Wyche: "All indications" are that Dunta will land in Atlanta

Don’t expect the best cornerback on the free agent market to stay there for long.

NFL Network’s Steve Wyche said Thursday night on NFL Total Access that “All indications are that Dunta Robinson will end up with the Falcons.”

Wyche cautioned that “nothing is official” because, well, that’s not allowed. But it sure sounded like a done deal.  The Falcons front office has reportedly admired Robinson for years, and was hoping this day would come.

Atlanta already added Brian Williams to it’s secondary Thursday, but still is thin at cornerback.

19 responses to “Wyche: "All indications" are that Dunta will land in Atlanta

  1. I like Dunta. Aggressive, ball-hawking corner. Just needs to find a way to stay healthy.

  2. Hmm, i’d like to see the Jets snag him before Atlanta does. Who knows the Raiders might try and get him …or the Rams….shit the Redskins might even try!!–poor Smoot.

  3. Good luck in ATL D.Rob. Some will miss you here in Houston. Curious to see what he gets after reportedly turning down 23 mil guarenteed last year.

  4. Sweet! if we can get a DE (Please get Peppers, TD!) we are set. We can draft Weatherspoon and stack up the OL with depth.

  5. Man this is a dream come true!! I wanted my squad to draft him coming out of South Carolina!! He had a Great showing here at the dome in Matt Schaub’s home coming game! A few yrs back!! D ROB!!!

  6. Hmmmm……. The Falcons need a CB of considerable talent in da worst way, but I heard Dunta was burned more often last year than a kitchen full of Mexicans flipping tortillas on a stove……. But the 1st round pick at #19 can address a defensive player at OLB or pass rushing DE……. Thomas Dimitroff supposedly won’t overpay for players but Dunta & a new contract could break that way of thinking……. Since we’re in a spending mood get Peppers too even though he’s old, stick it to screaming sheep

  7. 75% of the Earth is covered by water. The rest is covered by Smoot. Dunta is horrendous. They should beg the Redskins to give Me’angelo back to them.
    lol – good one SaintsBucsPanthers.

  8. Ball hawking corner? Does that person realize Dunta’s last INT was in 2008? He’s nowhere near the player he was pre-injury. Looks like good ol ‘Pay Me’ found a sucker.

  9. Come on florio…all the bitching and moaning that you did last year accusing the redskins of tampering with Albert Buttersworth and you don’t even mention it in this story. How much do you hate the Redskins?

  10. This is great news. An overrated and hopefully soon-to-be overpaid key player signing with the Falcons. Nothing will help the passing attacks in the NFC South like bringing in a player that is not even a shell of his former self. I love it, sign him, Falcons!

  11. I know that Pittsburgh refuses to do anything in Free Agency but with the poor play of the secondary last year picking up Dunta would be awesome!

  12. “The Falcons front office has reportedly admired Robinson for years, and was hoping this day would come.”
    Guess that’s why they drafted DeAngelo Hall over him in 2004. Cuz, y’know, that made tons of sense.
    Okay…5 seasons…makes a little sense…but still.

  13. What is the punishment for the Falcons for tampering? Does anyone know if they loose a draft pick or anything?

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