Chester Taylor visiting Bears on Friday, too

Defensive end Julius Peppers won’t be the only potential new Bears who’s hanging out at Halas Hall on Friday.  Running back Chester Taylor will be there, too.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Taylor is expected to visit the Bears on the first day of free agency.

In the Mike Martz offense, Taylor could be a Marshall Faulk/Priest Holmes-style weapon, given his ability to catch the ball.

Except when it’s squirting out of his hands, and then being intercepted and returned for a touchdown.

16 responses to “Chester Taylor visiting Bears on Friday, too

  1. Really stupid of the Vikings to let him go. Zygi better have a plan to bring L.T. in to replace him.

  2. Is there anyone the Bears aren’t interested in? I am glad to hear another team tied to all of these names instead of my Skins.

  3. Florio is still pissed about that Steelers game. Hey Florio that game wasn’t Chester’s fault buddy. I think there was other reasons why we didn’t win that game. Like piss poor tackling on Mike Wallace and Santonio Holmes.

  4. As a Bears fan, can you stop getting my hopes up please. It’s like I’m drunk on Cutler all over again.

  5. Isn’t Sean Jensen from the St. Paul Pioneer Press? Or is this guy “the other Sean Jensen?”

  6. Yeah, Mike Martz was quite a weapon out of the backfield–very similar to Priest.
    Florio–You are supposed to be big time now. Do you even proofread your shit before you hit “submit”?

  7. can someone explain to me the “Taylor could be a Mike Martz/Priest Holmes-style weapon”? when were priest holmes and matrz together?

  8. Isn’t Sean Jensen from the St. Paul Pioneer Press? Or is this guy “the other Sean Jensen?”
    Sean Jensen now resides in the Windy City!

  9. eh losing chester doesnt bother me. He was effective yes, but because people freak out if AD doesnt get 30 touches a game, he didnt touch the ball enough to not be easily replaced, lots of big running backs in the draft to replace his role, and besides, Ian Johnson is a Taylor clone. Not a big deal.

  10. Chess is just too good of a player to play behind the best in the biz. We love him and want him to stay but this is just the business side of it. Who is Steven Jackson’s backup? LT’s in his prime? Emmit’s when he was peaked out?
    This is just the way it goes. We’re lucky he was here as long as he was.

  11. I like Chester, hate to see him go, but I think Percy can easily fill that spot. The coaches at Florida said he was the best runningback on their team and he didnt even play the position. I think the Minnesota offense becomes even more dynamic with Percy in there on third downs catching passes in the open field.

  12. Hey look, any free agent the Bears can sign right now will ease the time they’ll be sitting around waiting to draft. If they lose lower picks for tampering so what. Really. Tamper away. With Peppers and Taylor at least you know your getting players with proven experience rather than new punks that need time. And time, my friends, is not what Lovie and the Jer-ster have much of these days.
    The Chicago Bears coaching staff is on the clock.

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