronco’s
    Denver Bears

  26. Probably a far-fetched possibility, but here you go.
    Olsen- stud receiving TE, and getting better.
    Jamar Williams- can easily be starting for another team. He racked up a ton of tackles last season, and has great athleticism.
    4th round pick ’10.
    Mark Anderson- if the Donkeys don’t want JW. He’d be a perfect fit as a 3-4 OLB, cause he has the wheels to rush and cover in the short zones.

  27. It’s not like Angelo, Lovie and Co. will be there a year from now anyway. Why wouldn’t they steal from next year’s draft class again.

  28. All this Bears speculation about Olsen is really sad. Are we gonna trade away a guy who was a first round pick and our best pass catcher cause he doensn’t fit Mike Martz’s system. Him and Lovie are lame ducks who will be gone next year. I’d love for us to somehow get Marshall but its not gonna happen. He will command a 1st 3rd and 6th at least if thats what Roy Crybaby Williams got. Martz needs to wake up and adjust his system to what we have. Cutler loves to throw to the TE. He loves play action and bootlegs. Dropping him straight back in 7 step drops with 3 and 4 WR’s who aren’t better than Olsen is gonna lead to more picks and its gonna get Cutler killed. Hopefully Bill Cowher will still come here after this trainwreck is over in 2011.

  29. What are the Bears going to give them for Marshall? A 26 year old receiver of Marshall’s caliber is worth a 1st round pick or a 2nd and change at the very least. It appears that Chicago’s only tradeable commodity is Greg Olsen and the Bronco’s already have a very similar player in Tony Scheffler who they are likely to move. Olsen has the same issues as Scheffler when it comes to blocking, so there doesn’t appear to be a fit. Unless Chicago offers up a 2011 1st round pick and this year’s 3rd I don’t see it happening.

  30. what a crapshoot of an organization. Vikings showed you how to build a team for the decade.

  31. I have my doubts on this.
    a) Bears don’t have a pick until the 3rd.
    b) Brandon Marshall doesn’t scream out “Mike Martz” WR as he isn’t the quick, precise route runner that Martz typically desires.
    That said, let’s play hypothetical. The Bears main needs this offseason: backup RB, one more OL (could be G with them shifting Omiyale to tackle, could be tackle), FS, and DE.
    The Bears could offer up 2011 futures to pair with a 3rd or a 4th this year. Considering how FV is typically calculated, and assuming Brandon Marshall is assessed as a 2nd round value, that would probably require the Bears to give up a 1st in 2011. Let’s presume Jerry Angelo wouldn’t do that again. He is a guy who largely believes in building through the draft, but only gave up the 1sts to land a QB.
    I guess you could make a slim valuation case that a 3rd this year and a 2011 2nd might be close enough value, and maybe a player added on top. But that would really limit the Bears capabilities to fill their holes. They can probably address OL by shifting Omiyale to RT and using a later round pick to add OL competition, or going through FA. DE has to be through FA. That leaves FS, which I guess they could answer through FA as well with someone like Darren Sharper.
    If the Bears try to hold firm and only offer a 4th and a 2nd in 2011, they would, more than likely, need to offer several pieces to make it work. Are there matches? Some possibilities might be –
    a) Jarron Gilbert – There were some that viewed him as a 5-technique. The Bears drafted him for a UT role, but also worked him some at LE. Problem for the Bears is, if they deal him, suddenly DT becomes an issue, as that would leave Israel Idonije as the backup 3-technique.
    b) Henry Melton or Mark Anderson – There’s a chance that both guys could fit as rush backers in a 3-4. I’m not sure what Josh McDaniels is doing with Robert Ayers. He could be a rush backer, but they briefly talked about him as 5-tech. Mario Haggan was good at setting the edge, and there’s obviously Dumervil. Hard to see either Henry or Mark having big value for the Broncos.
    c) Marcus Harrison – This would leave the Bears weak at DT as well. Harrison’s an underachiever, but if they can bring out his best, he could be a decent nose in a 30 front.
    d) Hunter Hillenmeyer – He’s older, so I doubt he’d have much value, but he could be a nice backup ILB. McDaniels will take veterans to build up, as he did last year.
    e) Devin Aromashodu, Juaquin Iglesias, Johnny Knox, Earl Bennett – All four guys would fit McDaniels spread attack, and they are all quick guys that can get in and out well enough.
    f) Greg Olsen – Not the best fit for Mike Martz’s offense, and the Broncos are likely to move from Tony Scheffler.
    There’s not many pieces on the Bears that the Bears might ponder dealing that would seem to be great fits or have high value for the Broncos. If the Bears wanted to get creative/aggressive, I wonder if they could try to get Scheffler/Marshall with a package of Olsen/WR/another player/picks.
    Fun food for thought, but I still would bet against this happening. Only time will tell.
    btw, propheteer, despite his athletic ability, Jamar has never developed into a starter, and I believe that part of the reason was because they argued he didn’t pick things up fast enough (I believe a beat writer said that … Biggs?) Also, not the best 3-4 ILB fit, and he’s not a OLB in the 3-4.

  32. yea this would be a great move for the bears,let’s see fast young guys who played for the first time last year and can only get better with someone who knows what they are doing running the offense, or trading for a fast vetern who will be in trouble within a week of being traded besides whining about a new contract. not worth the headaches he brings!

  33. Even is this gooofball go’s to the Bears they will suck. Come on people were taliking about the Bears!

  34. three6 says:
    March 3, 2010 11:33 AM
    Please don’t put anything past McDaniels..
    He seems to think that a slow-short corner back is 1st round talent..
    Do the Bears have any slow-short corner backs to trade??
    Dude, Alphonso Smith stepped up when he needed to in key games. Just cause he didn’t start this year doesnt mean he wasn’t first round talent. Champ probably has 1-3 years left in him thus Alphonso will be ready to take over for Champ. So don’t hate against the ball hawk.

  35. The Ravens need to make a run at every wide receiver available. Flacco to Marshall would be awesome.

  36. PFTiswhatitis says:
    March 3, 2010 10:52 AM
    Does not matter, the Bears couldnt win their way out of a paper bag.
    WHAT???? You did it wrong…
    Even though I’m a big Olsen fan, he’s gonna be useless is Martz’s system. Trade him and either a 3rd and 7th from this year, or a 2nd next year, and I think that is pretty fair. I would love to see Cutler and Marshall working together again.

  37. Though it makes sense for Marshall to be reunited with Cutler in Chicago, the Bears don’t really have much to offer in the way of draft picks since they traded all of them to get Cutler.
    I’d really like the Bengals to swing a deal to get this guy. Chad and B-Marsh on the same field with a healthy Carson would be absolutely dirty. If they can’t get Marshall, I want them to look at Kevin Walter. Knowing Mike Brown and the Bengals though, they’ll sit on their thumbs and twirl.

  38. Greg Olsen, choice Earl Bennett or Juan Iglesias, and either Jamar Williams or the 2nd in 2011 for Brandon Marshall and some spare part.
    Brandon Marshall’s value should be based on
    Randy Moss value of high second rounder. Bronco could ask for a conditional 2011 pick to cover off a situation where Marshall decides to clean up his act and play to his potential.

  39. hey toonster – you bore me with all that crap! keep it short smarty pants…….

  40. why spend so much capital on a receiver for Cutler to end up throwing interceptions at?
    hell, they could save tons by going to Div III receivers, the results would be the same. Hope, a few INTs, and a loss, just like in Denver and last year in that city in Illinois.

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