Report: Browns trading Corey Williams to Lions

Browns defensive lineman Corey Williams made it clear last year that he wasn’t happy in Cleveland. Now he’s on the way out.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN is reporting that unnamed sources say Williams will land with the Lions in exchange for a late-round draft pick. Mortensen writes that Williams is scheduled to take a physical on Friday to finalize the trade from the Browns to the Lions.

Although acquiring Williams would bolster the Lions’ defensive line, Mortensen writes that the Lions wouldn’t be done upgrading their defensive line there. Per Mortensen, the Lions may also sign free agent defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch and draft Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

Williams played in all 16 games for the Browns last year and recorded four sacks.

18 responses to “Report: Browns trading Corey Williams to Lions

  1. Dude is worth more than a late rounder. he still played quite well in the middle

  2. The Lions have very good linebackers.
    If they get Williams, Vanden Bosch, and Suh; watch how much better that defense gets in a hurry.

  3. If the Lions sign free agent defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch and draft Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh plus Cory Williams…..
    That would be a really GOOD start.

  4. i actually think this move means the lions are either going to….
    trade down and target joe haden or derrick morgan.
    take a guy like gerald mccoy. who probably compliments corey williams better than suh. i think mccoy has room to put on another 15 pounds without losing any explosiveness. much bigger upside than suh. hes got that quick twitch that you love to see in defensive lineman.
    not to mention they have 6;4 330 sammie lee hill who is still developing. freakish athlete for his size. played in D-2 in college. major upside.

  5. yeah, williams is a three technique so is mccoy great logic. williams has no motor.

  6. Where are the Packer fans to bash TT for trading Williams to the Browns, if he was any benefit to the Browns they would chose to keep him, the fact that he got moved so shorftly makes it even funnier to me for the people tha wouldn’t take GREG JENNINGs the unshown rookie WR for Javon Walker to the Bronocos

  7. 16 games and 4 sacks? Forgot how bad he really did suck. Glad my Browns got rid of him! No wheels and whining all the time, yeah, you can have him Detroit.

  8. yes but williams sucks less than what they have now. kyle may be on the downside also, but he never quits. the lions d-liners for the last few years have excelled at quitting early and often.

  9. Williams plays very, very small, in that his first move is almost always to roll off his block, leaving a nice big gap for the running back to hit. That’s why the Packers were using him as a pass-rushing specialist by the end of his last season.
    As a Browns fan, I say “good riddance”.

  10. Nice job Cleveland! What a joke ! A fifth rounder and you have to give the Lions a draft choice to boot ? Is this what we can expect from the “football czar” ? They gave up a 2nd rounder for that clown. What next ? Are you going to trade Brady Quinn for a can of corned beef and a six pack of Guiness so you have it available for St. Patricks day buffet in Berea ? Can you say “salary dump ” ?

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