Walter-to-Ravens chatter picks up

On Wednesday afternoon, we noted the Ravens were looking hard at wideout Kevin Walter.

With midnight fast approaching, they can do more than look. The Baltimore Sun writes that there is strong talk linking Walter to the Ravens.

Baltimore’s interest in Brandon Marshall isn’t materializing, according to SI’s Peter King. Walter makes for a logical target.

If Walter arrives in Baltimore, that may not leave enough money for Derrick Mason.  Former PFT scribe Aaron Wilson says not to discount the Patriots showing interest in Mason.  New England spoke with Mason last time he hit the market.

11 responses to “Walter-to-Ravens chatter picks up

  1. good god… 2 mins to midnite and this is what you post…..
    get the VW hummer rolling (oh, you must have your wife with you) towards DC.

  2. B-More or Washington? the skins just released a WR and have an opening. i believe Walters player for the skins OC. so if he in the nova metro area im betting he will wear Burgundy and gold.

  3. I would give a first round pick for marshall! Tell me who in the draft can meet his talent level? Not even dez bryant can! And ravens pick lower i think just makes more sense to me! Having to play pitt and jets defenses just seems to make more sense going after a guy like marshall

  4. HA! If the Ravens sign Walter instead of making a play for BRandon Marshall…
    Better yet, if they lose Derrick Mason because they signed Kevin Walter…
    They deserve everything they get.
    These kind of failures are exactly why a lot of people wanted REX RYAN to take over. Would Ozzie still be in charge? Sure… but Rex would have been much more outspoken with what he wanted as far as players. And seeing how he makes most players succeed, something tells me he’s a pretty good evaluator of talent.

  5. Bring in Walter and sign Boldin to an offer and give up that 3rd round pick to the Cards. And all of a sudden that WR Corp looks a little better! That’s the one position that Ozzie hasn’t had much luck drafting (Travis Taylor, Mark Clayton)

  6. Baltimore [if he signs] will be getting a quality, under the radar reciever. Glad for KW though. Came out of nowhere from Cincy to starting opposite AJ in Houston to earning yourself a payday somewhere else. Best of luck to KW.

  7. Wow! The Ravens FO must be full of idiots. How many #2 do they need? They need a true #1 receiver! Ozzie must be a retard. If they don’t sign Marshall,Owens or Boldin their entire FO should be fired.

  8. Incase you terds haven’t noticed Ozzie doesn’t take guys with character issues….period Although Marshall is the best free agent WR available he brings to much baggage. BTW Ozzie never trades a 1st round pick away. He has had too much success in previous drafts.

  9. @ Newski
    The Ravens have one of the best FO which is why they’re competitive every year and are considered one of the model franchises. We maintain this status by not signing people like Marshall and Owens. Walter as a #2 and Stallworth as the #3, then get a deep threat in the draft. It’s the smartest and most logical move. Though I wouldn’t mind Boldin for a 3rd rounder, but I trust Oz.
    Marshall is a cancer, always has been, always will be. It’s not the place; it’s the player. Baltimore isn’t a desperate team, they don’t need the sideshow, and neither do the fans.

  10. Whoever is bashing the Ravens Front Office needs to really stop for a second, look at themselves in the mirror, and then go back to their job where they do nothing football related except write idiotic posts on a message board-CLOWNS. Listen, the Ravens each and every year are considered to be one of the best front offices as well as some of the best when it comes to drafting. Just look at the 1st Round track record, as well as hidden gems in later rounds. It’s so easy to say, “Go Get Marshall or Boldin” or “If they get Walter they are idiots” or “Bring in TO”. Thank the sweet lord you are not running the team. Yes, Marshall is probably better than any 1st round pick and would obviously be an upgrade at the WR position. That’s not the issue. The issue(s) are the reasons the Broncos want to deal him in the first place! If the Ravens deal their 1st round pick, not only do they lose out on whomever that player may be, they have to pay Marshall a huuuge contract, probably making him the highest paid WR in the league. The Ravens know that this is NOT how you win games in the NFL. The best players aren’t always the ones who put up all the #s, it’s the guy who puts up good production for what his role is VS the cost of his contract. This is why Walter is on the radar. Walter, maybe being paid 4-6 million, has better value to a team like the Ravens VS Marshall who will ask for double that as well as the loss of a draft pick (which could be used for another WR and will only cost between 2-3 million a year , basically whatever Oher makes). So it comes down to finances. If football was free and Madden football was the name of the game, of course the Ravens would get him, but thats not the way it works. You find good, hard working, tough, value guys that won’t break the bank and break your team for that matter if they are injured. This is the same reason, they will prbably not get Boldin either. He will demand a big contract, and that money is better served to Rice, Oher, Gaither, etc.

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