Bears drop out of race for Rolle

With the Bears’ having swinging for the fences for Julius Peppers, we’re hearing Chicago has dropped out of the Antrel Rolle sweepstakes.

Rolle is seeking to make $8-million-per-season, which would make him the highest paid safety in the league.  That was deemed too rich by the Bears.

It now looks like a three-team race, with the Cardinals a big underdog to the Giants and Dolphins.

It’s worth noting that New York’s interest in Rolle could indicate some serious concern about Kenny Phillips’ recovery.  And Miami’s interest doesn’t sound good for Gibril Wilson’s future with the Dolphins.

8 responses to “Bears drop out of race for Rolle

  1. If any team makes THIS GUY the highest paid safety in the league… fail. It’s moved like THAT which inflate the whole league.
    Making this guy highest paid safety is like trading a 1st and 3rd round pick(and more) for Roy Williams.

  2. not necessarily true about phillips. obviously their concerned, but phillips is big enough and talented enough to play SS with rolle playing FS. pairing the two gives them one of the top 5 young safety tandems in the league

  3. won’t be surprised if Redskins beat everybody to him lol
    Danny boy would have turned all his sheets white just thinking about an uncapped NFL

  4. good. rolle must really think he’s something. he’s not even a top 10 safety. thx bears- for not being the first to make an idiotic move.

  5. Rolle does bring other things to a team that other safeties don’t. If you saw the 40 yard on target laser he threw that Fitzgerald dropped and his abilities as an open fied runner you would know what I mean. He should have the an NFL record for TD’s returned for INT (3) except for a ticky tack penalty on a QB block during a return.
    But 8m? I don’t know.

  6. i agree with the overpaid part. i really hope the giants add a year or something and take the salary down. no way he deserves more than a guy like troy polamalu, or even his former teammate. then again, in his first (maybe second) year as a safety he had 4 INTs and 72 tackles. not too shabby, and he’s only 27. for my sake, and the rest of giant fans, experience will bump him up to his salary’s worth

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