Texans tender seven restricted free agents

The Houston Texans have announced the extension of qualifying offers to seven restricted free agents for the 2010 season.

The levels were not disclosed.

Tendered by the Texans are defensive end Tim Bulman, tackle Rashad Butler, tight end Owen Daniels, running back Ryan Moats, safety Bernard Pollard, linebacker DeMeco Ryans, and guard Chris White.

Daniels was tendered at the highest level in 2009, and he surely was tendered again at that range — unless the Texans are hoping to trade him.  Ryans also would be a no-brainer candidate for a tender offer requiring a first-round pick and a third-round pick as compensation if he signs elsewhere and if the Texans opt not to match the offer.

The Texans have not tendered safety John Busing.  So while he’s still technically a restricted free agent, he has no actual restrictions.

5 responses to “Texans tender seven restricted free agents

  1. Local news says that Owen Daniels and Demeco Ryans both got the highest tender (1st and 3rd round picks). But this is the first I ever heard of the Texans wanting to trade Daniels. If Daniels didn’t get hurt last year he was headed to being the best TE in the NFL for 2009. Problem with a contract for him is that there are sme way overpaid TEs that are not as good as he is and the Texans don’t want to pay a TE that kind of money.
    I would hate to see Daniels leave the Texans but I agree that a TE is not worth 8 or 9 mill a year. If a team was crazy enough to sign him a offer and give up a 1 and 3 for him the Texans would be crazy not to let him go. They have other young TEs that while may never be as good as Daniels, they can still be very productive with the Texans.

  2. Wow, tx_tuff, best TE in the NFL? Owen Daniels is a great TE, and I really like what the Texans have going offensively, but that is an incredibly bold statement. He’s top 10 for sure, and at the top of the list in terms of young talent, but not even close to the top of the overall list.

  3. Even the tiniest bit of research would have shown what tenders Ryans, Pollard, and Daniels were given. Like the first poster said, McClain had reported this a day ago.
    I can understand being late, what with 31 other teams to report on, but when its misinformed, it just shows “a lack of give a shit” as my father would say.

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