Broncos lining up visits

The Denver Broncos have wasted no time in lining up free agent visits.

Per multiple reports, Browns center Rex Hadnot will be visiting on Friday.  As Mike Klis of the Denver Post points out, the Broncos currently have no centers.

Other visitors include 49ers tackle Tony Pashos, Dolphins cornerback Nathan Jones, and Ravens defensive lineman Justin Bannan.

5 responses to “Broncos lining up visits

  1. Remember that part in Aliens 2 when they talk about “short, controlled, bursts?”
    I hope to goodness that is what Josh is doing. Looking at and signing solid, reasonably priced talent. No sudeen movements.
    Big splashes come later. Short, controlled bursts. Don’t be stupid Joshie. Please.

  2. Damn. I was hoping you were gonna say an alien was gonna burst out his chest. Well, not hoping. Just, ya know. Broncos suck.

  3. The Broncos only suck because Josh McDaniels Sucks.
    Visit, Denver Broncos online community advocating for the swift termination of Josh McDaniels, or at the very least ensuring McDaniels knows that Denver Broncos fans deserve better than Kyle Orton!

  4. Thanks for the scoop Adam. We do suck right now, but I’m not one of those fans that runs for the hills when things turn sour.
    Be we do suck.
    Unlce Rico, I love the fervor, and I think you also post on the DP online community, but there is no way Joshie goes anywhere until after next year, so hopefully he can turn this crap fest around.

  5. Uncle Rico,
    Is this website a remake of the which was later switched to only to go back to Very fickle following these websites have.

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