Burleson lands in Detroit

Nate Burleson famously once asked: Where the cash at?

The answer: Detroit.

Burleson agreed to terms with the Lions just two hours into free agency.  (So much for letting the Seahawks match an offer.)  Scout’s Adam Caplan first had the news; ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports it’s a five-year deal.

It’s a risky move for the Lions, who are desperate to find wide receiver help for Matthew Stafford after Calvin Johnson.  Burleson has been wildly inconsistent in his career, and isn’t known for his attention to detail.

The Lions went a similar route in free agency last year, signing Bryant Johnson to middling results.

UPDATE: The deal is for five-years, $25 million.  $11 million is guaranteed.  Wow.

UPDATE II: In case the “wow” didn’t make it clear, we think that’s an awful contract for Detroit.

33 responses to “Burleson lands in Detroit

  1. Well, De-toilet just screwed the rest of the NFL for signing receivers. Thanks. Imagine if the Bears trade for Brandon Marshall or Boldin. The kind of deal it will now take is astronomical. For someone who’s best year was 1,006 yards, 11 million is ridiculously overpriced.

  2. Hahaha wow.. overpay much? Maybe the Lions will offer me 3 million guaranteed to refil their water bottles.

  3. Just when you think the Lions might actually be heading in the right direction…BAM, sucker punch to the gonads. That’s a shame, I guess it wasn’t ALL Millen.

  4. Looks like Al Davis and the Raiders aren’t the only ones who overpay for mediocre talent. Wow!

  5. how else are they supposed to get people to Detroit. Its not a bad pickup at least he is better than bryant johnson

  6. Burleson was our only playmaker at WR the last 3 years. He catches well, runs well after the catch, and made big plays returning punts and kickoffs. Good signing by the Lions and now we’re stuck with TJ Mishmashzadeh. Sucks for us Hawks fans.

  7. @Greg Rosenthal- Burleson is a solid #2, get your facts straight kid, I thought you were a rotoworld genius. Detroit needed a player who is good and who is WILLING TO SIGN you fool. I would MUCH RATHER have Burleson at 5yrs for 25MIL opposed to Antonio Bryant at 5yrs for 50MIL.
    All you people that commented must be thinking that Detroit could get Boldin to sign a deal or that Antonio Bryant is worth 20 Million more than Burleson. You are all nuts and should stick to hockey or something.
    Anyone who thinks this is a bad move doesn’t root for the Lions and doesn’t understand how hard it is to get ANYONE to sign in Detroit.
    Anyone who thinks this is a good move is a Lion fan and understands that Detroit cannot lure any free agent talent here and that THIS is a great first step. It shows that we are WILLING to spend the money.

  8. @NinerNation- get a QB and then talk guy.
    @Humboldt420- you smoke schwag, pipe down little guy.

  9. anyone is better then bryant ” butterfingers “johnson lets get suh and vanden bousch now

  10. The reason you think it’s a terrible deal is because you had Burleson ranked as the 5th best UFA WR and ESPN had him ranked as the top one.
    No one likes a whining loser.
    Nate is relatively young, has great run after the catch ability, and is a great teammate. The Lions got a good player to help open up Megatron. It’s a good signing for them.

  11. I honestly don’t think the contract is bad, number wise. People, you all realize that its 2010, these guys cost a lot, and the Raiders gave more to their kicker/long snapper, mmmmk?

  12. @BwB – Well put my friend.
    Most idiot commentors don’t understand the dynamic of signing free agents and how it is directly related to the city/team as well as the money. He is an instant improvement over Bryant and great for Matt. Rosenthal has no clue, but I probably didn’t need to tell any of you this.

  13. I like how everyone is freakin out about the money but it’s uncapped so who cares lol yea it’s ridiculously stupid but o well they couldve payed him 45 million guarenteed if they wanted lol

  14. Money wise, it’s not a bad deal. It’s an uncapped year, all they need is someone who is familiar with linehan’s offense so maybe megatron isn’t quadruple covered everytime. We need a number 2 WR no matter how many virginal, momma’s basement-dwelling, middle age jackweeds, make jokes about drafting WR’s. Yeah, we get it. You are very clever, Detroit made some bad draft choices. Bravo, you have a firm grasp on the obvious.

  15. You poor Lions fan schmucks…. This dude blows, and you’ll find out at 25 mill a year… so sorry.
    Why is it the Lions just cant seem to figure out what makes a good WR!?

  16. Detroits Defense is so bad they need to address that in the draft. We had to pick up a decent #2 reciever to take the tripple cover off of Calvin. (Yes he was tripple covered at time this last season, Look at tape if you want to argue.) Even when he was pulling three defensemen are other recievers could not get open. Detroit has to fill some of their offensive needs in FA so we can build our defense through the draft. Look for the first three round in the draft to be defense. 1st-DT, 2nt-DB, 3rd-DL or DB (possibly RB or LG since we signed Willams) .

  17. When a football player’s performance is praiseworthy one week and gaggable the next, and his personal driver is “Where the cash at?”, it should be evident that this is not a guy to whom you give either a long-term contract OR a $25 million dollar deal.
    Just being an “instant improvement” over the status quo is not enough, especially when the status quo is not hot.
    I hope things work out for the Lions this season. I’d really like them to be able to get back into the fray again. No one should be down that long, but this is not a smart way to spend your money.

  18. Soooo, the Vikings got Hutchinson and the Seahawks got Burleson. now he pillages the Lions? Sounds like some pretty good work by the Vikes front office.

  19. The bonus money is structured to be paid almosy entirely in 2010 and that is all that matters. The big salaries are on the back end of the deal and since his bonus money will already be paid they can cut him after this season with next to no cap hit as long as they do it before the next CBA is signed.
    This contract is inflated to nuzzle his agent’s crotch and give him a “big” contract to slap on his resume.

  20. The Lions obviously have to overpay a little bit to get free agents. I like the move. Who cares about the contract numbers? It’s an UNCAPPED year!!! If Mr. Ford wants to spend the big bucks on a few free agents, I say let him.

  21. I don’t know what kind of James Cameron type deal with the devl Nate Burleson made, but I can’t think of any athlete to command any less attention than him, with marginal talent, to earn so much Goddamn money.
    First he got that gigantic contract from the Seahawks, and now this. We’ve all seen talent-less guys who are marquee names who get big money, but the only time Burleson gets any print is to discuss how much money he makes and how he is nowhere near worth it. He’s barely a blip!

  22. Hey, you gotta overpay guys to play on lousy teams. They’ll have to do the same with Vandenbosh or whatever his name is.

  23. Burleson will fit in nicely, and can also return punts for us. He’s been stuck in that dink and dunk shit West Coast Offense in Seattle, and now has a big armed quarterback and Calvin to draw the coverage away from him. Expect a big year out of him this coming season, or a big year from Calvin. He’s a definite upgrade from Bryant Johnson, who can’t get open in single coverage. Expect the Lions to trade out of the #2 and address O-line or DB’s.

  24. @mixman34!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are either 10 years old and don’t understand contracts or just retarded. It’s $25 mil. over 5 years with $11 mil of that guaranteed. It is structured so that most of the $11 mil. will be paid in the uncapped year when it basically doesn’t count. So if your genius brain does the math it’s $5 mil. a year but almost $10 mil. of that will be paid to him this year while he is still younger and it doesn’t count towards the salary cap.
    Just to clarify it’s NOT $25 mil. a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Jesus, they would have been better off keeping Williams around. I can’t believe that they’re so desperate that they handed out this kind of money to the guy. Is Millen secretly pulling the strings in the background?

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