Chad Clifton to visit Redskins

Let the teeth-gnashing and Ted Thompson-bashing in Green Bay begin.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! says the Redskins! will host Chad Clifton! for a free agent visit!  (We’ve officially entered the punchy portion of the evening.)

Clifton is reportedly looking for $7 million-per-season, and the Packers are only offering $5 million-per-year.  He’s 33 years old, but easily the best pass protector on the market.

The Redskins are looking to replace Chris Samuels and may be the only team as desperate for tackle help as the Packers. Plus, they are already overdue to make a free agency splash.

In other words, that teeth gnashing is justified.

32 responses to “Chad Clifton to visit Redskins

  1. Teeth nevergnash in Green Bay.
    There will be plenty of good free agents available in 3 weeks.

  2. This isn’t even a big deal. Let them overspend for “Glass Joe” here…this guy sits if it’s a hangnail.
    What really grinds my gears is the OUTRAGEOUS tender we placed on friggin’ Tramon Williams. What a joke. good to basically get stuck paying this guy ($3 mil +) about $2.75 mil more than the living joke deserves. Hopefully there’s a team dumb enough to offer something for him. There’s fifth rounders this year with better fundamentals and smarts.

  3. so the bears are going to get peppers, and the packers are going to let their best tackle leave? fine by me.

  4. Clifton will play a maximum of 10 games. MARK IT DOWN!
    The Packers will go into the season with at least TWO guys who are solid at the position. MARK THAT DOWN TOO.
    Superbowl, baby. You heard it here first!
    I will go so far as to say Jared Allen will be SHUT OUT against us in the regular season. MARK IT DOWN, BABY!

  5. For 7 mil u need your LT to play more than 9 games
    What sucks is Ted…who doesn’t understand what it means to be proactive must now use his 1 on a LT. Having a rook protect my franchise is not ideal plus it kills your draft flexibility.
    A good gm would have had the next LT on the team 2 years ago so he’d be ready by now.

  6. Wow…Am I the only Skins fan to respond to this, really? Let me say first off that if we take a QB first in the draft I will be severely disappointed. We need as much beef on that O line as possible, and Danny has the fat wallet to bring em in. I would take a mediocre quarterback with a good O line over a great QB with a crappy line any day of the week. I like this move, I really do. I think it’s a good start to getting on the right track. HTTR

  7. @bearpaw
    You mean like a good GM would have a QB on the team two years ago so he’d be ready by now? You don’t see many teams transition from a Hall of Fame QB to a Pro Bowler seamlessly. I understand that LT is always a concern. Ted has missed on a number of projects in the past few years, but we just haven’t been in the greatest position in the draft to take a tackle. The elite, franchise tackles come in the top 10, a place we haven’t been since AJ Hawk (5 years ago when T was a strength), and you have to gamble that later-round prospects emerge. It just hasn’t happened at that position.

  8. Wow. It’s March 5. (G)no (g)need to gnash. Cliffy is OK, but seriously, $7 million? He barely made it through the season last year. Even if he does go, the Packers have plenty of time to find someone else. Patience people. The good teams have patience.

  9. It never ceases to amaze me how many closet Vikings trolls leave comments about Packer player movements.
    Unlike the fantasy league GMs, TT is a real GM who is putting together a SB contender for THIS year and NEXT year.

  10. Clifton was good for a long time but 2009 was his worst season. Injuries seem to have taken their toll and he is a step slow with the speed rushers.
    Ron Wolf’s used to say, “Its better to get rid of a player one season too early than one season too late”
    If Clifton can get $7 million from Danny Boy, God bless them both but it shouldn’t give anybody ammunition for bashing TT. We have Justin Harrell for that.

  11. 33 year old left taclkle ??? Let’s not repeat the sins of the past. We want to rebuild the offensive line not patch it up !!! Please lets bring wise and prudent judgement back to Wahington !!! PLEASE !!!

  12. Packer fans –
    Would this improve your line or not?
    Obviously, there were problems last year at this position, but would losing Clifton force you guys to find a solution that would ultimately be an improvement, or do you think Clifton is would be the better fit — at least for this upcoming season?

  13. Clifton should cash in for the final 2 years of his career. I’d like to see him go to a team that’s at least a contender….but then again most contenders don’t need 33 year old LT with fake knees. lol.
    As long as they resign Tauscher.

  14. Wow! Who wouldn’t be “pumped” for the upcoming Packers’ season? Losing Clifton with no capable replacement is old hat. TT will probably blow his wad on another journeyman safety or linebacker, or really get wild and use at least a 3rd round pick on an O-lineman and feel he has conquered all.
    It’s vintage, fly-by-nighting at its finest.

  15. GB fans writing this off as no big deal need to wake up. Who do you think we can get at pick 23 better than Clifton? Remember, not only do we have to protect against Jared Allen but likely now Peppers and Vanden Bosch. Although I think 7 mil for a guy who has almost 0 chance of playing a full season is too high, this is significant.

  16. Well green&bold, considering Jared Allen had half of sacks against Green Bay in two games I don’t think losing an injury prone old man is going to kill them. Who can they pick at 23 that is better? Just about anybody.

  17. Redskins want Spiller. Mark my words
    if they want Spiller they are smoking some type of heavy drug because Spiller at 4 would be the BIGGEST reach since Heyward-Bey!!!! I hope Chad Clifton comes here, the Redskins need linemen, if they sign Clifton, Mike Gandy, Tony Pashos, then they can use the 1st round pick on their new biggest need quarterback and use the 2nd round pick on a young tackle to learn from these guys, then draft another tackle in round 4.

  18. Let Clifton go. Pack sends its first to ravens for Jared Gaither. Stud 24 yr old LT. Mark it.

  19. Tauscher played better anyhow and wasn’t injured, even though he’s a RT. Don’t fret cheesers, you’ve still got Colledge — maybe he won’t play like a turnstile now that he’s pissed about his low tender.

  20. Uhhhmmm… it’s a visit, and a possibility. If Clifton can find someone to throw $7 million at him, more power to him. I think even $5 million would be too much. Very good player at one time, but clearly that time isn’t now.

  21. Only Dan Snyder would actually pay him that much.
    On the other end of the spectrum, Ted Thompson never sweats or acts hastily. The Packers GM has over 20 weeks to find a player and there is no shortage of guys willing to work hard to make a team.

  22. # gbsparks says: March 5, 2010 5:39 AM
    It never ceases to amaze me how many closet Vikings trolls leave comments about Packer player movements.
    Unlike the fantasy league GMs, TT is a real GM who is putting together a SB contender for THIS year and NEXT year.
    Amen. TT is the reason the Packers will be in the playoffs every year for the next decade.
    Clifton is far from reliable and quite frankly he didn’t play that well either. He was guilty of a lot of penalties for us also. I am all for bringing him back, but 7 million is too steep for such uncertainty at his age. If he has another injury it could end the guys career.
    Lang will be starting at LT and Tausher at RT. We will probably grab a FA at the T position as well as a draft pick. TT has had a plan for this very situation for the past 8 months. A lot of our OL is young and needs experience playing together…youll see a big improvement next season. You can come back and cite me when it does.
    Lets just get College out of the mix and ill be happy…Spitz was doing very well before he got hurt…maybe put him at LG….. and Sitton has been rock solid. When Tauscher got back the line drastically improved…we cant count on it, but itd be great if we could get an injury free season out of the guy.

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