Baby Mason auction opens tomorrow

With free agency launching at midnight, we decided that Friday would be the best day to begin the auction to benefit our cousin Mason, a 17-month-old toddler who recently received a liver transplant.

The goal is to help defray household and other expenses that have piled up during his lengthy hospitalization, and to also provide extra resources for regular trips to Pittsburgh for physician consultations and other special needs he will have.

Mason is now home and he’s doing well, and we’re hoping that PFT Planet will help out the effort by breaking out the big bucks for nearly 30 items that have been donated by a wide variety of teams, players, agents, and friends of the site.

Here’s the link to the auction.  We’ll be mentioning it regularly.  Though the bidding doesn’t begin until tomorrow, you can check out all of the items and begin to plot your strategy for securing the one item that you know you must own.

6 responses to “Baby Mason auction opens tomorrow

  1. Great items up for grabs. I love giving you crap Mike, but in this instance I wish you nothing but the best.

  2. I want to help Mason and his family, but I really don’t want any more NFL stuff. Thst’s why I still wish there was a link to donate ten or twenty bucks.

  3. The Boomer helmet has no value. Is that literal? Just wondering why some items have no “value” attached. Maybe this was answered before, if so, my bad. When does the Metrodome go up for auction?
    Here’s one in poor taste so stop reading now if you haven’t already……….
    How much for baby mason’s old liver?
    Unlike the rest of you, I am going to try to drive the price up on some of the items for sure. Little man (baby mason) needs some love.

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