Rolle expected to visit Giants

Antrel Rolle is taking full advantage of his head start to free agency.

The latest: Rolle is expected to visit with the Giants Friday morning, assuming he doesn’t sign a contract before then.  Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel writes that Rolle was offered a five-year contract by the Dolphins.

Chris Mortensen is hearing that the Rolle sweepstakes will come down to the Giants and Dolphins.  (Even though the Bears were negotiating first.)

Soon-to-be former Cardinals teammate Darnell Dockett has an idea what’s going to happen. 

I just talked to
Antrell Rolle
!! And I already know what’s about to happen, mann I’m
speechless I’m going to Bed. I’m done with twitter BYE!

Clearly, OCNN has a lot to teach Dockett about scoopage. 

22 responses to “Rolle expected to visit Giants

  1. I know whats going to happen too…I will stay up all night refreshing this page hoping to see an update saying the Giants signed him/Dansby….but nothing will happen.
    I will goto work tomorrow feel like shit all day because I stayed up all night. Then I will come home and crash…wake up Saturday morning and miss all the fun.

  2. dam i hope he sign with miami that would give them a good secordary. plus if they sign karlos dansby dam miami will have a good denfese .

  3. You idiot. Both of those tweets are about KARLOS DANSBY!
    Forget about doing your research, this is just irresponsible reporting.
    I really hope you aren’t getting a paycheck for this.

  4. All those articles are about Karlos Dansby….hmmmm…i mean same old team different guy

  5. Clearly, OCNN could teach you a lot about not mixing up two players with completely different names and positions…

  6. All these articles are about Dansby…NOT Rolle…I’m confused…are you confused too Rosenthal?

  7. i think the dansby-earl thomas in the first round combo should have been the gung ho plan, but with miami signing dansby and no longer looking for an ilb at 12, a rolle-mcclain combo is a pretty damn good consolation prize. hopefully it’s not for 8 mil, though

  8. hey florio,
    just wanted to say ive been visiting this site for years. like 6 years ago would sneak on here in computer class in high school. and now still visiting. (personally glad u didnt change when you went to NBC, really thought ud become more like every other football news site).. u take a lot of heat but this site is my first place i visit everyday online. got it programmed in my sprint samsung moment. and just wanted to say that u pulling an all nighter on the first night of the new season/FA is awesome. even though sum days i hate ya. u do a good job… keep it up.

  9. Scroll down the page fellas on that link. Rolle content in the middle. Thanks for staying up with us.

  10. You’re always so nice, Gregg. Let me buy you a beer when you turn 21. Until then, the Shirley Temples are on me if you ever make it to the third coast.

  11. Giants need a freakin LB before anything else. We haven’t had a solid LB since Armstead.

  12. Ok, that’s it. I declare WAR on Miami. They get to Dansby before the Giants. Now they wanna try to move in on Rolle (whom I know nothing about cept he’s good)??!??! THIS IS INTER CONFERENCE WAR!
    If Giants don’t get Dansby, they gonna have to make sure they get McClain.
    Very glad the G-Men can get quality S in free agent.

  13. Giants feel Dansby’s 3-4 style won’t work well with Giants’ 4-3 D – I call that BS!
    I want Dansby!!!!

  14. i hope Rolle comes to Washington, we need a safety, but we can’t use a pick in the draft because of our poor offense, so i think Rolle should be the only big name free agent signing we sign.

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