Cardinals not giving up on Dansby

Conventional wisdom says the Cardinals can’t afford to keep Karlos Dansby.  But with Antrel Rolle likely headed out the door, Arizona is making an attempt to keep their linebacker.

The Miami Herald reports that Arizona reached out to Dansby Friday to let him know they still would like to get a deal done.

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora also said on the air that he’s hearing things to indicate they are not out of the running.  Dansby is visiting Miami Friday and the Redskins are reportedly interested, so it’s still a long shot to return to the desert.

12 responses to “Cardinals not giving up on Dansby

  1. Dude just wants cash.
    Frankly I would never go to DC. That place is in too much disarray. Arizona probably would have the highest chance of success if it wasn’t for their questionable QB situation.

  2. He wants to go to Miami because he saw all the top notch booty that the city has. It’s more than Phoenix can offer.

  3. I do not want to overpay for his services…he’s good, but he is not great….I know I’ve seen every game.

  4. Dansby has been messed with for 2 years now!!! Time for a change…. WELCOME TO MIAMI!!!

  5. “AZ Red Bird says:
    March 5, 2010 2:02 PM
    I do not want to overpay for his services…he’s good, but he is not great….I know I’ve seen every game.”
    We don’t even have “good”, so we’ll take him. I hope Miami doesn’t let him get away. He would fill a big need for us.

  6. Common texasPHINSfan, Channing Crowder has one bad year and the entire Phins nation flips on him. I would like to see Karlos Dansby as a fin, but I dont want to overpay the man.

  7. He’s better than Crowder, but not by that much. I wouldn’t pay him $10 Mil a year. Hell no.

  8. Which games were you watching Ches? Being out of position and having no instincts for the ball doesn’t show up on his stats, and it doesn’t make his coaches happy either. If he only had “one bad year” how come he’s not one of the highest paid ILB? (eg. OLB Julius Peppers 2.5 sacks in 2007) Crowder’s making chump change because he’s had multiple bad years.

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