Battle sets up visits with Steelers, Seahawks

We’ve always considered Arnaz Battle the destitute man’s Hines Ward.  He could wind up playing behind the real thing.

The long-time 49ers receiver has visits scheduled with the Steelers and Seahawks, according to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee

Battle can help on special teams and as a third receiver, although we’re a little surprised Seattle wants to add more age to their wideout group.

It’s even harder to see where Battle fits in Pittsburgh, with Ward, Santonio Holmes, and Mike Wallace are entrenched atop the depth chart.  The team’s interest doesn’t speak well for Limas Sweed’s status with the team.

15 responses to “Battle sets up visits with Steelers, Seahawks

  1. Sweed needs to get traded.
    Does this mean that the Steelers aren’t going to retain Shaun McDonald?
    I’m still rooting for Dallas Baker to make the team.

  2. I’m sure Pittsburgh is looking to bring in someone for cheap who is willing to play special teams and push Sweed. If they sign Battle, it’s not a guarantee he makes the opening day roster.

  3. I’ll be surprised if The Steelers dont trade him to KC. They wanted him last year. I dont want to give up on Sweed.
    I like Tyler Grisham and hope he makes the 53 man roster.

  4. Sweed is a head case. If someone can snap him out of it he’ll be an All Pro. That will probably only happen outside of Steelerland unfortunately.

  5. It amazes me how good a job Pittsburgh does with their first round picks, and how lousy they’ve done with their second rounders.

  6. unfortunatly i agree with cunn9305. Sweed getting boo’d off of Hinez Fiekd after that drop in the AFCC game really killed him. I almost feel bad for boo’ing… almost

  7. Totally agree with cunn9305. The Steelers need to trade Sweed for his own good, as well as the good of the team. Players can work on mechanics. But he’s gotten it into his head that he can’t catch. And every time he goes up for a ball, that thought is also running through the minds of teammates and fans. It’s going to be almost impossible for him to resolve the problem in Pittsburgh. With a fresh start and the help of a sports psychologist, he may be able to salvage his career and live up to his tremendous potential.
    Obviously we need help on special teams, and given their similarities, Battle may be a good backup to spell Hines occasionally or step in when he’s injured.

  8. You can call sweed a bust, which right now he is.. But he has the tools and ability to be dangerous. He just needs to get used to playing on the big stage. Watch some vids of him in college.. great receiver. I doubt battle will ever see hines field… Tomlin better get lucky in the draft this year.. He needs to get the doubters off his back!

  9. @LexusBrian …
    You sound like my brother. Yes, he has the tools and ability to be dangerous. But potential is irrelevant if he can’t access it. He has a head problem, and it’s a lot more complicated than getting used to playing on the big stage. He had a great game in the Longhorns’ stunning victory over USC in the National Championship game. That’s a pretty big stage. He’s played two years in the NFL so he should be over his stage fright by now. When a company signs you to a four-year $3.3 million contract, you’re expected to be able to perform on day one–not to need two years to get used to playing on the big stage.
    Unless some miracle occurs in the off-season, he expects to fail and the fans expect him to fail. His best chance for success is to start over somewhere else. He’s not doing us any good as things stand now.

  10. The Steelers handling of Sweed hasn’t exactly helped his ‘head problem’. What ever happened to coming back to a guy quickly when he drops the ball. If Braylon Edwards played for the Steelers he never would have been heard from again. One thing Sweed has proven is that he can get open deep. They need to get him catching the ball instead of banishing him to the end of the bench. It’s a shame what’s happened with Sweed.

  11. @The Jimmy …
    They did go back to him quickly and repeatedly, and his performance continued to deteriorate. Pro football is a business, not a sports clinic for allowing damaged players to work through their psychological issues. Yes, it is a shame what’s happening with Sweed. He’s got the hard part down: He can run complex routes and he can get open deep. But it doesn’t matter if he can’t catch the ball.
    I’d be thrilled to be wrong on this one–to have him come back this season and tear it up. But I think he’d be more likely to thrive with another team where he can start fresh with new fans. The last thing I want is for him to stay in Pittsburgh until his trade value goes down and his chances of reviving his career diminish. That won’t do either him or the team any good. Let him flourish with another team. Won’t be the first time that’s happened. And Wallace had a fantastic year.

  12. Let’s hope Battle plays better than the last 49er receiver we signed…Cedric Wilson

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