Report: Seahawks could be making a big push for Peppers

NFL_peppers.jpgThere’s a fairly strong theory in league circles that the Redskins won’t be pursuing defensive end Julius Peppers but that, if they wanted him, they’d get him.

So that leaves the Bears as the front-runners for his services, right?

Maybe not.  In today’s PFT Daily, we suggested generally that, when it comes to big spending, don’t rule out the Seahawks, where owner Paul Allen’s Microsoft money has been married up with Pete Carroll’s Trojan charisma.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Seahawks could be the “favorite” to land Peppers.

It’s not clear whether Jensen is reporting an actual link between the Seahawks and Peppers, or whether he’s speculating that the Seahawks could be in play for Peppers.

Either way, we’re keeping a fluorescent lime-green eye on the Seahawks.

34 responses to “Report: Seahawks could be making a big push for Peppers

  1. This makes total sense for the Hawks. Peppers could help them get back in shape real fast.
    Paul Allen can make this happen very easily.

  2. Wow is all I have to say. I’m not so sure if I want to see us spend this much on Peppers. I don’t think he’s worth the amount he will be looking for, but then again will def. be an upgrade to Darryl Tapp and a hurt Patrick Kerney.

  3. id peppers goes to sea.. he will never be heard from again.
    no one cares about the seahawks

  4. Jensen didn’t break a single story when he worked in St Paul — he reports news rather than discovering news. I wouldn’t get to worked up about this if I was a Bears fan.

  5. If Seattle gets Peppers, drafts Berry, and maybe Jason Pierre Paul at 14, they have the best defense in all of football. Don’t laugh. Peppers, Kerney, Tatupu, Curry, Trufant, Berry, JPP, not to mention Hawthorne who has shown flashes of superstar potential.
    I am not a Seahawk fan, but hard to argue how good their defense could be.

  6. Seattle Seahawks? Is that a arena football team? Why would Peppers play in arena football?

  7. lol @ DeVoodoo, that’s funny. I bet you didn’t know Peppers was in Nelly’s vid for “Hot in Herre”….

  8. That would just prove he is out there for the money and doesn’t want to go to a place that is going to be a contender because the Panthers are better than the Seahawks.

  9. All Jensen ever does is speculate! As a Bears fan that reads all the newspapers, HE SUCKS!

  10. Really? The seahawks still have a team? I thought they dismantled after that fluke year going to the super bowl.

  11. Seattle would be a great place for Peppers. After he gets his top dollar contract, he can disappear into obscurity along with the rest of that franchise.

  12. Seahawks still are a team? Lol. That team is so far away from winning it wouldn’t make a difference. How about qb, rb, wr, secondary? An overpriced underacheiver will save the day!

  13. Honestly. The seahawks are the equivelent of the elephant graveyard. washed up players just go there to die. Rather play for the raiders, at least Al Davis’ insanity would make it funny/interesting.

  14. My friend rc Dudek loves the seahawks and yoga! I bet he is doing yoga right now! Enough said

  15. There will be a couple teams with actual talent who may make legit offers for Peppers. So the Hawks with no QB, WR, RB, and weak o line would have to blow him out of the water and overpay. Doesn’t mean it cant happen though, money talks..

  16. I hope he goes to the Redskins. Another overpaid clown for that terrible team. Cowboys have had no problem blocking Fat Albert or Peppers, so it should be fun to watch them lose and not care about it.

  17. man, i hate to see peppers leaving panthers, they are on the verge of going all the way,,,to bad if he goes to the hawks,,,an then the “cats” are in the play offs next year,,,im sure the hawks want be

  18. cheyanne765 says:
    March 4, 2010 6:37 PM
    man, i hate to see peppers leaving panthers, they are on the verge of going all the way,,,to bad if he goes to the hawks,,,an then the “cats” are in the play offs next year,,,im sure the hawks want be
    Did you wake up from your dream yet?

  19. Great story, PFT. Speculation based on further speculation. Seemingly every big name FA is going to be linked with Seattle because Paul Allen is made of money. This is going to be a long offseason.
    As for the “dismantling” of the Seahawks after their SB season, yes, that actually did occur. It’s just been in slow motion over 4 years. They’ve only got 12 guys out of 53 left from that SB team.

  20. Hey Paul Allen, take a look at how things worked out when we dumped a bunch of money on Grant Wistrom and Patrick Kerney. No need to repeat that shit.

  21. We Skins fans with common sense hope like hell he ends up in the Great Northwest. They don’t need another primadonna who has an on/off switch when it comes to effort. Note: That means you Haynesworth!

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