PFT Daily: Who'll be the big spenders?

It’s widely believed that plenty of teams won’t be spending big money in the uncapped year.  We still don’t know which ones will.

So today’s edition of PFT Daily focuses on that question.

Four teams are discussed.  One of them is not the Bengals.


7 responses to “PFT Daily: Who'll be the big spenders?

  1. Surprised the Browns weren’t mentioned. I know they want to build for the draft, but I think Randy Lerner needs this offseason to settle down the rabidly disappointed Cleveland fan base. A few big splash signings could dramatically improve the fanbase’s outlook on the future.
    I hear a lot of Browns fans say Lerner’s a bad owner, but the guy was willing to hand the checkbook to Bill Cowher before he got Mangini. He wants to win just as bad as anyone if you ask me, and he’s willing to open the checkbook. If not for himself, he wants to see his dad’s vision through to the end.
    Say what you want, but the guy surely isn’t afraid to pay salaries of people that aren’t in the building anymore. lol

  2. The Seahawks will most likely pick up a couple big name players in free agency that will change the NFL draft for them. And allow them to go in a direction to add more impact players.

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