All hands are on deck, all servers are running smoothly

On the day that free agency opened last year, we had a problem.  A big problem.

Increasing traffic in the day preceding free agent had resulted in some scattered server outages.  Then, once everyone got to work on Friday, all hell broke loose and the servers imploded.

We later pointed the URL to, but the gang of impatient PFT Planeteers who were banging on the front door blew out five servers that had been brought out of mothballs to help us out of our mess.

Enter NBC.  Though it took a few hours (or maybe eight of them) for me to realize that I could try to test out our fledgling relationship with the peacock by seeing if we could crash on the couch until our plumbing got fixed, we finally asked for help, and we got it.

It worked, they saved us, and the incident laid the foundation for the current situation, which features beefed-up servers and a full complement of writers, allowing us to go all-hands today with Rosenthal, MDS, and Josh Alper on the one-liners.

So thanks, NBC, for giving us a room more than big enough to welcome in all of our friends, simultaneously.  The burn in the carpet was there when we got here.