Report: Browns trying to trade for a quarterback

New Cleveland Browns boss Mike Holmgren inherited two quarterbacks, Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson, when he took the job last year. But Holmgren may want to acquire a quarterback of his own.

Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the Browns are involved in trade talks with more than one team and could acquire a quarterback, or even two quarterbacks, via trade.

It’s not clear whether the Browns are looking to acquire a backup who wouldn’t cost them much in compensation or a starter in a blockbuster deal, but Grossi quotes a source as saying the Browns are discussing quarterbacks “on different levels.”

Grossi mentions Seattle’s Matt Hasselbeck and Philadelphia’s Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb, although it’s not clear whether any of those players is available, and if they are available whether the Browns would be willing to give up the kind of compensation it would take to acquire them.

Anderson is likely gone before March 19, when he’s owed a $2 million roster bonus. After that, no one is quite sure what to make of the Browns’ quarterback situation. But Holmgren is on the lookout.

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  1. If Holmgren goes after Hasselback then that proves that he is not qualified for the job that he has. Hasselback is a washed up QB that never was that good to begin with.

  2. I wouldn’t think it’s out of the question that they are looking at Marc Bulger as well. Bulger would have to be released though, and signed at a lower salary. I’d prefer to just get McNabb and cut out the middle-man (St. Louis). I’m fine with whatever as long as Jimmy Clausen never puts on a brown uniform.

  3. I wouldn’t think it’s out of the question that they are looking at Marc Bulger as well. Bulger would have to be released though, and signed at a lower salary. I’d prefer to just get McNabb and cut out the middle-man (St. Louis). I’m fine with whatever as long as Jimmy Clausen never puts on a brown uniform.

  4. Browns – you have made lot of made decisions. Please add more and take David Garbage from the Jags. Seventh round pick is OK or else 6 hamburgers is ok too.

  5. It would never happen at the first round tender but Mike Holmgren once stated he was a fan of Jason Campbell

  6. What would the Seahawks do without Hasselbeck? That part of the rumor leads to a lot of questions.
    If I’m the Eagles I’d take Cribbs and a 1st for McNabb (I’d throw in Vick for free). Special teams have kind of sucked since Harbaugh left.

  7. Thank God. Time to move on from the Quinn/Anderson poo-poo platter.
    I have no idea who they should go after (guessing McNabb or Hasselbeck are more realistic), but with Holmgren and Heckert’s track records, I’ll trust them.

  8. You make it sound like Grossi is reporting that we are in fact trying to get Mcnabb, Hasselbeck or Kolb….Here is Grossi’s actual statement.
    “Since President Mike Holmgren and General Manager Tom Heckert joined forces to take over Browns operations, they have talked of improving the offense in general and the quarterback position in particular. They naturally have been linked to passers on their former teams — Matt Hasselbeck of Seattle, and Donovan McNabb or Kevin Kolb of Philadelphia.”
    It just says Heckert and Holmgren have been naturally linked to them for obvious reasons…

  9. Quinn will stay and learn the west coast from a vet like McNabb or Hasselbeck. This Quinn situation has not been handled very well since he put on a Browns uniform. He has a team with little to no talent and ZERO confidence from his head coach. One year under the Holmgren eye and we will see what will happen. I think the big show will give Quinn one year to learn his system sitting back and watching. His contract is favorable and would cost nothing to let him try and learn from a experienced vet.

  10. browns suck and will for a while. no matter the qb or the gm, the walrus will fail.

  11. There’s allot of options. I know he has an attachment to Hasselback but COME ON, that ship has sailed! Get over it.
    He has a few options:
    Chad Pennington, Vick, McNabb, Edwards, Delhomme, Garrard, Bulger, Garcia, just to name a few.
    Out of that bunch I would take a shot at McNabb first and foremost.

  12. Delhomme would give the Browns defensive backs a lot of great pickoff practice.

  13. I heard he wants Favre back!!!
    riddle me this Seahawk fans.
    1. Holmgrem can develop a very good QB
    2. While in QB the team was ripe with outstanding back-up QB’s
    3. While Holmgrem was in Seattle the only back-up was Wallace (and not very good at that – by NFL standards)
    4. Has Holmgrem given up on developing Quarterbacks and moved to something bigger?

  14. Maybe if Brady Quinn spent more time in the film room instead of trying to look like a linebacker he wouldn’t throw the ball like a linebacker.

  15. If (when) Lord Favre returns, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them try to get Sage Rosenfels.

  16. DPR – from your mouth to god’s ear.
    But there is no way you’d get Cribbs straight up for McNabb, much less a #1 on top of it.

  17. Where is Anderson going to play if the Browns let him go? He isn’t exactly Peyton Manning, but he had a successful year with a historically unsuccessful team. That means he’s worth more than a bag of footballs.
    I don’t beleive he is destined to be a backup qb just because the Browns had a bad year.

  18. Cribbs and Derek Anderson for Jason Campbell and Clinton Portis……………………

  19. Wow…seriously people read the above comment about what Grossi ACTUALLY said. Noone has started a rumor the Browns are trying to trade other than what Florio has just said.
    Also Holmgren was quoted a few days ago by Peter King. Here is a copy paste from King’s article:
    I think Mike Holmgren looked and sounded like a man with a sense of urgency to pick a quarterback, put him under center, and let him play 16 games — without the pressure of looking over his shoulder at the backup. “A quarterback needs two full seasons before you can judge him. What’s Brady Quinn started? Twelve games? How can we know if he’s the … See Moreguy?” Just from listening to him, it sounds like the Browns will give the job to Quinn, draft a passer sometime after the first round, and groom him in case Quinn’s not The Man.
    This is a fabricated story the Browns are at best going to get a cheap backup once they cut Anderson.

  20. They can have Jake Delhomme. We don’t need nothing in return. Free gift, no strings attached.

  21. Most likely they are looking at options to be the backup for Quinn. I would think they might be better off trying to accomplish this through an inexpensive free agent but I guess if they are offering only late round picks the end result will be the same.

  22. @ Chief:
    I have a friend who is a former Brown and Chiefs player with ties still to both organizations. He says he is hearing talks of Quinn and Rogers to KC for Cassel and 3rd rounder.
    Just a rumor, but my source has always been pretty solid. It makes sense too: Rogers and RAC had a good relationship and KC needs a nose. Quinn comes cheaper and is a Weis disciple. They would be able to get rid of those high dollar #’s of Cassel too without them getting punished on their cap.

  23. Grossi is one of the nation’s worst “journalists.” Cleveland deserves a better voice

  24. Brady Quinn never had the chance…..but more to the point….they need Steve Mariucci to bring him along as a QB as the Browns QB coach seemingly has not been able to do.

  25. Browns fan here………..couple things………….
    First, I’m not sure Brady Quinn is the answer, but I think he deserves a shot. The guy has started 12 games in 3 seasons, not enough to tell. Also, the situation has been handled poorly by the Browns. 3 offensive coordinators in 3 seasons, and they wonder why he can’t succeed. Same as the treatment Campbell got in Washington. Last year, when he went into the season as the “starter”, he didn’t find out until kickoff? I support Mangini, but that was a certified boner move. No confidence, you’ve traded Winslow, you’ve got a “hey, I run a 12-second 40-yard-dash” Jamal Lewis in the backfield, and lose Braylon half-way through the season (a move that made me support Mangini even more). So you’ve got a coach with no confidence in you, no playmakers, a poor right side of the offensive line, and again, they scratch their heads as to why you’re not performing like an elite QB.
    Second, please, do not draft a QB high until you know how to properly groom one. Between Couch, Quinn, and even the 3rd round pick Charlie Frye in between, it’s a wasted draft pick. If you’re not going to groom one, get a quality starter. I’m sorry, but all the names mentioned above are only stop-gaps, and will be too old to perform once the required talent on the rest of the roster is assembled. Bulger, Hasselback, Vick, Garcia????, and even McNabb? no thanks.
    Third, and last. As a life-long Browns fan, I’m as blindly optimistic as the rest. I trusted Carmen Policy, Clark, Couch, Palmer, Savage, Crennel, etc. I have trust in the new regime, hoping that it will bring what Cleveland fans deserve, a winner. We don’t have to win the SuperBowl every year, but field a competitive team!! I’ve heard all about Holmgren’s propensity for QB’s. Grooming QB’s, eyeing QB talent, etc. But the one thing that concerns me about this assesment. Anyone that watched Charlie Frye start the season for the Browns in 2007(?) against the Steelers should be concerned. That was by far the worst QB display I’ve seen in professional football in my life. And he was the starter through training camp. It was the 1st game!! How much more prepared do you need to be?? He was pulled at half-time, and traded the next day (only time in history a team has traded their opening day starting QB within the same season)…………………who took him?? Holmgren in Seattle traded a 5th for him. Now I know they didn’t need a starter, with Hasselback in place, and maybe in was the almighty ego thinking he could, again, “groom” him into something salvagable, but I wouldn’t have traded my washing machine for him. To me, this raises some flags about Holmgren’s “Midas Touch”

  26. I’ll be the first and only one to make this prediction. The Browns will trade for Senecca Wallace from Seattle. Holmgren loves this guy and spent years molding him into his style of quarterback. Carrol probably doesn’t think he’s good enough to keep around so they won’t need to give up much, and if nothing else, they’ll have a solid backup that fits with Holmgren.

  27. There’s no one better at grooming a quarterback than Holmgren, so don’t worry about that “fleet10”. Look at what he did with Favre and Hasselback…also, don’t forget Mark Brunell who went on to have a decent career after being back up to Favre.

  28. Brownie–
    You were the first, but you’re not the only one.
    I completely agree, Seneca Wallace can be had for low compensation, and he has actually done well when he has played. This will be just like what happened when Homgren went to Seattle and took Hasselbeck with him. Nobody cared, nobody thought much of it, and look at what happened. I’d put my money on Wallace heading to Cleveland.

  29. When Brady Quinn was selected in the 1st round of the 2007 draft everyone was saying he was the best QB prospect since Peyton Manning.
    I don’t get it. How could he end up sucking so bad when everyone said he was so great coming into the NFL? Are you telling me this super hyped dude can’t even be a MARGINAL starter in the NFL?

  30. For some reason I can’t help but shake the feeling Chad Pennington might not end up in Cleveland.

  31. Wouldn’t this qualify as some sort of pre-draft ‘smoke screen’?
    Since when do the Browns actively look for ways to improve their team?

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