Antonio Cromartie is headed to the Jets

The New York Jets’ “extreme interest” in Antonio Cromartie should be consummated soon.

Fox’s Jay Glazer reports that New York is on the verge of a trade that would send a second or third-round pick in 2011 to the Chargers for the troubled Chargers cornerback.

(And in the time it took to write this, ESPN’s Adam Schefter says it’s a done deal.  A 2011 third-round pick will go to the Chargers. It could turn into a second-round pick.)

Rex Ryan undoubtedly loves Cromartie’s physical skills, but he’ll have to help him cover consistently.  Cromartie will get plenty of targets playing opposite Revis Island.

Schefter says Cromartie will not get a new deal as part of the trade.  He’s entering a contract year.

37 responses to “Antonio Cromartie is headed to the Jets

  1. cro didn’t tackle green because ryan hinted a trade and big contract ….conspiracy!
    i knew no nfl player would really fake tackle like that.. he did it for a reason lol

  2. Shouldn’t they investigate the Jets for tampering? Clearly Cromartie was already working for them in the playoffs.

  3. i love this for the jets. cromartie has a ton of skill and with revis on his opposite side the jets are no joke. this team will make the playoffs again and if sanchize grows the sky is the limit.

  4. That’s gonna be one helluva duo. That tubby HC has to be licking his chops at the thought of being able to blitz that much more with 2 guys that can play man.

  5. Thank God….one cancer shipped back east. Cro makes Dion Sanders look like Dick Butkus when it comes to making a tackle.

  6. this is a smart gamble as the jets will have the last pick in the 3rd round in 2011 after winning the superbowl next year

  7. I hope you all see the irony in this.
    (hint: has to do with the last time the Chargers played football)

  8. This is on Rex. Tannenbaum bought low, did his job to add talent under the new rules and without giving up a 2010 pick.
    We’ll see if Rex can get Cromartie back to form. The good thing is Antonio will never have to deal with a #1 WR ever again seeing as he plays on the same team as Darrelle Revis.
    Good move for the Jets.

  9. I’m sorry the guy maybe a little soft but this is still bad news for the AFC East. Revis on one side means cromartie will most always be covering the second option.

  10. Definitely better than Sheppard which they let go. Looks like the Jets are making sure they have number one defense this season.

  11. Sounds similar to the Lito Sheppard deal. Hope this one works out better, although a late 3rd rounder for a starting CB is a good deal if he works out and learns to tackle.
    And I know it’s late, but Cromartie is a CB, not a wideout, and the pick will go to the Chargers, not the Jets.

  12. So how many “smart guys” are going to continue to state the obvious that Cromo is not a wideout, its a simple typo get over it.
    Regardless, I’m glad we got rid of him this cancer. The Jets may think they got a good player but he has been a joke the last 2 years, nothing but excuses and paternity tests.The Lions wouldnt give up more than a 4th rounder, if they dont want you that says something.
    Thanks for your 2nd rounder next year guys, it’ll take more than a single year for you guys to realize how dumb of a trade this is.

  13. Addition by subtraction. The Chargers will be stronger without him.
    Make sure there’s always a safety behind him to make the tackle and lock up your sisters.

  14. “And in the time it took to write this, ESPN’s Adam Schefter says it’s a done deal.”
    To be fair, what took you mere seconds to write would have taken Cromartie several hours.

  15. A third round for Cromartie? Damn Pittsburgh should’ve give the Chargers that. And its next year to boot! What does Pit need a 32nd pick in the third round of the 2011 draft for?

  16. You Charger fans crack me up, Cromartie is young. He has proven talent. Not far off a 10 int season. He will be coached up in our system and as many have already stated, he won’t be asked to cover #1Wr’s. If he returns to his previous form we did a great job. You fools (Chargers) made him a 1st rd pick. That was your mistake. He will have much value in our system!

  17. From Roto World: FYI~ Jets acquired CB Antonio Cromartie from the Chargers in exchange for a conditional third-round pick in 2011.
    * It’s only a 2nd rd pick based on playing time. So if he doesn’t play well it will be a 3rd rd pick. We gambled for a young talented guy. We are going after it. With these new rules in this crazy “final 8” un capped year we don’t have many options. I like it!!!

  18. the New York media is going to eat him and his 12 children alive.
    Have fun with him Jets fans. He’s a joke. He was behind one of the better cover corners in Jammer and still didn’t learn a thing. The double move will kill him every time.

  19. Have fun with Cromartie NY. He will last 1-2 games before you replace him with Vernon Gholston who coach Ryan has done such a great job coaching up. Cant wait to see NY eat this guy alive.

  20. First of all, Cromartie’s 10 interception season came in a year where the Chargers played heavy passing teams, and games in which the Chargers shot up ahead, and teams were forced to pass to stay in it, not to mention a 3 interception game against the Colt’s when Manning was just lobbing it up hoping something would happen. Revis covering the number one receiver will not effect Cro’s game; in SD Quentin Jammer was the number one CB, not Cro.
    That being said, I personally think Cromartie is going to become a stud at the position, if not at least a 4-7 int a year CB. I think his rookie season made him think he was already prepared for the NFL, and that the last two seasons he just wasn’t working hard enough. I think a change in scenery, and Revis’ work ethic, is going to rub off on him and he’s going to return to playing as a top CB. As a San Diego fan, I’m pretty disappointed in seeing him leave for a 2nd round pick at best.

  21. All you dumb Chargers fans that are making fun of the Jets, it shows you know nothing about football. We gave you a 2011 3RD ROUND PICK….It’s a no-brainer for us…Enjoy that late 3rd idiots…

  22. Very odd. After thinking about it, I like it. Jets DB Coach did a great job with Revis and Rex makes his players tough and motivated. We might see a reborn Cromartie that can TACKLE!!!
    Cuz no way in hell Revis will let Cro slack.

  23. A 2nd and a 3rd ? ROFL for a guy who won’t tackle or hit. Pats receivers are going to have a field day with this guy.

  24. For anyone saying that the pick is going to up as a late 3rd, chances are that if the team succeeds, Cro is probably going to play into that, and if the condition is based on playing time like mentioned above, the pick more than likely end up a 2nd round pick. Common sense people, common sense.

  25. nyj929 says:
    All you dumb Chargers fans that are making fun of the Jets, it shows you know nothing about football. We gave you a 2011 3RD ROUND PICK….It’s a no-brainer for us…Enjoy that late 3rd idiots…
    Man the ONLY IDIOT I see is you and Cro.. I would have traded Cro for a 5th rd pick..
    Hope you don’t start crying like a baby when he doesn’t cover his man and allows big time yards and scores..Cro is a joke and so are you!!!
    Later loser!!!

  26. I’m glad we’re getting rid of him, but chances are very good he’ll be a star player for the Jets. He may even learn to tackle. And Chargers fans (myself included) shouldn’t be surprised by that. Whenever the Chargers release or trade sub-par, injured or aging players, they tend to really excel with their new teams. Seau, Neal, Brees, et al. I suspect Cro and LT will do the same.
    I think this says more about the Charger’s culture and coaching/management attitudes than it does about the traded or released players’ ability. I.e., the Chargers tend to waste a lot of talent and opportunity by focusing more on control than discipline and winning attitudes.
    2010 will be a good year for the Chargers. I suspect they’ll dominate the AFC West, get into the playoffs and get out of them after a game or two. That’s what they do.

  27. Chargers fans do not worry about the JETS you need to be concerned, with that ” idiot gm ” you have and that loud mouth QB and under-achiever you have. Before you start throwing stones at another Team. Remember Rivers is from the state of Alabama, and he was a hot head and the reason no in-state school wanted him. Oh yes How many Super Bowls has the Chargers 1 lets see ( oooooooooo ) so shit up Losers. Go Jets and Roll Tide….

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