Panthers bid farewell to Delhomme

nfl_delhomme1_250.jpgAfter a horrendous performance in the 2008 divisional playoffs followed by an even more horrendous performance in the 2009 season, plenty of media types were proclaiming (we won’t name names — not because we’ve decided not to be prickish but because we can’t recall who they were, specifically) that quarterback Jake Delhomme definitely would be back, due in large part to a new contract from last year that paid $20 million guaranteed.

We didn’t buy it.

And we’re glad we didn’t.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the Panthers will soon cut Delhomme. 

His tenure in Carolina ends with a whimper, via a career-low passer rating of 59.4.

He’ll possibly land elsewhere as a backup, maybe with the Saints, who play in his home state.

44 responses to “Panthers bid farewell to Delhomme

  1. Now the Eagles can trade Vick to Carolina, pick up Delhomme and hopefully he shows something in preseason where another team will take a chance on him w/ a 3rd or 4th round pick

  2. Wow. Kind of sad Jake went out like that. But, I guess the job is Matt Moore’s for sure now.

  3. Not only do they play in his home state, but his former team. Come on florio, I know a lot is on your plate but shouldn’t you actually know this? I mean, NBC pays you with money, not Yoo-hoo right?

  4. this sets up for a trade with the eagles. take mcnaab and a 4th rnd pick for steve smith and a 2nd!! or take vick. send the birds one of thier rb… so many possibilities

  5. hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha…HA!
    Well i guess the odds of Vick going back down south just increased!!!
    Why the hell did they stick with Del-hommo for so long? He was awful!! Made bad defenses look championship caliber.

  6. It’s kind of a sad day, but this is a move that needed to be made. Maybe they will try to resign him to a reasonable (minimum) contract. Matt Moore is going to need someone to push him.

  7. So long, Jake. I’ve been a fan of yours since 2003 and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

  8. Mark Brunell’s shelf life in the NFL is now non-existent!
    He is younger than Brunell and played at a high level just a couple of years ago…Not saying he could replace Brees, but he is definitely would be an upgrade as a backup (as long as he was willing to assume that role).

  9. All the more reason for them to trade up with the Skins for their #4 for Bradford/Claussen!!!

  10. Jake may never have been good, but he made the offense better. He made the team better. It was impossible to give less than 100% when this underachieving, undrafted, Jim Carrey look alike was giving it all he had.
    I met Jake on a few occasions and he is a class act. A great person whose love for life is infectious. If more of the people on this site were more like him, you might have actually realized your potential like he did.

  11. jake can be a perfect backup in the nfl. good guy and its sad that things went so wrong for jake in carolina.

  12. @jt2121:
    Why would the Eagles trade McNabb to the Panthers after they’ve already tender Matt Moore at a 1st & 3rd round level ($3 mil, which is starter money) and the Eagles are already stacked at WR (Jackson, Maclin, Avant)?
    As for Delhomme, I doubt any team would pick him up as a starter so he’s likely to come back to the Saints on a 3 year deal in the middle of the offseason.

  13. I remember all you “Devils” were saying Vick is dumb and all that.
    Well, it looks like the Eagles and Panthers had secret negotiations and that’s why Vick said the Panthers were his favorite team to play for, because he knew he was going there……..
    Ha ha ha

  14. UrEALfAKE says:
    March 4, 2010 10:26 PM
    Will never happen…guranteed

  15. If they are paying this guy 20 mill already why don’t they just have him be the backup? I mean, at least get something out of your investment.

  16. Delhome may be bad now but he almost won a superbowl for the Panthers. That should count for something.

  17. BlueEyeDevil, Vick will NEVER be a Carolina Panther. Jerry Richardson has too much class to allow his team to be associated with that overrated, over the hill, selfish POS. The Panthers allready have four RBs that are faster than him and they are probably more accurate passers too. Matt Moore was just given the highest tender that could be given to him. He will be the starter next year and Vick will be running trick plays somewhere else next season.
    By the way, Thanks for the memories Jake, and best wishes to you and your family.

  18. Good luck 17! He may have sucked pretty badly the last year or 2, but he was the perfect qb for the panthers style.
    A new era begins in Carolina

  19. this is brilliant.
    Delhomme could buy the CFL with the 12.5MILLION dollars and he will be named the new mayor of BUFFALO.
    actually, he will end up playing for nothing, backing up Favre in MN.
    and all you packer fans are classless – go read some more Ari Fliesher press releases….
    Buffalo is the CFL
    Redskins fans are the stupidest in the league for constantly believing the Snyder spin machine.

  20. could u imagine smith on that wr core!! i know its unrealistic but i could hope!! and moore isnt a top qb. im just tired of mcnaabs horrible accuracy

  21. Later Jake, thanks for the memories. Don’t take it too hard, and don’t blame yourself. I think a lot of his dip in performance had to do with his surgery, it’s hard to imagine a player doing what he did in ’08 up till the AZ game and then having his game play go down hill like it did, without there being something physically wrong.
    I guess we know where the $$$ we saved on Pep are going…lets see $12.7 from $21….leaves us about $8.3 million of luv to spread around…I say we try to work out something for Boldin to back Smitty up…

  22. For the umpteenth time, the Panthers DO NOT WANT Michael Vick (especially in light of Rae Carruth incident and the other crap Kerry Collins pulled when he was down there).
    You realize this is North Carolina, right?

  23. I would be happy having him as the back up to Brees in New Orleans for a couple years, assuming he would be happy with back up QB money.

  24. Minnesota’s backup plan to Favre not showing up?

    Delhomme has the same personality as Favre and the same desire to take chances when he feel he has to carry the team. Put him on the Vikings and he would have a similar year. as Brett I think. Assuming he can do it physically of course.

  25. Delhomme was a very good NFL quarterback for several years – and most guys would give anything to be able to make that claim for even one year. He was also one of the classiest quarterbacks, which is more than I can say for ‘nfcbeast’ and his tasteless “homo” comment. How long have you been doing comedy at the 3rd grade level, Mr. nfcBeast?
    Jake Delhomme leaves the Pathers with a very winning record (58-40) including playoffs. And speaking of playoffs, he led the Panthers to two NFC Championship games (1-1 record) and to a SuperBowl, in which he threw for 323 yards. Carolina narrowly lost to New England in the final seconds by a score of 32-29.

  26. LTJX-
    You make many excellent points. What’s baffling to me is how a player can perform so well, then have a terrible game (vs Cards), then just completely go downhill. For another example, look at the entire Raiders team. One of the strongest teams in the NFL the year they played the Bucs in the Super Bowl, they get waxed by Gruden, and have sucked hardcore ever since. I don’t understand how that happens.
    That being said, there’s also something to be said for knowing when to let the past be the past. Take, for example, Drew Bledsoe. He was an excellent quarterback for many years, then along comes Tom Brady, and the Pats haven’t looked back since.
    So who knows- maybe he goes to another team, kicks ass, and we regret it, or he goes to another team and sucks. hard to tell. He was definitely an asset to the Panthers for most of the time he was there.

  27. His career isn’t over. Look at David Carr. He was miserable as a starter, but he’s still a backup.
    Delhomme actually had a good bit of success before his performance fell off.

  28. I had a blast watching Jake lead the Panthers. I believe he has had problems since his injuries/surgery, which affected his performance. Hopefully, he will take a break, heal and come back with vigor. If he does, I will be very happy to see him again; if he doesn’t, then I wish him and his family all the best. He is a class act – a true gentleman.

  29. We all enjoyed the good times of Jake but as he should relize he had two Championship teams and both times came up short,you get paid to win not to be liked because you almost won or made a few good plays. A back up position are waiting for you some were, good luck to you and yours.

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