Vikings, Taylor still talking

NFL_taylor2.jpgIt has become a foregone conclusion of late that, come midnight, the Vikings and running back Chester Taylor will part ways.

Still, Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that agent Ken Sarnoff is still talking to the Vikings, even as Sarnoff undoubtedly is fielding (at a minimum) hypothetical offers from other teams who can’t officially talk to him about Taylor until 12:00 a.m. ET.

Taylor, who arrived in 2006 and served as the starter for one season before the drafting of Adrian Peterson, has remained a key contributor.  But perception possibly outpaces reality when it comes to gauging his true value.  Taylor averaged only 3.6 yards per carry in 2009, and he contributed only 727 total yards and two touchdowns.  His two fumbles in 138 touches equates to a 1.44-percent ball-dropping average — not dramatically lower than Adrian Peterson’s 1.96-percent rate.

There there’s this just-ate-popcorn moment against the Steelers, which resulted in a game-clinching interception return for a touchdown.  Though the blame properly rests on Taylor, the stat sheet reflects a pick-six for Brett Favre.

And Favre surely is a key factor in whether and to what extent the Vikings will cough up considerable money for Taylor.  We believe that, if Favre definitely wanted Taylor to return, the Vikings already would have signed him. 

If Favre is fine with Chester leaving and if someone else wants to pay Taylor starter-level money, the Vikings would need only to find another guy who can contribute 150 or fewer touches, who can take over as the lead dog if/when something on Adrian snaps, crackles, or pops, and who can catch passes and pick up blitzers on third downs — ideally without letting any of those balls squirt through his hands like a greased gourd.

Again, if Favre is fine with letting Taylor go, then he won’t be back.  In that case, look for Brian Westbrook — who is only 20 days older than Taylor — to get a long look, and for the Vikings to bolster the position via the middle rounds of the draft.

In this regard, don’t forget about Percy Harvin, who played plenty of tailback at Florida.  If the Vikings have another wideout who can properly work out of the slot on third downs, Percy could slide from time to time into the backfield, which would make the offense potentially even more dynamic.

35 responses to “Vikings, Taylor still talking

  1. About time somebody else mentioned the Harvin in the backfield thing. I think he could be a top-notch 3rd Down back. Dude is just flat out a football player

  2. Favre has nothing to say about who stays and who goes until he lets the team know his plans. Chester Taylor is a proven horse and can be a starter for any other team out there. Good Luck Chester Taylor and Thank You for a job well done.

  3. I would love to re sign hum but I will cost too much. Westbrook may be an ok option but I hope we use a draft pick on a back. Call me crazy but when we first drafted AP I wanted us to keep Mewelde Moore over Taylor. To me he was a better compliment

  4. I sure hope they sign him. I dropped 250 on an authentic jersey of his before Purple Jesus arrived. I guess I’ll just have to upgrade to fellow pothead Percy Miracles.

  5. Don’t be surprised to Reynaud & Jaymar be activated more this year. People seem to forget that Jaymar is one of the fastest people on the Viking team. Five more pounds of muscle and he could be a mismatch waiting to happen.

  6. I’ve always thought he’d be a good fit for the Eagles, as a complement to Westbrook. With 36 gone, I suppose he’d be the starter over McCoy.

  7. Chester would be missed.
    The only upside about him leaving is that it allows us to sign another free agent at a different position.

  8. In addition to being the de facto head coach, Farve is now running the front office. Before long the horns will be replaced by the BF logo.

  9. If the Vikes put Harvin in the backfield, they had better hand it off- if he tries to pass protect he’ll single-handedly cause the end of Lord Favre’s consecutive games started streak. He’s a tremedous athlete, but he’s just too small to take on NFL LBs and DEs on a consistent basis.

  10. The Vikings are not able to take part in the free agency market as per the ever evolving uncapped year rules. This would seem to make it far more likely that they would resign the free agents from their own team, which is in keeping with the rules.
    Meanwhile, this speculation that Favre is making the Vikings personnel decisions in asinine, ludicrous, and an insult to anyone with half a brain.
    Taylor led the league in 3rd down production from the RB position and every team, especially the Vikings would love to have him.

  11. Favre? Even if he could decide what he wants to do in a timely manner, you still don’t need his input on a backup RB? Ridiculous “story” here beyond a couple of good facts at the beginning. You know, you can keep your posts short, when the story is short and sweet. We will still read them.

  12. Just say NO (NO NO NO NO) to Westbrook. He is done as a football player. Too many injuries and concusions. Here is my top 3 choices: Darrin Sprioles, Thomas Jones, LT…..somewhere around #100 would be Westbrook…..right behind Chuck Foreman!!

  13. Right!!!!!!……I’m sure the vikings are asking him whether he wants Taylor back or not. Lets stop with the stupid articles and leave Farve out of the equation. You’ll do anything to bad mouth Brett.
    My opinion…..the vikings would be stupid to let him go…he is valuable especially in the passing game even though he had a lack of focus in the Steeler game which he admits.

  14. So what you are saying is that even though Favre has not committed to coming back next year he is the person responsible for offseason personel moves? If that is the case than I feel bad for Vikings fans everywhere ( well not really I don’t care about them at all or Favre for that matter).

  15. I don’t know what Favre thinks of Chester Taylor but the rumor is that Favre loved Chilly in a dress, much easier for rear entry on those long team flights.
    Most teams are run by the executives, not some QB who will be 41 next fall. This is a joke but then again, so is their playoff record. Anybody think this is just a mere coincidence?

  16. Florio why are you bashing Chester Taylor? Honestly the guy is underappreciated and would make a great asset to any team. You are going to sit here and harp on him for a couple of mistakes.. The guy deserves to start or atleast be a 1b. runningback.
    Hope whatever the outcome for him is, is a good one.

  17. Where do you people get the news that Favre wants or does not want Taylor? We know the Bears sent Martz to Tenn. to get approval from Cutler to hire him but the Vikings have not stooped to that unless you have proof, but please do not let your rumor get in the way of facts.

  18. Why is noone mentioning Ian Johnson? Give this kid a chance. If the Vikings won’t, how about my Giants? Anyone listening?

  19. Jimmy, upon reading this, please don’t cower away and never return to the article; like you do time and time again. I know mommy only wants you on the computer for an hour a day, but just once… break the rules.
    That said, were you sexually molested as a child? I can’t help but wonder why someone with so much (supposed) dislike for the Vikings organization and fans, you would continue to post lewd homo-erotic (fantasies most likely) comments on a Viking article unless you’re around the ages of 9-12. It just doesn’t make sense, if you hate the Vikings so much, why waste valuable time from your day (diaper change, sesame street, nap, etc) to post comments on a Viking article. Try to get back to me on that one…. if not I’ll assume it’s because mom made you your favorite “Kid-Cuisine” lunches.

  20. As a non-Vikings fan, I can say I look forward to seeing them use Percy in more creative ways.

  21. ypc lowers a bit when a good chunk of your carries come when you’re killing the clock after brett’s pulled out of the game, and tjack comes to finish as he did in 6 regular season games…
    it was rarely adrian running the ball to kill the clock.

  22. I’ve liked Chester ever since he was a Raven. I was hoping he would get the nod over Jamal Lewis after he began to struggle, instead the Raven’s cut their only good backup.

  23. Looks like Favre is running the Vikings now. Good luck with that……… it is a sure recipe for failure.

  24. I know it would never happen, but I think Taylor would look great in Black and Gold with the Steelers. he would be a perfect 1-2 punch with Mendenhall.

  25. I like how you deleted my comment for disputing your statement that Favre is making personnel decisions for the Vikings. So you can criticize Favre, but you won’t allow someone else to criticize your blatant speculation stated as fact?

  26. I do it as a public service to help Viking fans everywhere. Talk them down from the ledge, try to get them to accept reality.
    Truth is, I work with Viking fans. They are as obnoxious as they are ill informed. Posting on the web gives them a chance to read the hard truth for once. I do for free to boot.
    Don’t thank me, I feel it is my calling in life. As for homosexual references, I try to communicate in terms the Viking fans best understand.

  27. You idiots do realize that Favre didn’t write this column nor is there ANY evidence that Favre has ANY say on who comes and goes, right? That’s only one hack journalists opinion and it certainly isn’t a fact.
    Funny thing is that this isn’t even a Favre story, but the writer found a way to tie it back to him anyway…..just so you guys could flame him some more. Morons……

  28. Viking offense needs better 3rd and short running success. Could also use a Leroy Hoard-type blocking back.
    Now, everybody loves the fleet afoot Chester. Do still love him as much at $ 4 million when you have Percy Harvin standing on the sideline?
    Question may be – ‘what is Viking 3rd and short offense going to look like.’ Will you be able to put players and formation on the field that don’t telegraph. (Remember-AD has a strong preference for the ‘I’ which is tough to run on 3rd and short). More creativity is needed. What is the personnel package to bring out the best of the different parts?

  29. (1) Chester in Green Bay?
    (2) Hearing on KFAN Chester is not a “good guy” – at least on-field, he always seemed great to me – disciplined, reliable, flexible.

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