Bears bag Brandon Manumaleuna

Even before he became a free agent, the Chicago Bears never tried to hide their interest in tight end Brandon Manumaleuna. So it’s no surprise that just hours after he became a free agent, Manumaleuna agreed to a deal with the Bears.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that Manumaleuna will sign a five-year contract with the Bears today, pending a physical.

Manumaleuna arrived at O’Hare airport Friday morning and confirmed that he has joined the Bears and is excited about playing for coaches he already knows from his days with the St. Louis Rams.

“I played for Mike Martz and Lovie Smith was the defensive coordinator. It was a great situation,” Manumaleuna said. “This team has a chance to be real successful.”

Although the signing will raise more questions about tight end Greg Olsen’s role in Martz’s offense, the Tribune reports that the more immediate question is about tight end Desmond Clark, who has a $475,000 roster bonus due today.

18 responses to “Bears bag Brandon Manumaleuna

  1. Can we start placing bets now on how many times Rosenthal apologizes to fantasy players for recommending Olsen even though he’s in the Martz system?

  2. The Bears will look like fools when Greg signs w/ a new team, makes pro bowl, and all Bears’ staff gets fired at the end of the year.

  3. Does this open the door for greg olsen to move out of town considering he only has that 2nd round tender? I would think the bears would rather pay clarke and get the pick for olsen. Suddenly the TE depleted Patriots and their 3 2nd round picks make a lot of sense for Olsen.

  4. You mean I stay up all night and this is the only official signing???
    Sweet, now I can go to bed.

  5. The thing Bears fans need to be concerned with is how dedicated is Martz gonna be to bringing “The Greateast Show on Turf” offense to Solidier field in december in Chicago.

  6. With Peppers eventually signing here the Bears should now try Olsen for Boldin and then try to beef up that O Line. The running game is fine. Forte had 1500 total yards from scrimmage and that line was atrocious and Cutler was a stat whore.

  7. thank god i know now. that was a very testy (giggle) 30 days not knowing where he would land

  8. GO could be heading back to Miami. They are in need of a #1 TE. But will BP part with 2nd???

  9. the bears will not get rid of Olsen, they can move him to the slot…so no worries there

  10. I don’t see Olsen playing in the slot position for Martz, didn’t he have Az Hakim and other fast guys playing that spot in STL? Olsen is fast for a TE, but not even close to fast for a WR position.

  11. I don’t think Olsen is a great fit in Martz’s scheme either, but I view this signing as a sign that FB Jason McKie is now expendable.
    The Bears starting FB last year had ZERO carries.
    Martz uses a lot of one back sets, so this Brandon Mesothelioma will in essence replace that FB, and Olsen still could be utilized as a receiving TE.
    I have no problem if they trade the guy though.

  12. Olsen can’t run and he can’t block.
    Olsen had 60 catches for 600 yards last season? So what? As ‘The Featured Receiver’! What a sorry offense that was. Things will definitely be different in Chicago this season.

  13. I’d be okay with trading Olsen, but it’d have to be for the right price. This guy is the last #1 draft pick we had, isn’t he? Not sure if the cardinals would give Boldin and a pick, but it would save them a lot of money considering how cheap Olsen is now. The Patriots could send a player and one of their #2 picks, but who? Maybe two #2 picks? The bears still need a guard and a safety in a bad way. This should be interesting

  14. With Olson’s importance minimized, and all the other NFL teams knowing it, I wonder if the Bears will even be able to get a second round pick for the guy, particularly in this deep draft.

  15. OK we were “blessed” with only 5 mentions of the tongue-tying name of Manumaleuna in this post (down from 7 in the last post. You kind of tire of going over the name in you head (and it slows the quick reading of posts on this posty day!) you kinda think, OK, M this and M that.

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