Jets plan to try to bring back Thomas Jones

thomas_jones--300x300.jpgOn Friday, the New York Jets will cut running back Thomas Jones, in order to avoid paying him a $2.8 million roster bonus.

But then the Jets will try to re-sign him, a league source tells us.

The team’s ongoing interest in Jones makes sense, given the decision to apply only a second-round tender to Leon Washington.  Surely, they won’t be going from a multi-player rushing game to Shonn Greene and a rookie; so if Leon leaves they’ll need another veteran.

That veteran could be Thomas Jones.

The fact that the Jets would risk losing Jones, arguably the most attractive of the exiled tailbacks, further confirms that big-market teams won’t spend more than they think they should spend even without a salary cap.  The easy approach would be to pay Jones and not risk having to replace him; the Jets instead are more inclined to keep their the money and take their chances.

32 responses to “Jets plan to try to bring back Thomas Jones

  1. Or it could be an indicator that the big market teams know that the small market teams aren’t planning to spend squat this offseason.

  2. Rex can seal this deal at Burger King over 3-4 Triple Cheese Whoppers and a Milkshake.

  3. Not buying it at all….noone that writes these “Browns are trying to get a QB” articles quote anyone, other than other bloggers who don’t quote anyone.
    However, as I put in the other “OMG QUUINN IS GONE!!!!!!1111!!!!!11!!1!!!oneoneone!!!!” article. Peter King is quoting Holmgren as all but saying Quinn is the guy next year.

  4. That’s messed up. I would hope that TJ would tell them to kiss off and go somewhere else. Unethical sons of female dogs.

  5. What a HUGE slap in the face. If TJ decides he actually wants to stay in new york after this, then him and that organization and their sleezy-get-out-of-paying-you-what-you-deserve ways deserve each other.

  6. Hey Mike,
    Can restricted free agents with tenders be traded straight up for other restricted free agents with tenders? Does the tender level matter in that case?

  7. Wait arent they opening up a new stadium this year? So now a NY team is acting frugal with a RB who is coming off a fantastic season? Something doesnt seem right here.

  8. All Jones has done for the Jets
    was run for over 1000 yards all 3 seasons with the JETS and score 31 touchdowns while missing 0 games
    I’m a Dolphin fan and would have no problem
    with having Jones while Brown can rehab from whatever future injury he will have next season

  9. even if the jets give the highest offer, TJ should leave it on the table. they wont even pay him the roster bonus so it shows they only want him back at their asking price.

  10. @ SATAN567
    1st off… every team in the NFL pulls this “crap” year in and year out. So get a clue!
    2nd… TJ was paid hansomely by the Jets for 3 years; where he actually put in only 2 years worth of production… he is absolutely NOT worth $5.8mm for 2010 ($2.8mm roster bonus + $3mm salary).
    3rd… The Jets had offered to restructure his deal into a 3-4 year extension, and spread the money out, but still pay him well… TJ said no, and decided that he wants to try and get as much money as possible.

  11. lol its like dumping the girlfriend before Valentinse Day and picking back up after.
    that move might work, if she doesnt know the reason why you dump her.
    dumping girlfrined before Valentines Day
    telling her that she isnt worth the gift etc and ask her for getting back together after lol
    the only day he might wear green in 2010 might be St. Patricks Day (he doesnt look very irish either)

  12. T.Jones,
    We would love to have you here in a Houston TEXANS Uniform. You know we have the passing attack to move the chains between the 20’s, we just need you to pound it inside the 20’s and across the goaline.
    IF we had a RB last year that could hold onto to the ball and get 1 yd. on 4th goal, the Texans would have been 11-5 and in the Playoffs.
    Come to Houston!

  13. What an insult. TJ has done a lot for the Jets in his time there. Tannenbaum/Ryan screwed up.

  14. It’s all business, and I have no sympathy for Jones. We’re talking about billionaires dealing with millionaires here.
    Players have no problem sitting out when they feel that they’ve outplayed their contracts, but the business is the bad guy when it feels that it isn’t good business to pay a huge bonus to a guy. And yeah, in my world, 2.8m is huge.

  15. Oh, so after saying that they will release him they get backlash from the locker room and now there bringing him back?? J E T S…suck suck suck! how pathetic
    go phins

  16. Thomas Jones is an angry runner, can u imagine how angry he is now when NY trying to pull this bush league stuff… so much for TEAM, but they TENDER Braylon “I HAVE NO HANDS” Edwards … its all good, PATS will love having a runner like that and TJ can stick it to the JETS twice a year and maybe make a REAL run in the playoffs. Ryan is probably kickin a dog and pickin a fight with some jerk in NJ Casino at an All U Can Eat Buffet over the last tatter tot.

  17. @ tacious
    not worth what they contractually agreed to when his numbers were constantly improving? you’re the one that needs to get a clue buddy. They saw him as being worth that salary, and when he did what they asked of him and probably more, that’s not when you cut a guy. Go cheer for soccer or something since you clearly know nothing about football, tacious.

  18. Enough is enough with how this is unethical. It would be unethical if these contracts were unilateral. Unfortunately the team has the right to void a contract at any time. When a player signs a 4 year contract that has a large chunk due at the end, he knows there is little to no chance he will receive that money. $5.8 million for a 31-32 year old tailback is not prudent, especially when he will no longer be the full-time back. Maybe Jones will buck the trend of 30 something RB’s in the NFL, but its not likely. Yes he is a “young” 32, but say is low work load at the start of his career takes 2 years off of his age, which means he’s around 30 in NFL years…. right about the age where productions goes directly down-hill. Please name me a 30 year old RB who switched teams and took the league by storm. Please give me one that had an above average year. I’m sure there’s one out there right? And yes I get how people like to call the JETS the Jesters.. it’s incredibily funny… and I also get that the coach is overweight. Please keep reminding all of us out here.

  19. the NFL is a business for those of you needing that pointed out.
    if Jones goes back to the Jets it has nothing to do with class or whether Jones has a backbone. it’s simple economics.
    some of you guys need a life

  20. “The fact that the Jets would risk losing Jones, arguably the most attractive of the exiled tailbacks, further confirms that big-market teams won’t spend more than they think they should spend even without a salary cap.”
    Something to think about; If the owners are really anticipating locking the players out and not playing any football in 2011, what’s the great upside to winning in 2010? It won’t spike revenue the following year with no games being played. And with so many fans unable to tell the difference between a lockout and a strike, the owners certainly feel they can retain fan loyalty by shifting blame onto the players. So why spend additional money this year when the potential benefits will dissipate so quickly?

  21. @SATAN567
    It’s called a backloaded contract….odd for someone telling someone else to get a clue. It happens all the time. Contracts are not guaranteed and many times large bonuses are built into the end of the contract. I’m not sure why players or agents continue to agree to this structure. Jones is worth a lot of money, he’s just not worth that much to the Jets in 2010. I don’t understand why people are so offended by this move. He got paid more money over the past 4 years by the Jets than any other team was willing to pay, and he earned his salary.

  22. If that were the case, and Jones was open to the idea of re-signing with the Jets, then why not just renegotiate his contract for the new deal and eliminate the roster bonus? The only reason to cut Jones is because he refuses to renegotiate his contract, which means that he will only re-sign with the Jets if he doesn’t get a better offer elsewhere.

  23. Satan567…how the hell do you know that there are better organizations to work for? Do you work in the NFL? I’m going to guess not…and it’s a purely strategic move by the Jets. They are trying to save money. If TJ doesn’t want to return he won’t…but he isn’t going to get 5-6 million anywhere. The Jets are a contender, especially after getting Cromartie so TJ should want to stay with them.
    Besides, as long as they resign Leon, they will have a good RB tandem anyway.
    Everyone who isn’t a Jets fan, get a life and go to your own message boards. Stop being douche bags and talking trash on ours.

  24. TJ is a team first guy. A brand new contract that would be advantageous to him and the team would make sense. I mean, they didn’t leave on bad terms.
    ALSO, REX HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DECISION! I heard REx, he sounded like he didn’t want TJ to go.
    Possibility of TJ and Jets created new deal is plausible.

  25. Hey it worked for Coles a few years back, and for Brandon Moore last year.
    Thank you, please drive thru…

  26. Hey, it worked for Coles a couple of years ago, and for Brandon Moore last year!
    Thank you, please drive thru…

  27. I think TJ and the Jets had a new contract worked out well before they released them. But first they needed to release him. Otherwise, there woulda been noise from other teams already.
    It’ll be great just for the locker room for TJ to come back. He’ll help make sure Cromartie has his shit together.

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