Favre tells Leno he doesn't know if he'll play in 2010

We noted this morning that Brett Favre was likely to tell Jay Leno that he doesn’t know what he’s going to do this year.

And that’s what he said.
According to the Associated Press, Favre said on the episode of The Tonight Show that will air tonight that he still hasn’t decided whether he’ll play in 2010.

Favre also told Leno that he’s not going to say anything any time soon, and that he just wants to enjoy the off-season.

Which means we’re in for at least a few more months of wondering whether Favre is returning to football or calling it quits. We should all be used to that by now.

61 responses to “Favre tells Leno he doesn't know if he'll play in 2010

  1. Personally who cares what either one of these fellows has got to say.
    They are both jack asses who cant make up their minds!!!

  2. I think if Favre was going to retire, he would have done that by now to be honest. I know, as a Viking fan, I could be a bit biased…but I just feel the longer he let’s this sit, the better chance he has of returning.

  3. He knows, and he’ll play next year. The name Favre is about to become a synonym for “attention whore”.

  4. I really hope that this is the only comment that will ever show up for this story so pft will stop posting about that douche bag, but I’m sure it won’t be.

  5. He’s coming back because the Vikes are not looking for another QB and are hoping SOMEONE is dumb enough to take T-Joke…

  6. I know I’m not the only one to say this, but Favre-Watch is getting soooooo OLD.
    Every. Friggin. Year.

  7. Wow, a guy who couldn’t decide on whether to retire or take another guy’s job talking to a guy who loves to take other guy’s jobs.
    Leno is a scumbag prick.

  8. I agree with vikes_favre, if he keeps coming back after he’s “sure he has nothing left”, and “doesn’t want to do that to (his GM in New York)”, and “has nothing left to prove”… then he most assuredly is coming back if all he has to say is “I don’t know”.

  9. If he’s saying he’s “going to enjoy the time off season”, he’s saying he’ll be back… Right?!?

  10. Wake up people…I’ve been tell you this for years…Brett Favre …WILL WIN 2 MORE Super Bowls….AND THAN retire!

  11. Do any of you people make more than minimum wage- or are you even employed???
    You are a classless group of people.

  12. So let me get this straight.
    He decides to retire two years in a row and then comes back and plays, and everyone says he should have waited to make a decision.
    Now he waits until he is completely sure that is what he wants to do, and everyone has a problem with that.
    Sounds like he can’t win no matter what he does.
    Also to note, maybe the team not telling him, we need to know right now or else you will be benched, is letting him sit back and think about it and be sure instead of tell us now, tell us now.
    Sounds like the media and a bunch of annoying fans are the only ones that need to know right now.

  13. Favre will return… T-Joke will be starting for the Raiders, and everything will be just fine… just fine… 🙂

  14. Man it never gets old to say we kicked the shit outta you Queens!! Favre still hurtin’ from our massive beat down!!

  15. Its far too late to assume that Favre will now become a synonym for “attention whore”…its been several years that he’s owned that nombre.
    What is really amazing is the real development that Favre announces on Leno tonight. You see, he’s owned Brett Favre’s Steakhouse in Green Bay for years now. He’s going to announce a new franchise agreement live on Leno. Coming soon….Brett’s Waffle House.

  16. I’m a Viking fan but I think Favre could enjoy his time a lot more if he would make a decision one way or another. I have never met the man but I have to agree with a lot of people that he is one more very self center person.

  17. Getcha Popcorn Ready, Florio. I know you’ll be giving us a million Favre updates from now until the season starts. Favre is def. coming back. He’d be stupid not to come back with the season he had with minnesota.

  18. how about you in the press not say anything more about it until he makes up his mind? what is the point besides annoying those of us who don’t worship at the alter of favre of telling us he has not made up his mind every day?

  19. How can people like this guy so much?
    I GUARANTEE he comes back. I think most of you would agree…
    Seriously, why does he do this and why is he so beloved for it?

  20. Ha ha ha! Brent Frave you truly are a attention WHORE! I cant imagine whats going to happen to your precious ego when you body does finally give up on you. I hope your battered and sore for the rest of your days you annoying prick! Go get’em again Saints! Pop him in the mouth.

  21. I have it from inside sources(me) and Florio, you can quote me…100% chance Favre returns. This dude will play until nobody asks him back(see Rice, Jerry, and every other top level athelete). The “Shucks, I don’t know” game is the attention addiction. Favre is Roger Clemmons without the steroids.

  22. Favre is free to do whatever he wants, but it has to be obvious to everyone by now that he is not the aw shucks person he tried to portray for years – not at all, very full of himself.
    Favre knows every single stat he has amassed down to the yard & td pass, had a lot to do with the cheap touchdowns in week 17 against the Giants & has a lot to do with him sticking around to stay ahead of Peyton Manning.

  23. The Vikings have to ask themselves if his end of season melt downs are worth it? OK, Childress isn’t much of a coach and AD fumbles a lot, but the rest of the team isn’t half bad. To go thru the long NFL season and to have the Superbowl right in front of you and then
    .choke…choke….choke…choke, that has to be just heart breaking.
    Not that the entire Viking history isn’t just a sequential series of choking, don’t get me wrong here, but I maintain that the Vikings are better off with a servicable QB. That would eliminate T Jack Off and Sage but I would encourage the Vikings to keep looking for the answer because Brent Favre ain’t it either.

  24. mnmaverick is right. that is why he is not saying if he will play or retire. he is going to play but he isn’t going to attend training camp or the off season sh##. so to be able to skip all that, he has to be thinking of “retiring”. just like last year and the year before, no training camp. while the rest of his team is sweating and bleeding, he will be home, working out, there at home, with his family. would anybody else on the vikings be allowed to do that?

  25. At BigBrEasy,
    It was a long wait wasn’t it? To finally start talking smack after decades of futility?

  26. @ joseph2112
    Favre is Roger Clemmons without the steroids.
    What makes you so sure that Favre isn’t on some kind of PED?

  27. Time to reset the home page counter on: “Days Without a Favre Story” back to zero.
    You guys made it a “whole” 8 hours and 44 minutes between Favre Stories this time…… Wow!
    This is better that the “Days Without an Arrest”.

  28. I don’t agree I am in my upper 50’s and I have to decide every year if I am going to train for the PF Chang’s race in January here in Phoenix.
    I would suspect most of you have not even played at the college level.
    fuamah you need a lot of help- you are avery sick person.

  29. I doubt he went on their to promote his retirement. He’ll be back. Just not till after OTA’S.

  30. I want Favre to come back, big time. The team is better with him at the helm.
    That said, maybe part of his endorsement deal with Sears stipulates that he has to waffle for X number of days before comming back in order to give them the most bang for their buck. just a thought.

  31. thumper says:
    March 4, 2010 10:52 PM
    doesnt matter,,, what he does,, vikes will finish 3rd in black and blue
    hahhaha funniest thing I’ve read in a while. Vikes will finish 1st in the NFC North followed by a close battle between the Bears and Packers. No way the Packers come close to taking it away from the Vikings

  32. Vikings fans don’t mind waiting for the decision. The coaching staff already told him to take as long as he wants. It is hilarious because all of these slacker fans come on these boards with their triumphant posts about how bad they are burning us now that Favre isn’t deciding right away.
    We don’t care. Just because it drove you and your team crazy doesn’t mean it does the same to us. Hell I think it is kind of fun actually. Man likes to make an entrance.

  33. AcidSoda says:
    March 4, 2010 10:20 PM
    At BigBrEasy,
    It was a long wait wasn’t it? To finally start talking smack after decades of futility?
    Yes it was AcidSoda. But assuming you are a Queener, your wait is still on. Good luck with that!

  34. Big BrEasy says:
    March 4, 2010 9:22 PM
    Man it never gets old to say we kicked the shit outta you Queens!! Favre still hurtin’ from our massive beat down!!
    6 turnovers and you win by an OT FG and thats a beatdown?
    You have no clue do you? Saints should have won by much more than that with that many TO’s.
    You’d think you’d show a little class, but I guess you fit right in with the low brow people that swarm this site.
    It all starts @ the top with Florio. I guess it’s true, shit really does roll downhill.

  35. sand0 says:
    March 5, 2010 7:36 AM
    Vikings fans don’t mind waiting for the decision.
    You mean, as if you had a choice?

  36. (Favre tells Leno he doesn’t know if he’ll play in 2010) Wow thats shocking!

  37. At this point is his career, the Vikings would be better off without this guy, just like the Packers are (were.) The Vikings lost their collective personality when they put all their eggs in his basket, approximately three to four games to go in the regular season. Due to the spectacular season he had (which against all odds will ever be duplicated next year,) they felt they had to ride his coattails to the end…Childress pretty much said as much. Seriously, all emotion aside, his performance this past year was unworldly, but do you really think he could come within 70% of that effort again, now that teams will be no longer be reluctant to ring his bell? I recommend that the Vikings get their mojo back and thank him for the revenue stream and attention he provided. If he comes back, you are going to see a lot of screen shots of him with both hands on top of his helmet and a WTF? expression on his face. I wouldn’t want to get in the ring with a tired, old, bedraggled boxer that hung around too long (Pervy-Harvin excluded,) because I know he would still have enough cruise-control abilities that could kick my butt, but that doesn’t mean he is the same man he used to be. Expecting Favre to keep being the same guy is a roll of the dice. He said (on Leno) that his legs were so fatigued that he is not certain if he could have run or not! Can you imagine if McNabb were to say something like that? The odds are strongly against extending his 2009 success.

  38. Farve will no doubt play again this year and time his return so that his misses, does not participate in pre season workouts as his ego does not allow for such lowly activities.

  39. “The name Favre is about to become a synonym for “attention whore”.”
    Dude, have you lived under a fukin rock for the past what 4 or 5 years?!?!?!? He has been and will continue to be a attn whore for a long time now. Every offseason this fag, goes back and forth!! We all hate it, we just deal with it!!!
    When will Deana retire is the real question!!
    Bret Bitch Favre!!!

  40. Didn’t he already play in 2010?
    Can the minnesota Favre’s even play without their namesake Brett Favre?
    Isn’t that like the Brown playing without Paul Brown in charge.
    Brett Favre is forcing the minnesota Favre’s to go further than they have this century. Most of them hate putting in that extra work.

  41. Big BrEasy says:
    March 4, 2010 9:22 PM
    Man it never gets old to say we kicked the shit outta you Queens!! Favre still hurtin’ from our massive beat down!!
    Really!! Really!!!
    You know I have to say the SCABBS finally ripped of the brown baggs and they are UGLY people!!!

  42. DIVA?!?!?!?
    This guy was total WARRIOR last night.
    He went to battle for Hanna Montana’s new movie.
    He wore the ugliest jeans Wrangler makes.
    Are those things a diva does?!?!?!?
    He’d play for free, if they’d let him.

  43. Farve will play every year until he and the Vikings experience a nasty divorce.
    But the ego in him won’t allow him to admit his true plan….the attention he gets in the offseason strokes his johnson.

  44. @ chickenfoot
    I hope they “give” us another Super Bowl trophy next year!!!
    What a dumb ass, but that’s expected when you don’t understand that when you play football you play for 60 mins! Saints did and the Queens didn’t….but that was just the NFC Championship game….get over yourself Viqueens and wait for Lord Favre to abandon his team all off season just to show up or not in the middle of training camp…what player wouldn’t want to play with a selfish attention whore like Favre??? Peppers will tattoo him twice a year along with Van den Bosch…so in short, I hope to see him in the Dome – walk in and get carried out before halftime on Sept. 9th!!!
    Who Dat!!!!

  45. Gotta love all these redneck posters who call BF an “attention whore” etc………..seems like any article with BF’s name in it…..gets your attention, LMAO……you all can claim how much you hate him and are sick of hearing about him but then why do you all read and listen to EVERY freaking article about him and end of posting about someone you “hate”……especially true about packer fans. ya all need to stop and realize how freakin stupid ya all sound. ” I hate the s.o.b. ….but i wanna read all about him” LMFAO

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