Benjamin Watson to visit the Seahawks

nfl_watson.jpgAs the NFL-following world waits for the Seattle Seahawks to pursue Aaron Kampman or to make a late pitch for Julius Peppers, we’re told that another free agent of a slightly lesser profile will be making the trek to the land of the Olympics on Monday.

On that day, Patriots tight end Benjamin Watson will be visiting the Seahawks, a league source tells us.

Watson arrived in round one of the 2004 draft.  Since he has six years of service, he’s an unrestricted free agent, which forced the Patriots to choose between him and defensive tackle Vince Wilfork when using the franchise tag.

That said, they could have used the transition tag on Watson (it’s available in the uncapped year), but it would have given them only a right to match any offer, and the Patriots would have been required to offer Watson a one-year guaranteed contract worth $5.248 million.

23 responses to “Benjamin Watson to visit the Seahawks

  1. I didn’t know the Seahawks were looking for a tight end don’t they still have Carlson locked up for awhile

  2. Hey, East Coast-centric dick, the Olympics were in Canada. Vancouver BC. Not Seattle, Washington, United States.

  3. which forced the Patriots to choose between him and defensive tackle Vince Wilfork when using the franchise tag.
    Wow!!! where did you get that……from his agent.

  4. no wonder the US Men lost the hockey game.
    They travel to Vancouver but the Olympics were in Seattle.

  5. A tight end that runs like a wide receiver… blocks like a punter, and catches like like Belichick’s mother.
    Have fun with this one Seattle. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

  6. Geographically speaking the distance of 100miles is a very small distance. So YES, this is the NORTHWEST. the LAND OF THE OLYMPICS

  7. “which forced the Patriots to choose between him and defensive tackle Vince Wilfork when using the franchise tag.”
    Absolutely wrong. The Pats would never have franchised Watson. He has rarely lived up to expectations and most years has had way too many drops. Unfortunately for Watson he makes the tough dramatic catches a lot of times and drops the easy ones almost as often.

  8. Uh, guys, Florio was referencing the giant mountain range known as the Olympics. Not, y’know, the Olympics. I know we’re out here in South Alaska, but come on.
    To be fair though, Seattle is closer to the Cascades, which are better known (Mt Rainier for the win!).
    Sorry, didn’t mean to defend Florio, I promise not to do so again.

  9. @cbohns
    Nice try but considering NBC’s affiliation with the Olympics and the fact that Florio was writing on hockey leads me to the conclusion that he mean the events, not the mountains.
    Its like saying Texas, the land of the Mexicans. Yeah, there’s a lot of Mexicans living there and its close to Mexico but is it really the land of the Mexicans?

  10. Apparently, the “East Coast-centric dick” knows more about our local geography than those who are calling him an “East Coast-centric dick”. When we hear the word “Olympics” here, we look west to The Sisters, Muont Olympus, Mount Deception, Mount Constance and Hurricane Ridge. We DON’T think of the Games.

  11. I remember another former Pats TE Daniel Graham almost signing in Seattle a few years back. But… signed with the Broncos instead. The same Broncos coaches are now in Seattle. What is it with these coaches wanting Pats TEs?

  12. Watson didn’t get worse – Brady did. Brady’s accuracy fell off in 2009, forcing all his receivers to stretch for balls that left them exposed to hard hits. Even Welker was hammered often enough to perhaps contirbute to the sudden failure of his knee.

  13. You nuts?
    09 was one of Brady’s better years statistically.
    It takes me about 2 minutes of google to refute most of the shit thrown out there about the Pats.
    But, hey, other than the factual errors, you nailed it.

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