Bengals trying to keep Tank Johnson

Veteran defensive tackle Tank Johnson, who has turned his life around after a string of off-field issues, has become a solid player in Cincinnati.

And now he could be sticking around.

We’re told that the Bengals are working to keep Johnson, who became an unrestricted free agent at midnight.

Johnson appeared in 14 games, starting 13, in his first year with the Bengals.

12 responses to “Bengals trying to keep Tank Johnson

  1. what are they waiting for, there’s nobody avail better that’s cheaper…??? just do it!

  2. He had a very nice year last year for us. He certainly doesn’t move like a 36-year old Tackle. One of the many reasons why the Bengals defense finished 4th in the NFL.

  3. Payroll, I would like to see how you would move if you had plantar fascitis for most of the season and weighed close to 300 lbs. I bet you would move a little slowly too.
    When healthy, Tank is a beast and a nice part of a rotation featuring Peko and Sims.

  4. Tank Johnson , Date of birth: December 7, 1981 (age 28)
    He’s a good locker room guy, team mates like him and they dont have a better option…

  5. I will never forget watching the guy interact with his family on Hard Knocks. He was building a bunk bed with his daughter at their new place in Cincy.
    Family men make good men in the end and he has proven the last few years that he made young and dumb mistakes which he is now past. The guy is always welcome in Cincinnati.

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