Bannan, Broncos agree to five-year deal

The nose tackle in a 3-4 defense is perhaps the hardest position to find in football, so the Broncos were thrilled Friday to pick up Justin Bannan from the Ravens on a five-year contract.

The little-known reserve (Our No. 21 free agent) has spent eight seasons in Buffalo and Baltimore as a rotational end and nose tackle.  He will play the nose in Denver and was one of the better-looking values in free agency. 

Bannan played his college football nearby at the University of Colorado. With Bannan signed Baltimore, a final eight team, can now sign any unrestricted free agent they choose.

17 responses to “Bannan, Broncos agree to five-year deal

  1. Damn, sad to see him go, but he was a package fresh legs back up, behind ngata and gregg. Wish him luck, especially with that head coach and scheme.

  2. Hmm, the Broncos line is going to be impressive this season. If Dumervil can keep up his production and Marcus Thomas can play to his real abilities the front line is going to be formidable.
    Marcus was almost a first round pick a few years back but smoking pot set him back in the draft, he was a beast at Florida and he can totally tear it up…..just gotta get his ass back to it.

  3. Let the pieces begin to fall into place! Awesome pick up for the Bronco’s. The begining of New England West.

  4. Very good pickup for Denver. They desperately needed help on the defensive line.

  5. Wow. Arrington, Hochstein, Lloyd, Bannan. Marshall leaving. Look out world, The Broncos Are On A Roll!

  6. Smart solid pickup. McDaniels knows what he’s doing. All the haters can get stuffed.

  7. “Baltimore, a final eight team, can now sign any unrestricted free agent they choose.”
    I thought they were limited to signing similar sized contracts, not anyone they choose.

  8. Quality signing. This will help sure up Denver’s run-D which finished a weak 26th in the NFL despite showing some early potential. They’ll still need to add another rotational end and maybe some bigger linebackers in the draft, possibly Rolando McClain or Brandon Spikes if they choose to do so in the 1st round.

  9. Cutler sucks! Oops, I’m a Bears fan and thought that’s how all Donkey fans respond to everything.

  10. B-More is a final 4 team and they cant sign any free agent they want the can only sign a free agents his 1st year contract is comparable to Bannan first year contract.

  11. Bannan is was starter 1B for us he’s a very good player and doesn’t make mistakes and can be a beast in run support and has a pass rush ability to some degree

  12. dont forget the broncos started ’09 at 6-0 with the #2 defense at that time .. then kyle orton hurt his f*cking finger and then things went south for the mile high club .. all in all it played out exactly according to script with marshall acting a fool and the defense softening after the offense stifled .. so with that said – mcdinlge finally has a fresh look at making some moves and here he go .. so look out afc – broncos could be a contenda ..

  13. Doofuses, the Ravens are not a final four team. They were final eight. So they get one uber-signing and also any other signings of equal value to whomever they lose. They have not made any $5mil+ UFA signings yet.

  14. Solid signing, he will be in competition start, but will not be guaranteed the starting role. No matter, because Denver is far from solidifying their needs, especially if they lose Brandon Marshall; McDaniels has already taken a top rated offense and made it mediocre, but the loss of Marshall will not help the cause. Denver needs to add some sort of powerhouse player to the defensive line, solidify the offensive line and fix their offensive woes. Orton without Marshall will be hard pressed to lead the Broncos to even an 8-8 record in 2010, and it could lead McDaniels to a divorce with the organization mid-way through his contract, Bowlen is known as an offensive minded owner.
    With all that said, I don’t believe Denver will let the Seahawks have Marshall for less then the 6th overall pick which they will likely use on Clausen. And it would be a good move for the organization which lost a lot of face with the Cutler fiasco last off-season. And they will likely be forced to draft two prominent wideouts within the first four rounds to try and replace Marshall.

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