Report: Texans don't want Chester Taylor

At some point on Thursday, a report emerged that the Houston Texans are interested in Vikings running back Chester Taylor.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that they aren’t.

“For the umpteenth time,” McClain says, “the Texans aren’t interested in old backs.”

Several years ago, the Texans learned their lesson the hard way, by giving a big pile of money to veteran running back Ahman Green.

13 responses to “Report: Texans don't want Chester Taylor

  1. As much as I like the the General (John McClain) I dont believe he is 100% correct on this.
    Texans NEED to sure up their running game, AND add a Top Notch Safety (Earl Thomas) or Interior Lineman like Iupati in the 1st and a Cornerback to replace Dunta in the 2nd….
    I can see us bringing in Thomas Jones….

  2. Can’t you just copy and paste like that guy did last summer?
    The links says:
    There’s a report Texans are interested in RB Chester Taylor. Not true. For the umpteenth time, the Texans aren’t interested in old backs.

  3. Yeah i dunno if i’d want the Eagles picking him up, its like “yeah we got a decent RB…how long is he gonna be decent?”
    I’m was hoping to get Sproles but now, Jones is unlikely so maybe the draft is where the Eagles get a RB.
    I dunno if the CFL rookie of the year RB Mallet is going to be good enough to make the team…sorry Canada.

  4. “For the umpteenth time,” McClain says, “the Texans are interested in old backs.”
    I am an excellent proofreader. You could hire me for a reasonable price.
    If that wasn’t a typo, Jamal Lewis is available for the Texans. They could get Brandon Marshall and put him opposite of Andre Johnson, thus only having to run the ball 7-10 times a game. Jamal Lewis could get 40 yards or so a game. 5,500 passing yards with 600 yards rushing will get you to the playoffs Houston. Make it happen. Everything except the Jamal Lewis part, he is done.

  5. CT has far more tread left on the tires than Green, and any of the other seasoned free agent RBs

  6. I’d love Taylor in St. Louis as a spell back to the best running back in the league, Steven Jackson! 😀

  7. They won’t find a better back on the market. Really, how can the Texans afford to be picky, they have to get to the playoffs first..

  8. The Texans don’t want experienced backs. They want a rookie who can’t find his butt with both hands in the middle of the field.
    Chester Taylor is special. He may have some experience but he is also a multi-role player. If Willie Parker leaves the Steelers, I’d love to see Chester Taylor in Pittsburgh!

  9. Houston probably learned from past mistakes by signing aging running backs such as Ahman Green. Though Taylor hasn’t taken much punishment in the past couple of years, he’s still 31 years old. Not exactly in his prime anymore and probably not worth what he’ll be asking for. Same goes for LT.

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