PFTV does the "fix my franchise" thing with the Lions

Lions CEO Tom Lewand plans to start making calls at 12:01 a.m. ET.

So what should he do?

PFTV takes up the cause of the Lions in the latest installment of “Fix My Franchise.”


7 responses to “PFTV does the "fix my franchise" thing with the Lions

  1. Really not that many years away.
    Hopefully they have their future franchise QB. If so, do the following:
    1) Keep coaching staff together for at least a couple more years. Let them install their offensive and defensive schemes and go from there.
    2) Get Suh or McCoy in the draft and add a veteran on the outside like Vanden Bosch or Kampman (as was stated before). Already have some of the other positions taken care of, just doesn’t appear to be the case when you can’t get pressure. This would instantly fix that problem. And they’re young on defense so they’ll continue to develop.
    3) Get a RB, free agency (like Taylor) or draft (like Best) or both.
    4) Get a reliable second WR. There’s some out there right now. If you can’t single cover Calvin Johnson, then it’s trouble for any defense (with the exception of very few teams).
    5) Draft a good young OT in the draft. I personally don’t think the Lions O-Line is as bad as people think. They should play better if they aren’t playing from behind and if the young players develop to learn better blocking and get the ball out of the QB’s hand quicker. But you still need to look at the future.
    All this sounds like a lot. It is. That’s why it’s still a couple years away. But they have potential to fix a great portion now and then look forward to being good in the near future.

  2. Ok, so here is my approach to fixing the Lions. It is going to take longer then just this year, but here is where they should start.
    Vanden Bosch DE
    Thomas Jones RB
    Chester Taylor RB
    Resign Foote LB
    Cromartie CB for Mo Morris and a 5th
    Ginn Jr. WR for Sims or Avril
    1st Suh DT
    2nd Pouncey G-C
    3rd Best available CB Donovan Warren or Patrick Robinson
    4th Myron Rolle S
    2011 Draft take LT, RB, DE in whatever order makes the most sense according to draft board.

  3. Peppers? No thanks… absolutely not. I’d rather have Vanden Bosch, who hustles on each play, than Peppers, who disappears for weeks.

  4. Florio-
    Your first step in fixing the Lions should be updating the helmet and logo you display on the monitors in the back. They have changed unis twice since the one you have up.
    Since this will most likely be a response to my post, I might as well get it out of the way.
    “They use the logo from the last time the Lions were relevant.” Ha Zing.

  5. Yeah, all they have to do is sign all the top free agents and have all the top draft prospects fall to them in each round and their all set! Thanks for input guys!

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