Ryan Clark still waiting for an offer

Steelers tackle Willie Colon’s agent wants a trade offer, while Steelers safety Ryan Clark hopes for a contract offer.  With less than two days remaining before free agency hits, it doesn’t look like Clark will get his wish.

“If you think about priorities and prioritizing, obviously I was way down
on the list as they go,” Clark told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The two sides have discussed parameters of a deal, but the Steelers look comfortable allowing Clark to hit the market. 

The team got a great deal when they signed Clark to a four-year contract for $7 million in 2006. It figures to cost much more per-season to bring him back.

27 responses to “Ryan Clark still waiting for an offer

  1. I would love it if the Skins got this guy back. We shouldn’t have let him go to begin with.

  2. I know its a waste of breath, but the Packers should replace Bigby with Clark.
    Oh wait, that means we have to pick up a free agent that costs more than the minimum per year. Nevermind.

  3. Im assuming they are going to replace him with someone in the draft or they are comfortable with Ryan Mundy being the starter. Steelers are cheap, but remember these Cheap asses did win Superbowl 40 and 43.

  4. The Steelers are partly to blame for saying signing him was a priority and putting delusions of grandeur in his head. But still … I understand he wants $5 mill a year after that sorry season. $5 mill?? He’s out of his mind.
    The time to play hardball is when you’ve turned in STELLAR work, not when you’ve had you butt handed to you by the Chiefs, Raiders, and Browns. The family dachshund could have done a better job of pass coverage than our secondary did after Polamalu went down–and she’s a girl!! But at least she knows how to play the ball!!!
    Not happy with the negotiations, Ryan? See ya.

  5. Why worry about Clark? Ike Taylor is the one they need to unload. Consistently, he has had more blown coverages and TD thrown on him than all of the secondary combined over the last few years. The secondary minus Troy needs some overhauling and it starts with this joker.

  6. Wow, Mike Tomlin hasn’t offered him a new contract?? (Because head coaches are the ones who negotiate contracts, right Florio?)

  7. STeelers are cheap? That’s the best. They are constantly up against the cap but they are cheap… now wrap your heads around that and come up with a rational argument for how they are cheap. If not overpaying for a player makes them cheap then I hope they stay cheap forever. Clark’s agent is selling him as being one of the best safties in the league, he’s not, not even close. He was a liability last year without Troy next to him.

  8. Supposedly he wants Ed Reed/Polamalu money. hes kidding himself. He tries knocking people out instead of tackeling them. I liked Ryan Clark and he was a good Steeler when our secondary was healthy but you’re nothing without Troy Polamalu. Good luck.

  9. DieHardSkinsFan21 says:
    March 3, 2010 2:28 PM
    I would love it if the Skins got this guy back. We shouldn’t have let him go to begin with.
    True dat!

  10. BBB82 says:
    Wow, Mike Tomlin hasn’t offered him a new contract?? (Because head coaches are the ones who negotiate contracts, right Florio?)
    Ummm…. show me where it says anything about Tomlin offering Clark a contract. FAIL!

  11. I haven’t seen enough footage of Clark to speak intelligently about his coverage abilities, but that kid can flat out hit. He has no problem cracking a ball carrier, whether it be a receiver or a running back.

  12. @toe-to-toe bird law …
    Yes, he can hit, and I’ve always liked him. Coverage-wise, I agree with jiminator that Ike Taylor had a worse season than Clark, but it wasn’t Clark’s best year either. Polamalu’s absence spotlighted a lot of holes in the defensive backfield. The problem is that Clark is asking for superstar money and he’s not a superstar. Even coming off his best season, he wants more than he’s worth–and he’s not coming off his best season It’s a matter of cost v. benefit; there’s no real benefit to keeping him at that price.

  13. @thepittsburghkid – right on the money. where was clark when polamalu went down? he surely didnt make an impact in my opinion.
    The Steelers won a Super Bowl with and without Ryan Clark, and if you think that he is half as good as Chris Hope was I don’t know what you are smoking, but I want some.
    @jiminator – ummm i think you meant to say William Gay. Ike Taylor has been the Steelers’ strongest cornerback over the past few seasons. Its true he can’t catch a cold, but he can cover. He takes on every team’s #1 receiver threat every week. William Gay is the corner that teams pick on and he gets consistently burnt.

  14. @i’m president charlie!
    I would have agreed with you last year, but Ike had a terrible year this year. Don’t know what happened to that “swagger.”

  15. william gay should be the one getting the boot out the door. He is utterly horrible. Ike might have had a few bad games but with gay, every game was a bad game.
    and im not too concerned about clark, ill miss his big hits for sure but if we can move tyrone carter over there id be satisfied.

  16. It was a bad season for Ike and Gay was horrible. But on the bright side, Gay can always get a job playing Flat Stanley after his encounter with Adrian Peterson. Clark is better than Carter. Carter looked good against Denver, but kinda sucked at every other opportunity. But Clark’s not worth the money he wants. Wish we could trade them all for early draft picks.
    I’m getting depressed. How old are Rod Woodson’s kids? Do any of them have their dad’s magic? Darrell Green just ran a 4.43/40 for his 50th b’day. Oh, Darrell? Wanna wear the black and gold?

  17. @ Deb – love the flat stanley reference. Ike did seem to slip a little bit, but so did the pass rush. A good pass rush can mask a lot of weaknesses in a team’s secondary. As one of my favorite commentators, Pat Kirwan says, “the pass rush and coverage must marry one another.” At times I saw Ike get lazy on plays, and he even let Ochocinco score once this year (he usually doesn’t allow that lol!) But, I can’t really say any team last season “picked” on Ike.
    Pass rush aside, having zero interceptions for the majority of the year by the Steelers’ secondary is humiliating and unacceptable. That has nothing to do with Troy being out, and everything to do with these “professionals” not making plays, Ryan Clark included. The most amazing part out of this whole situation was that the Steelers were either winning or in every single game last season LOL. With a more effective pass rush and an upgrade or two in the secondary, the Steelers defense could be more opportunistic.

  18. I have to agree with the sentiment that Clark’s not worth 5 mil a year. His agent thinks he’ll get it though and has sold him on that. He’s as good as gone.
    Clark is a good safety and I’d like to see the Steelers keep him, but at a much lower cost. He did have a down year but, IMO he was out of position quite a bit because he was trying to do too much. He was trying to compensate for the weaknesses in the secondary after McFadden left and Polamalu was hurt. No excuse, but if we had a better backup at SS and a better #2 corner (or a true #1), he wouldn’t have been trying to take care of the other guys’ responsibilities and wouldn’t be perceived as a weak link, which he is not.
    Now Tyrone Carter should be put out to pasture. He’s had his time, is too slow and not getting any younger. I will be shocked if the Steelers offer him anything more than the veteran minimum or if he sticks with the team after camp.

  19. @i’m president charlie …
    Yeah, I’m worried about the pass rush, too. Was hoping we could draft one of my Bama boys. Hey, Mt. Cody outran Rich Eisen at the Combine! LOL
    You’re right about the poor playmaking. A lot of things contributed to our bare miss of the playoffs–including a little too much swagger and not enough execution following XLIII. Love the Steelers win or lose, but have high expectations of the defense. I’m especially picky about DBs, so their play this season just made me nuts. Looking at my “Hot Rod” memorabilia today almost made me cry. They can talk all they want about the Woodson in Green Bay. I’d trade 100 draft picks of Clarks, Gays, and Taylors to have our Woodson at corner again. With Polamalu at safety … can you imagine?

  20. The bottom line is Clark and/or his agent are delusional as to his value. He is coming off of a subpar season and he probably isn’t going to improve as he ages at this point. If they can’t sign him at a reasonable amount it’s time to move on.

  21. @Deb – I will forever have a man crush on Rod Woodson. Players like that come along once in a lifetime. But, what drives me crazy is I was @ the NFL draft when the Steelers were supposed to take a young stud out of the University of Pittsburgh by the name of Darrelle Revis. The Jets moved up ahead of the Steelers to get him and we ended up taking Timmons and Woodley, but imagine Revis w/ Polamalu over the top!?! Would be unreal.

  22. @i’m president charlie!
    Oh my gosh! I didn’t know that! Crap! But have to say I do love that big Wolverine. Yeah, Woodson was it for me. Broke my heart. Will never get that attached to another player.
    Javier Arenas from Bama is an excellent corner. But my dream pick from the Tide would be Rolando McClain. Incredibly smart LB. Saban runs a complex pro system and McClain runs it on the field. They call him Saban Light or something like that. Farrior really slowed down last year; we’ll be needing a replacement. Someone who has the physicality plus that kind of mental game would be an incredible addition, but I think we’d have to move up to get him.

  23. I love my Steelers , and I agree with the way they handle business when it comes to those so call stellar players. What happened to players taking pride into how they play the game. Yes if you deserve that type of money then you will expect the team to play you your worth, but our secondary without Troy (NO ONE DESERVES A RAISE))).
    Gay you really sucks..play off to far and get burn still. Clark I like your play, but dont let your greedy agent make decision for you. STEELERS are successful because because they make smart decisions. Go Steelers 2010.

  24. Poor Dom. His dad could be spending time with him before school. Instead he’s on a football blog posting vicious, inaccurate smack about a rival team’s QB. What a pitiful excuse for a role model. Hope domsmom has more to offer the kid. But judging from her taste in men … enough said.

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