Redskins make it official — 10 are gone, 10 are tendered

As the dust begins to settle on a hectic day of guys getting tendered or fired, the Redskins have issued an official report on their flurry of activity.

A whopping 10 players have been released:  running back Ladell Betts, running back Rock Cartwright (Cartwright!), quarterback Todd Collins, defensive tackle Cornelius Griffin, running back Marcus Mason, receiver Antwaan Randle El, defensive lineman J.D. Skolnitsky, cornerback Fred Smoot, guard Randy Thomas, and fullback Eddie Williams.

The following tenders have been applied:  quarterback Jason Campbell (first round), cornerback Carlos Rogers (first round), safety Reed Doughty (second round), defensive lineman Kedric Goltson (second round), tackle Stephon Heyer (second round), linebacker Rocky McIntosh (second round), linebacker Chris Wilson (second round), defensive tackle Anthony Montgomery (fifth round), offensive lineman Will Montgomery (seventh round), and linebacker Lorenzo Alexander (right of first refusal).

24 responses to “Redskins make it official — 10 are gone, 10 are tendered

  1. Really can’t believe they got rid of a guard…..not like they have any OLine depth or do they?!? Can you say “tampering” by the King Rat!!
    Check on that will you Florio?

  2. Dansby/Rolle and a veteran back will be in Redskins Park this time tomorrow. I hope they pass on Peppers and don’t be surprised to see the Skins give up a 5th round pick (tender put on Smith) for QB Troy Smith….dude can ball when given the chance.

  3. So ummmm? And there you have it. Dead weight out (bad contracts and worthless players). Proud day for Redskins fans. Now let’s see how they build a “real” roster.

  4. GOOD! With the way this team has played they should be unloading a bunch of garbage. As far as the tenders most look about right except maybe Heyer, Doughty, Wilson. If you could get a third for any of them you’d be making out. I like Doughty but you might as well sell high while you can. He has hit his ceiling. Wilson has never done much and Heyer is always hurt. Does anyone know if these compensation picks have to be in this year’s draft or can they be in future drafts?
    Also the only bad thing about Collins leaving is now we’ll have to hear even more Colt Brennan talk. Damn it!

  5. It sounds like someone is making room on the roster for the free agents. Time to win the offseason, again.

  6. Old, injured, and/or ineffective. Too bad to see some of them go. And lol@cutting Collins and ARE. So Campbell’s backup/competition will be Colt McCoy some punk from the draft. If they don’t upgrade that O-line they’re going to need a lot more than 3 QB’s.

  7. Holy sht. I think it needed to be done though. I cant say I agree with all the decisions but hopefully Shanny is making these decisions

  8. Good riddance to Cartwright and Betts, kind of sad to see Griffin and Thomas go. COULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN RID OF Randle Smell fast enough. HE WAS HORRIBLE! Collins has had a nice career as a back-up and made good money for not having his body too badly beaten. The Raven’s need a sturdy back up maybe he will follow Zorny. I really just don’t want to see Redskins one flying in with a TON of free agent money on it. Dansby would be a good acquisition, but don’t want to see Peppers in here. We will see though.

  9. They cut guys that they paid way too much. Some they tendered offers to, they want to get something for. Don’t be surprised to see more players gone. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Hey Vinnie, see how many teams go after your players.

  10. Definitely 10 steps in the right direction. They kept some of those guys 2-3 years too long.

  11. This should not surprise anyone. That team has a ton of dead weight and they probably had to dump a lot of these guys this year when there wasn’t any cap acceleration to deal with.

  12. Surprised to see Cartwright and Betts – wonder if they have their eye on Chester Taylor.

  13. Half the team will be overpaid new free agents, but you can’t buy “chemistry.”

  14. Of course the idiots showed up to say stupid ISH like “There go the Redskins, buying another team.”
    Um…take a look at the players that were cut. The only one that could offer any value anywhere is Cornelius Griffin…and he’s kinda OOOOOOLD.
    Randy Thomas can’t finish a season without a season ending injury.
    Randle El is no longer needed as a fair catch specialist. We won’t miss the fair catches at the 2 yard line anymore…or the punt returns where he dances for 6 seconds in the same place, and then gets tackled for a loss.
    Betts can’t run outside of the Gibbs offense.
    Cartright lost the fire he had early in his career.
    I won’t miss Fred Smoot’s dancing after he made a tackle…right after a play where he gave up the big first down. @ss-Clown.
    Look at the players kept: All decent role-players (with the exception of Campbell, Rogers and McIntosh). All of whom, if they are signed away by another team, get us good compensation.
    Campbell is the best option the Skins have at QB, based on what’s available this year…and hoping they don’t go for a QB in the draft.
    Carlos Rogers…I don’t really care much for. But, we’re extremely thin at the position. He’ll be insurance in case we can’t find another starter. He’s started most of his 4 year career.
    Rocky McIntosh is a player that only those that know about him can appreciate. He’s the guy that studies the game film more than anyone on the team. Watch him before a play, when he runs up to the linemen and tells them what to expect. Something you expect more from London Fletcher, but done moreso by McIntosh. If we go 3-4, he’ll be a decent ILB.
    CONCLUSION: A step in the right direction. Does it win the Super Bowl?!?!? 😉 Not by a longshot…but definitely a step in the right direction.

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