Clark, Steelers fail to come to terms

It sounds like safety Ryan Clark finally got a contract offer, but it wasn’t what he hoped for.

Clark and the Steelers failed to come to a contract agreement Thursday, meaning he’ll hit unrestricted free agency.  Pittsburgh identified three offseason priorities, and Clark is the only one that could still leave town.

Casey Hampton signed a long-term deal, and kicker Jeff Reed is the team’s franchise player.  Clark will enter a safety market that could be inflated by Antrel Rolle’s deal.  Roy Williams, last with the Bengals, is also available.

34 responses to “Clark, Steelers fail to come to terms

  1. He says he knows he’s not Troy and isn’t asking that much (Troy makes $6.6 mill/yr.). But his agent says he’s worth more than the Steelers are offering. Clark’s complaining that they’ve “shown some type of love” to other players but not him even though his wants are reasonable.
    Doesn’t add up, which means he’s asking for more than he’s worth. Too bad. But he’s replaceable because he’s right: He’s not Troy.

  2. Major need served right up to the Eagles on a silver platter.
    How will they drop the ball on the FS position this season?
    Can’t wait to see Macho “White Man Hips” Harris try to cover WR’s next season. Upgrade all NFC East wideouts.

  3. I thought the Steelers don’t keep “bad apples”. Yet, I see Jeff Reed is back. Maybe his locker can be mobved next to Holmes’.
    Which is fine, just spare us the holier than thou attitude next season.
    Oh, and JoePa recruits criminals too, and they take basket weaving 101.

  4. Mooch no one said Clark is a bad person . He is just overrating himself as a safety . Steelers are set on their prices . Who doesnt want to play for the Steelers ? Most players would and do .
    Mooch last time i checked Eagles fans wanted Mcnabb gone . Your city has no reasons to cast anything west . You have the worse fans in football . You all think you know it all . But you really dont know shit . Which makes it even worse . Worry about your team and leave the winners to take care of themself ok ? Go get a cheesesteak .

  5. Harris can improve and be a great #2 FS. He’s a ball hawk that just needs to get experience to sharpen his skills.
    @ Mooch
    White Hips huh? Raaaaaaaaaaacist. I told all my white friends this site was friendly!

  6. maybe he can sign with Denver?
    Mooch – u sound a little jealous. Doesn’t you team win enough Super Bowls?

  7. Hey Mooch,
    If your going to pop off at least get it straight. It’s not a “more holier than thou attitude” it’s a “more Lombardis than thou attitude”.

  8. He sucked in Washington and he sucked in Pittsburgh. I’d like to yell out GET THE SCISSORS BUBBA, but.. he’s a free-agent so he didn’t really get cut..

  9. Deb…Steelers probably need to get a good safety in the draft/FA. Someone for Troy to mentor.
    I dont think Troy is even Troy much anymore…..while he is still one of the best he is becoming more and more susceptible to injuries.
    I know how you feel….Ed Reed is in this same category.

  10. Colbert identified Clark as one of three priorities with Reed and Hampton. And we he wasn’t a bad apple. In fact, media voted him most cooperative player. He played his guts out, almost died in a game at Denver to the cycle cell trait. His playoff game against Baltimore in Super 43 run was spectacular.
    Just couldn’t agree on money.
    Can’t sign everybody.

  11. Actually, I like your team. And the QB is one of the few players that I initially disliked who won me over. And I think Polamalu is one of the best ever. Really, no sarcasm.
    The fans are another story.
    The team is great. And thank God it is. Because unless it was winning titles every 4 years you’d be paying zero attention to it. The building would be empty. Like that other building that we built for you, where your MLB team plays.
    At least in L.A. they come to the games. They come late, but they come to the games.

  12. Steeltownpride.
    I want Clark, never said he was a bad person. Quite frankly, I don’t care if he is. My only concern is that he was able to excel because of the good coaches and system you guys have out there. Will he be able to duplicate that in our system? I dunno.
    I will get a cheesesteak if you buy a ticket to a Pirates game. Unless a team is winning a title, it is ignored in your city. At least we keep paying attention and supporting the losing teams.
    Sadly, a task we have to endure all to often.
    When are you guys paying us back for the stadium? Because that money was obtained under false pretenses. It was fraud.
    And I am Irish, so I can call Macho “White Man Hips” or “Blarney Hips” or “The Immobile Leprechaun” if I want to. I am taking ownership of our lack of turn-and-run ability.

  13. mooch…seriously pulling the Pirates into this discussion. Sounds a little desperate to me.
    Join the Steeler Hater bandwagon. Pittsburgh is the class of the Keystone state…Philly is the junkyard. Been there many times, not much to write home about. Classless fans all the way around!

  14. Most player want play fo Pittsburg steeltown? who is the last big free agent to go there?

  15. Steelbird,
    We’ll keep sending the checks west, since we get 99.9% of the state’s tourism dollars and half your county is on disability.
    Or I can bring up when the Penguins wanted to move because no one came to those games either.
    Wonder what attendance was in those dark days of Marc Malone.
    PS – I have copywrited the Immobile Leprechaum.

  16. OK – All fun and games aside – here is the deal.
    I don’t think Rolle is going to be a possibility for the Birds given his huge salary demand, which it looks like he will get.
    That brings me to Clark. If in fact he’s looking for $5MM, would you say that’s…
    A) expensive but worth it for a desperate team
    B) too much
    C) Effing ridiculous
    I had the Steelers DST in fanatsy and one thing that seemed clear was that the defense lacked big play ability in many of the games without Troy. So is Clark a difference maker? Or just a guy?

  17. the steelers are in trouble if they dont keep clark. if they think a 1st round pick of mays or thomas is a good idea then they are in trouble. they have to draft ol and dl in the first couple rounds to help this team. as a bengals fan i hope they dont keep clark and go safety in the 1st. WHO DEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. @Ravenmaniac …
    Think Troy will be okay if we can keep John Madden away from him 😉 Seriously, though, I know what you’re saying. Have been a little concerned. Feel your pain on Ed Reed. You can’t help but love watching him–as long as he’s playing someone else!
    @Mooch …
    Maybe it’s me, but can’t figure out what you said to tick everyone off. I’m part of greater Steeler Nation, so maybe it’s a state thing (can you ship me a cheesesteak?). Seems like everyone took your bad-apple comment to be about Clark, but I thought it was about Reed. Santonio seems to have cleaned up his act, and I think Jeff is working on his. Steelers aren’t “holier than thou;” they’re prudent. They’ll give guys a second chance, but they’re not going to keep ongoing trouble on the payroll–bad for business.
    I’m not in a position to buy tickets and wouldn’t buy baseball or hockey tickets if I were. But I’ve stuck by the Steelers–and bought merchandise–every year, win, lose, or suck.
    There is no such thing as an Immobile Leprecaun. Most things Irish and male are hyper-mobile and have extra hands. Trust me.

  19. Hey Mooch,
    If your going to pop off at least get it straight. It’s not a “more holier than thou attitude” it’s a “more Lombardis than thou attitude”.
    Can anyone say Taylor Mays? The President of the Steelers said this draft is deep with defensive talent. It appears that’s the route the Steelers are going to take in the draft.

  20. Your right, he’s not Troy. If he was, he would be in sweatpants on the sideline when game time comes around.
    Still sad that Steelers fans blame their season on one player. What a fragile state of the team when it all revolves around one defensive player.
    I’ll admit, when healthy, he is good though!

  21. @WhoPlaysWhere …
    What a ridiculous comment! None of us are blaming our season on one player’s injury. Yes, we would be a fragile team if our entire season hinged on one player. My comment that Clark is no Troy simply means the Steelers shouldn’t–and won’t–pay him on the scale of a superstar safety. As for Troy’s injury, losing a superstar player who roams the defensive backfield covering large chunks of territory, highlighted the deficiencies in other players. Now we need to fill those holes. Paying too much for a player that’s not worth it would limit our ability to do that.

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