Taylor Mays shrugs at Combine timing irregularities

taylor-mays-p1.jpgAfter getting jobbed in his 40-yard dash at the 2010 Scouting Combine, former USC safety Taylor Mays is making the rounds to talk about the situation.

Appearing on Sirius NFL Radio on Wednesday night with Bryan McGovern and Jim Miller, Mays said he was clocked by scouts at anywhere from 4.32 seconds to 4.19 seconds.

His official time?  4.43 seconds.

“It was a little disappointing because I didn’t understand it but I also didn’t believe it,” Mays said of the official time.  “I don’t think that’s the right time.  I don’t spend too much [time] worrying about it because I don’t think that’s correct.”

Appearing Thursday on ESPN2’s First Take, Mays expressed confusion about the increase in the unofficial time of 4.24 to 4.43.  He said he has been electronically timed in the 4.2-second range while working out at USC.

Then there’s the brilliant NFL Network video of Taylor Mays finishing in front of either Trinton Holliday (who ran a 4.34 officially) or Jahvid Best (whose time was 4.35 seconds).

So as we begin to focus on free agency, let’s not forget that the NFL needs to fix an obviously broken system for timing players whose earning potential is tied to these numbers.

23 responses to “Taylor Mays shrugs at Combine timing irregularities

  1. I would say. “We’re all fast. The times are fun, but the times really matter when the football is in my hands/opposing teams hands or in the air. Time me then.”

  2. The official time clearly makes no sense on this one. Looked like a solid 4.30 given the NFLN’s technology. Thing that really impressed me — aside from the dude being 6-3, 230 and running a 4.30 — was how quick he got to full speed. He really exploded off the line and seemed to be at full speed within just a couple of steps. That was impressive and important. It shows good explosion and ability to get somewhere once he reacts.
    Wouldn’t be surprised to see the Giants grab this kid in the second half of Round 1.

  3. That is why most teams have their own timers there. The “official” time is only important to the TV guys and the fans.

  4. Mays ought to be more concerned with why he played so poorly last season at USC. Who cares how fast he runs when he can’t tackle worth a darn? Sounds like a Raider to me.

  5. and then everyone would know youre just trying to say the right thing.
    i would say tell everyone even if the time is wrong, its still good.

  6. This is an arguement over something that doesnt really matter. 40 times and on field speed are 2 completely different things..

  7. Since wen was 4.4 speed slow? Why is anyone even wastin their time complaining about this

  8. The NFL hasn’t addressed this issue because they don’t want people to find out that some fat guy eating doughnuts on the job was the official timer.
    Quick Fix:
    Get 8-10 guys to start independent timers, drop one or two of the highest and lowest times. Average the rest.
    Although this is what teams do anyway, right? They all compare times anyway.

  9. Oh….boo hoo. Now I wont be drafted by a sorry team. LOL! If I thought I was going to be drafted by a horrible organization, …I wouldn’t care if I slipped in the draft anyway. Its probably a win-win situation. (Pun Intended). That’s probably why he shrugged it off …. moreover, possibly on purpose.

  10. I have to laugh how so many discount speed in the NFL because a few speedsters do not pan out. On the other end guys with great College Football skills but no speed do not pan out either.
    Speed is everything in the NFL and the teams that can find the skills with the speed win every time. You cannot coach speed and these guys do not grow on trees. Give me a talented team with speed over a talented team without it any day.

  11. tWhy does the NFL refuse to get real. THis is 2010. There is such thing as electronic time, and not some guy with a stop watch. Are they fearful that all the guys of yesteryear, really were not that fast. Lets get rid of the human error, and get real. If you going to apply what track and field does then get with the times. (no pun intended)

  12. Any chance this guy can switch to 3-4 outside linebacker? He just seems like the next Roy Williams to me. Athletic freak but a liability in coverage.
    Anyone out there that can answer this question?

  13. It’s fun watching fans who know nothing about track timing comment about how electronic timing is less accurate than hand-timing. Ridiculous, but fun.

  14. Look a the kid. He’s a 6’3 230 lbs of raw muscle. He drives the women crazy when he walks into a room. Any team who get him is getting a future hall of famer. The kid is that darn good.

  15. When timing the 40, the timer starts whenever the hand comes off the ground or there is some sort of movement that would pre-empt the clock to run. Perhaps that is why Mays’ time is slower than he guys he was compared against.
    Otherwise, I can’t explain this shit either.

  16. do we know the specifics surrounding the “official times” at the combine? is it just some league dude standing alongside the sprinting track with all the rest of the team representatives, stopwatch in hand? i want to know how reports leak out about unofficial and official times, and then how they seem to change on a whim after that. because i don’t get the situation at all, and the NFL’s own network destroyed all credibility over this primary area of combine media focus.

  17. @GobiasINC_1 …. First, he would have to go to a team the uses the 3-4. Second, I believe he could in certain situations ….and that situation would have to be passing downs ….i.e. 3 and 15 or better. Third, that team would have to have the personnell upfront …. i.e. a great D-Line. Maybe a shutdown corner …or a ball hawking safety. Other than that, …. I wouldnt just say he could play that position on any team. You’d have to have a great schemer …. i.e. Dick Lebeau, Monte Kiffen … etc.

  18. Mays is just going to be another workout freak who doesn’t pan out in the NFL. Everyone knew coming in that he was going to put on a show so what’s the big deal. He can’t cover and doesn’t wrap when he hits people. That’s why he dropped all season on team’s boards, but with a good combine some team is going to over pay for him.

  19. Florio,
    The “official” (electronic) time will have nothing to do with where Travis Mays gets drafted, so therefore he won’t get “jobbed”. Each NFL team has their own timers in the stands at the finish line, and they are the only ones that count. Those people (NFL personnel directors & scouts) couldn’t care less whatever the “official” time is.

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