Lewand says Lions will be on the phone at 12:01

Few teams are as desperate to add talent to their roster as the Detroit Lions, and team president Tom Lewand says he won’t beat around the bush in free agency.

“We’ll be ready to be on the phone after midnight,” Lewand said, per Tom Kowalski of MLive.com. “We’ll see where it takes us. We’re prepared. We’ve done a good job of getting ready and we’re looking forward to it starting.”

Of course, the reality in the NFL is that if the Lions are really waiting until “after midnight,” they’re going to be well behind the many other teams that have already started communicating with players and agents.

Kowalski writes that the Lions are likely to pursue a defensive end such as Green Bay’s Aaron Kampman or Tennessee’s Kyle Vanden Bosch. Lewand can’t come right out and say he’s interested in either player because that would violate the league’s tampering rules. But if either player signs with the Lions in the wee hours of Friday morning, it’s likely that the first contact between the player and the team came before 12:01.

5 responses to “Lewand says Lions will be on the phone at 12:01

  1. and the Lions would be the sort of team the NFL would hammer for it. Just like the Rooney Rule. The Lions tried to get minorities in to interview and no one would. and as far as I know, the only team fined for violating the rule. $500,000.

  2. I’m startingto really appreciate the new way the Lions are doing things. Started the moment they cleaned house last year. Just keep it up guys.
    I asked Avril on twitter the other day how he’d like to be lined up with Vanden Bosch, Sammy Hill, and Suh/McCoy with Foote, Sims and Levy unning around at LB. He replied almost sounding gitty.
    Defense is about to get much better, much quicker. About time!!!
    Still a couple years from the playoffs, especially with this years schedule, but things are finally looking up in Detroit. They even finally fired their special teams coach…..HAHA. Buffalo lost April and signed Kwan…..Well done new Detroit!!!

  3. Let the tampering go. The NFL knows about it but has not made a change of the rules yet.

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