Mike Vrabel re-ups with the Chiefs

Mike Vrabel and the Chiefs initially felt like an odd marriage, but it’s going to continue for at least one more year.

The Chiefs signed the 13-year veteran to a contract extension roughly nine hours before he was set to hit free agency.  Vrbel started 14 games last year, recording two sacks and two forced fumbles. 

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Vrabel get fewer snaps in 2010, no matter how much they value his veteran leadership and joke-telling ability.

10 responses to “Mike Vrabel re-ups with the Chiefs

  1. he’s a good mentor can at least teach the young guys how to play. i don’t think it’s a bad idea for him to be a “players” coach.

  2. EGAD! Yet another HORRIBLE move by the ‘King of Missteps’ … egoli.
    So ol’ mikey (aka “wd 40”) vrabel (who really had his ‘finger’ on the pulse chiefs fandumb 2009, just as his cohort in fingerdom, hailme) willst bringeth his stale act back to KC.
    Cometh Troy Brown, Corey Dillon and Rodney Harrison, enter wailing with gnashing of teeth theirs (kept in a glass bedside) KC Chiefs.
    Oh, how doth love the ex-patriate way, but verily, had no idea signing ‘the right 53’ meant the signing of guys nearing age same.
    No matter; if it was good enough for 16 losses ’09 – and twas – then this year? 20!

  3. Icon! Quit posting on Chiefs stuff. Seriously. We (normal Chiefs fans) all hate the way you rep the Chiefs on PFT.
    Shut up. You aren’t funny. You aren’t clever. And you offer lots of criticism but no solutions. Your comments are a waste of space on my computer screen.

  4. yeah icon u suck bro. if u want to talk junk about the chiefs moves thats fine, but be realistic. mentioning harrison and dillon is wasting every1’s time.
    this move is just a move. hopefully, vrabel will be able to mentor mcclain from bama!

  5. Hey – egoli (dwi) & hailme (stupiddude) stopped by to express their inner child… and to reiterate: vrabel is a HORRIBLE signing.

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