Land rush for Antrel Rolle

NFL_rolle_250.jpgNow that a $4 million roster bonus and an $8 million salary have gotten safety Antrel Rolle released by the Cardinals, multiple teams are hot on his trail.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that Rolle’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, currently is negotiating with the Bears.

A league source has confirmed that the Bears are indeed chasing Rolle.  We’re also told that the Giants and Dolphins are pursuing Rolle, and that the Cardinals still hope to get him back.

Rolle, a top-ten pick in the bust-filled first round of the 2005 draft, started 15 games in 2009.  For his career, he has appeared in 68 games, starting 61.

He entered the league as a cornerback, but he eventually was moved to safety.

30 responses to “Land rush for Antrel Rolle

  1. Go to the Dolphins, please dear god do not go to the Giants!!
    He might actually make their defense respectable again….do not wanna deal with that.

  2. Rolle will be playing alongside LaRon Landry in 2010. You heard it here first…

  3. i can’t believe the eagles aren’t in on this. if they’re not, it makes me think that are working to give their big dollars to peppers. i’d rather have rolle and kampman than peppers.

  4. he would look good in midnight green…. Heres to bong hits until 12:01 am and a late morning with PFT 🙂

  5. Its ironic that the Bears, who cried when Lance Briggs was “tampered” with, claim to have interest in every SOON-TO-BE free agent. Hmmmm.

  6. He’s a very good player! With the loss of Warner and eventual loss of Boldin it looks like the beginning of the end for the cardinals! Back to there old ways.

  7. COME ON DANNY BOY, Atleast fall thru this deal… time to put area 51 back on the field

  8. I didn’t see a ton of Cards games prior to the playoffs. Can Rolle hit people? Because I already have one DB who runs away from contact.
    My gut tells me that Rolle and Peppers get huge deals, well in excess of what the Birds deem “market value”. So I am not optimistic. More likely we get Clark.

  9. Rolle doesn’t have to wait until midnight to sign with a team. His contract was terminated. There is no tampering!

  10. city_native – understand that he is not a FA. He was released and other teams can immediately negotiate with him.

  11. Hey City_Native….check your facts. He was released. He’s not soon to be a FA, he is one.

  12. @ mooch – if the eagles don’t get rolle, and it doesn’t look good, i would love to see clark and kampman. i dread peppers coming to philly to be another kearse!

  13. City_Native : Perhaps you should read up on the rules on tampering? A team that releases a player relinquishes all rights under the tampering rules!!

  14. haha i thought antrel rolle never wanted to face aaron rodgers again. if the bears wanna pay him the most, he won’t mind getting burned twice a year

  15. Why does everyone want this guy? He’s not that special to make, and I quote, “the Giants defense respectable again.” People who watched him in the NFC West know he’s a decent player, but he was, if that, the 5th or 6th best safety in the division. Niners have 2, Rams have 2, Cardinals have 1 better safety.

  16. You guys have obviously not seen him play. He’s spotty at best. When he’s “on”, he’s average or slightly above average. When he’s “off”, he sucks, as the entire Cards defense did in the entire last half of ’09, and virtually all of ’08, other than the playoffs. Despite a pro bowl corner and safety playing along side him, they couldn’t stop the pass for most of the year. You want to give this guy $8m? Absolute insanity. That’s why the Cards are letting him walk. They want to hang onto him but won’t touch him for anywhere near that price. And it’s not because they’re stupid.
    Troy P money for this guy? Absolutely, positively insane. And any of you thinking he’s the savior for your lackluster d-backfield, think again. Someone said it in an earlier thread – there will be better DBs available in the 5th round of the draft, at a fraction of the cost.

  17. hmmm if the eagles dont get rolle then i expect kampman or peppers and a safety in the 1st round!!!! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLESSSS

  18. The Giants needs a safety that’s going to do the job. Let’s heard it for NEW YORK GIANTS. Where big things are made of. NEWWW YOORKK

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