Another new item for auction, from an unlikely source

The auction for Baby Mason is underway, with plenty of bids already being made.

Click here for the full list of items, and feel free to bid like the Redskins of Free Agency Periods Past.

Meanwhile, we’ll be adding another item to the event, from an unexpected source.

The card-carrying members of PFT Planet realize that we are, from time to time, critical of things players and coaches say and do.  And we’ve criticized, once or twice (or maybe more), Seahawks receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

Last night, we learned that T.J. is donating a game-worn jersey for inclusion in the pool of items.

So while he might have trouble staying in the 90s for the next Madden game, he just shot to a 98 in our eyes.

Of course, our rankings change more often than once a year, and we have a fairly short memory.  For now, though, T.J. is our guy — and we invite PFT Planet to echo similar thoughts in the comments.  You know, along with the ones where you again insist that we are sellouts and will suddenly change our ways.

15 responses to “Another new item for auction, from an unlikely source

  1. Sorry if a old game worn Jersey doesn’t send me flying….it’s an old item he doesn’t use….why throw such a party? That’s like me giving away an old shirt that I’m not going to use again and someone celebrating it….don’t think so.
    TJ is still TJ and it’s nice he’s trying to help out here…let’s see if he opens his wallet…THEN throw a party…but his used clothing….PLEASE!

  2. Housh is going to be pissed when he finds out the minimum bid for his jersey is lower than Fitzgerald’s.

  3. AZ, because people will pay good money for it.
    I’m not a fan of TJ at all, I think he’s overrated and a loudmouth. But this was a good move on his part, and I commend him for it.

  4. TJ is a stand up guy, insane athlete. I knew him when he was 20, worked out some, hooped, and he was always down to earth, cool guy.
    Madden is stupid, TJ is way faster than a 84 in speed, a 89 at least.

  5. No AZ, this would be like you donating an old shirt to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, except nobody cares that it was worn by you.

  6. You might get more donations if you were more fair with the way you talk about some of the players. Fair criticism’s one thing but you tend to make crap up and get personal about guys that you really don’t like.
    You’re kinda lucky that most of them aren’t the types that would go J.Peezy on anybody or you might be dictating your articles a la Stephen Hawking right now. I’m sure that TJ will get better treatment from now forward. Good on TJ for stepping up in spite of the unfair crap. Probably the best PR effort he’s ever made whether intended or not.

  7. Nice move by TJ . . . good PR and for a great cause.
    AZ Red Bird – who the hell would want an old shirt of yours. TJ is donating an actual game jersey . . . that is way more valuable than just an off the rack jersey . . . are you really so stupid that you can’t see the value of a profession athletes game jersey . . . or are you so bitter that you can’t see the good in another person’s actions.
    Either way I feel sorry for you.

  8. Don’t worry Perez…er…Florio.
    Nobody takes you seriously anyway.
    Baby Mason is the one with the clout here.

  9. In reference to your flip flopping, you must listen to the noon-3 show after P.A. on KFAN-Mpls.

  10. This makes me think kinder of TJ now, he is less than the glory whore I used to think he was. Now if you can just get Channing Crowder to donate something.

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