Boldin dealt to Ravens

Six years and one day after the Ravens believed they acquired Terrell Owens via trade, Baltimore has finally found a number one receiver.  (At least they hope he’s a number one.)

Baltimore acquired Anquan Boldin and a fifth-round pick in 2010 in exchange for 2010 third- and fourth-round picks.

The trade compensation is more than reasonable, but a contract came with it.  Boldin signed a three-year, $25 million extension on his current deal, including $10 million in guaranteed new money. He’s due $28 million over the next four years. 

Boldin is a superlative locker room leader, but there was some concern in Arizona that his body has taken a pounding over the years and that he would remain injury-prone.

Derrick Mason’s future with the Ravens now looks more up in the air.

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  1. As a 49er fan this is great f’n news!! As long as the Seachickens dont deal for Marshall this is one less WR to have to worry about.

  2. The deal is already been signed and its not that bad, 4-years 28 million.
    BTW great job Ozzie getting a steal for Boldin plus picking up a pick to offset the 3rd and 4th lost and there still are RFA that could be signed for draft picks too. Worst comes to worst we’ll just count on Ozzie pulling another late round gem with the extra Day 3 picks 🙂
    In Oz We Trust!!

  3. As an Arizona fan, I hope Boldin is successful in Baltimore. He obviously wants a new deal and will get one.
    He may miss 2-3 games per year, but I don’t think there is a tougher receiver in the game today.

  4. Once agin ‘The King of Missteps’ KC egoli gets taken out ‘hind the woodshed and WHUPPED like a step-child – heh heh heh!
    Boldin – gone! Peppers – gone! Taylor – gone! Rolle (soon to be) – gone! Chambers (soon to be) – gone! Dansby (soon to be) – gone!
    All the players they want – GONE – afore their cryin’ eyes – my Chiefs are the laughing stock of the entire NFL.
    Meanwhile, back at halt and lame central (aka Arrowhead Stadium), the Chiefs sign UFL cut QB palko & resign RB jackie battle. egoli: best GM in the NFL… right.

  5. 4 years 28 mil seems entirely reasonable. As a Dolphin fan, I want to know why the Fins didnt get this deal done.
    Only thing I can think of is Boldin has had a penchant for getting hurt.
    Good luck in Baltimore Q.

  6. What a day in the AFC North!
    Big Ben gonna get nailed by the law, and the damn Ravens got Boldin…
    If you woulda told me this was gonna happen yesterday I would have thought you were full of doggie doo
    Rough day for the Steelers

  7. Bad move for Boldin. He had Fitzgerald on the other side in Arizona. Who does he have in b-more? Stallworth. Laughable. He is injury riddled and didn’t face nearly as much competition in the NFC west. This is not a good move for Boldin.

  8. Could there be a day when Baltimore’s offense is actually better than its defense?

  9. i can almost gay-run-tee he gets injured in his first season there.
    Ray Lewis breaks his jaw in training camp.

  10. Anquan Boldin got $10 million in guaranteed money, $25 million in new money, according to a league source.
    he had 1 year left on current contract and Ravens extended another 3 years..

  11. Does Ozzie still have a ski mask on ? This was a steal. I wish the JETS stepped up and got him. We still have hope for Marshall :/

  12. this has a huge impact on the ravens for two reasons. first, if he and flacco can can get some chemistry going its all good. second, if he and whats his face can break open consistently it will show if jflac is a bigtime talent if he follows through with completed passes. pam oliver is so sexy.

  13. They’ve been able to win games against the Scott Linehan Rams, Jake Delhomme making six turnovers, and the musical chairs secondary of the Monsters of the Midway, all without Boldin. Of course a guy who has never had more than 43 yards receiving in a game, Early Doucet, can replace the NFL’s all-time leader in yards per game. Oh, maybe they’ll use the third rounder for a replacement. Let’s look at all the second and third rounders since 2003 and their receptions compared to Boldin’s 586. 2nd and 3rd round picks since 2003
    Taylor Jacobs 37
    Bethel Johnson 39
    Tyrone Calico 42
    Kelley Washington 107… See More
    Nate Burleson 263
    Kevin Curtis 252
    Billy McMullen 52
    Devery Henderson 157
    Darius Watts 33
    Keary Colbert 121
    Derek Hamilton 0
    Bernard Berrian 253
    Devard Darling 37
    Reggie Brown 177
    Mark Bradley 92
    Roscoe Parrish 100
    Vincent Jackson 198
    Courtney Roby 24
    Chris Henry 119
    Brandon Jones 113
    So, no wide receiver taken between 2003-2005 in the second or third round has even half the receptions of Boldin. Actually, none of them average even fifty-three receptions a year, even if you throw out their rookie seasons. Half of them are out of the league.
    So, by now you are probably thinking, these players are having fewer and fewer games to get receptions. With 4 seasons vs. Boldin’s 7, go ahead and double these 2006 rookies’ catches.
    Chad Jackson 14=28
    Sinorice Moss 39=78
    Greg Jennings 246=492
    Devin Hester 128=256
    Travis Wilson 2=4
    Derek Hagan 61=122
    Brandon Williams 0=0
    Maurice Stovall 44=88
    Willie Reid 4=8

  14. Looks like Baby Jay and the Weasels of the Midway will be without a quality WR for another year. Then again, maybe they can use there 1st or 2nd round pick this year for a quality WR. Opps, forgot.

  15. I’ve been dying to see what Boldin will do as a #1. Too bad for 7 mil a year he cant do it in Chicago. This is an interesting pick up that I am sure lots of people will watch closely. Good Luck ‘Q’.

  16. This seems like a steal for the Ravens at basically a 3rd rounder and a 3 year deal for $25m with 10m guaranteed. I’m really surprised the Cards couldn’t get at least a 2nd round pick. I’m especially surprised the Pats didn’t pony up one of their 2nd rounders to build what could have been an unstoppable trio with Moss and, upon his return, Welker. With his toughness and willingness to sacrifice for the good of the team, he would have been a perfect fit for that offense. Brady’s (and Leinart’s) loss is Flacco’s gain.

  17. Yeh, and 2008 was supposed to be a rough year for the Steelers, too, with the toughest schedule in the NFL.

  18. Explain to me why the Patriots did not get this guy. That’s all it took? Pathetic.

  19. Why do you keep mentioning that Derrick Mason could be in trouble? Derrick Mason was far better than every other WR on the team. Yes, he’s old, they may not want to pay him, but those issues are pretty much in play no matter what happened. I wish you guys would stick to the real stories and not try to opine about things that you aren’t digging into with some real analysis.

  20. $7.0M per year on average for the next 4 years is a fair price for Boldin. He finally gets paid fairly and the Ravens get a quality WR.
    Good deal for both sides.
    Next up for getting paid fairly finally….Brandon Marshall.

  21. I understand how great of a deal Baltimoregot, what I don’t understand is why the rest of the NFL, the fins, the skins, etc, didn’t get involved and drive the price up. His penchant for getting hurt is such that he can’t get paid,even though his locker room ethic is impecable. I am a Broncos fan and having to deal with Javon Walker and Brandon Marshall as our latest #1 recievers is tragic after Rod Smith and Ed McCaffery’s leadership was great in the locker room. I would rather see Boldin in Denver than Marshall. Injuries and all. At least he wasn’t the target of a bullet. That may sound callus, but Marshall’s off field crap is really old. A wide reciever is not going to win the Super Bowl. Ask T.O. and the Eagle’s.

  22. a lot to give up in a deep draft for an aging WR with a lot of mileage on him, better win the SB this year since it looks like Ozzie blew his load

  23. His hamstrings are all scar tissue. He’ll play 8 games at most. The Ravens do well through the draft. Not quite sure why they’re signing these big ticket free agents. Heres to hoping he’s as good as Dominique (Toast)Foxworth was last year.

  24. I Dont like this trade, The Ravens Dont Use Players From Other Teams As They Should, They Breed Their Own, Just Look At McGahee Coming From Buffalo, Fabian Washington From Oakland, I Just Think Boldin should’ve went elsewhere
    patriots fans we might as well prepare for another not so good season, Everybody Making Moves Except Us All The play makers Getting Signed, wow I Hope we don’t think resigning one Of Our Own Players are going to help our defense get much better, this crap sucks we better do something quick, Go Get Greg Olsen, Antonio Bryant, Or Coles, Kampman, Jason Taylor, But Soon As we ready to make a move all these players going to be gone this stuff sucks lol

  25. You could make a case that, in terms of overall dominance, Greg Jennings and Vincent Jackson are the only receivers of close to comparable value taken after the first round. Really only Jennings, Vincent Jackson and Desean Jackson are the only true #1 receivers to come out in the 2nd or 3rd rounds. Jackson dropped miraculously to the Eagles and the Sidney Rice needs to do it for more than one season. Berrian, Hester, Curtis, Henderson, Henry and Royal are/were nice no. 2’s.
    A good illustration of how incomparable Boldin is is to take a look at the eight receivers taken in round 3 of 2007. Boldin had 1377 yards his rookie year. The best any of these eight has done in their first three seasons put together is James Jones, with 1390 yards and SIX of them have not passed the 676-yard mark for their three seasons put together. Take a look at 2008’s ten receivers taken in round 2. Only four of them have over 500 yards over for the careers. Jerome Simpson has 2 yards receiving, Limas Sweed just 69, James Hardy 96, Dexter Jackson is out of football with 0 career receptions. There were five receivers taken in round 3. They are all waiting to pass the 1000 yard mark for their careers.
    Regardless, when a player is number one in yards after a catch, and number one all time in yards per game, there is no replacing that even if he misses four games a year.

  26. I’d point out that Rosenthal typoed “Boldin” as “Bolin” and butchered usage of the word “superlative”, but I know he’ll just disapprove the comment anyway.

  27. Bad move for Boldin. Baltimore is where receivers go to end their careers not jump start them. It is going to be a lot tougher for him in the AFC North than it was in the NFC West. Without receiver on the other side that is as good as Fitzgerald he is going to get all the attention from opposing teams secondary’s which means he won’t make it through the season.
    Baltimore is not going to get 28 million from him. Flacco isn’t as good a QB as Warner was. The ravens are on the way down and Ozzie didn’t help them today with this signing.

  28. a month after the super bowl, and the nfc west power is now in the hands of the 49ers.

  29. Amazing the Cards went from wanting in excess of a 1st, 3rd and 6th just 11 months ago (as said by Andy Reid), comparing Boldin to Jerry Rice etc AND turning down the Eagles rumored offer of Sheldon Brown (Brown>>>>>>>>>>>McFadden), Winston Justice and a 3rd….
    …to making this deal. About as smart as Mike Brown turning down two 1st’s from the Skins for Ocho.
    Thank You Bidwell’s for confirming your still the same ol Bidwell’s. Have fun wasting Larry Fitzgerald’s career.
    Boldin’s toughness should fit in well with the Ravens, but the man has gotta stay healthy.

  30. @DieHardSkinsFan21
    I just loled’ at your comment. Either you are hating that your poor skins didn’t go after anybody or your just a hating Raven fan.
    We might not have Fitz on the other side, but we do have one of the best running games in the league… Did the Cards even have a running game? nuff said Thank You!!
    Great move for the Ravens!

  31. It’s ironic that after 10 years of having no offense and a great defense, the Ravens finally have a good offense and their Defense is on the decline. That D ain’t winning a Superbowl, and the jury is still out on Flacco.

  32. The Cards had no trouble winning without him.
    Remember the name: Early Doucet.
    A younger Boldin with better speed…and a lot less bitching.

  33. An excellent move by the Ravens and the Cardinals. Boldin only had one year left on his contract so it was deal him this year or fuget about it.

  34. Good deal…he deserves to get a good contract. I’m also glad that the Patriots might now be able to sign an effective 3rd receiver in Mason. He’s a baller and can still get it done…and he’s tormented the Pats without mercy every game going back several years….okay that’s not saying much I suppose.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Mason come to catch footballs from Brady. I think he would fit in great and give some tough, hardnosed leadership to that group.

  35. @diehardskinsfan21
    The unconditional jealousy that some Skins fans have for our organization is laughable considering our teams aren’t rivals. I know people like you try to create a rivalry but the bottom line is that Ravens fans do not and never will consider your third rate organization a rival. Please focus your anger at your owner’s inability to run a team, not our owner’s ability to do so successfully.

  36. I love how people think this is a bad move for Boldin. Warner is gone and in just 2 seasons Flacco is already better than Leinart. He would have never gotten paid if he would have stayed in Arizona. Good move for him and Baltimore.

  37. Anquan Boldin has averaged 6.2 catches per game for his career. No other receiver in NFL history has a career average of 6 or more catches per game.
    Boldin is also the career leader in receiving yards per game, with a 79.2 average.
    These numbers are just trivia, but I thought them to be neat trivia, nonetheless.

  38. Bad move on both parts… Boldin isn’t and will never be a number 1 reciever. He needs someone to deflect some coverage, now that he’ll be double teamed sometimes, who’s going to step up? Dropsalot Mason? Doubtful… Flacco isn’t good enough to make him better and he’s shown that hes tough but still misses games and is constantly injured. Way to go B’more, that just ensures the Steelers the AFC North crown again next year.

  39. @Brady12 ..yeah Ravens have never had any success with FA’s. Shannon Sharpe, Rod Woodson, Mike McCrary and Sam Adams didn’t help us win Super Bowl 35 at all.
    @HamBurghlar Boldin put up 101 receptions, 1377 yards and 8 TD’s while Fitzgerald was still at Pitt.
    How the hell signing a 3-time pro bowler “only ensures the the Steelers the AFC Crown again” makes zero sense.
    Not to mention that the Steelers didn’t even make the playoffs last year.

  40. As a Steelers fan, this worries me… but if it means D Mason leaves – for some reason – it might even out… since D Mason is a Steeler-killer.

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