Dansby will be a Dolphin

The Dolphins shed salary Friday for a reason.  They were ready to spend.

Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald reports that Karlos Dansby has agreed to terms with the Dolphins, and will finalize a deal Saturday.  He’s expected to get $43 million over five seasons. $22 million is guaranteed and he’ll make $27 million in his first three years. 

The guaranteed money is a little less than Dansby hoped for, but it’s still a massive contract and makes him one of the highest paid linebackers in football.  He’s the highest paid linebacker that isn’t a true pass-rusher.

(That’s like being “#1 family action movie in the country” when you are really the number three movie overall.)

We’re not sure there ever was a strong second competitor for Dansby and he was clearly Miami’s top priority.

The Giants were believed to have mild interest, and will surely turn up the heat in their efforts to sign Cardinals safety Antrel Rolle.  The Dolphins are also interested in Rolle.

42 responses to “Dansby will be a Dolphin

  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a Great pickup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Man! The cardinals will really suck next year. They’re giving away talent like if its an STD. Antrel rolle will probably go to the giants and they will have nobody left to play Dfence. They must now try to build through the draft but they will not win the division next year will all the peices theyre losing.

  3. Hopefully Rolle isn’t as greedy as he seems and will take a hometown discount as well as join Dansby…
    Go Dolphins!! Now a WR…

  4. Sweet. Finally some good news, other than those jerk offs Porter and Wilson are gone!

  5. Grotesquely overpaid. The fins are getting a decent LB, nothing more. Look at his numbers over the years. They’re completely underwhelming for a guy with a contract this huge. And I fully expect him to regress, now that he’s gotten his payday. It’s all he’s talked about for 2 years – getting paid. It’s never about the team, it’s always about him. Good luck with that, Miami.

  6. “The Dolphins are also interested in Rolle.”
    Well…………….then go get him!

  7. Wow. That’s marquee, franchise LB-type money for a guy who is anything but.

  8. Is Dansby playing all four linebacker spots? If not, they still need three more quality players. Even if Taylor comes back and with Wake, they’re still a totally mediocre bunch.
    Cool signing, but one guy does not make a team.

  9. Nice Job BP. Now we can draft dan williams or OLB or even earl thomas with the 12th pick

  10. Hopefully Rolle can come in FL where he belongs unless he wants to fly his family to NY now every sunday as he was doing when he was in Arizona. Now its time for fins to get a Wide out, trade down in the draft to get a NT, bring JT and Ferg back and we will be able to attack the Jets.

  11. Allllright! Now we finally have a playmaking Linebacker!!! I don’t know how many times I saw Akin diving at ankles last season, he sucks and I’m glad he and the Gerbil Wilson are gone….they were the weak links!!!

  12. Guarantee we aren’t going to dump Crowder and draft McClain. Look at the phins to take a NT eary.

  13. I see a lot of pissed off non Dolphin fans posting here lol…you mad your team didnt sign him?

  14. Parcells is no dummy when it comes to personnel. I’m sure they wouldn’t have signed the guy if he wasn’t able to play an important role in their defense.

  15. Midnightgreen, how many playoff games has Parcells won in any capacity without BB as his DC? Yep, he knows personnel alright, it’s why he’s such a winner. Vastly overrated. Dansby’s a good player but not at that price.

  16. Did everyone forget that Bill Sheridan is their ILB coach? He will coach Dansby up to his potential, and with Nolan at the helm, I have to think they will have a solid D. Can you say NT in the draft?

  17. Sucks his best years left are gonna be wasted in Miami….at least he’ll have south beach to keep his spirits high.

  18. As a Jets fan I just wanted to say this is the last place I wanted to see Dansby go. This is a great pick up for the Fins and will vastly improve their defense…

  19. Midnightgreen77,
    I love this signing. I love the Tuna. And I love the Dolphins. That all being said, we signed Gibril Wilson, so even Parcells can make HUGE personnel mistakes.

  20. Holy Crap, that’s going to work out to about 800 grand per tackle.
    Of course, he could always chip in the odd sack or two.
    That’s gotta be worth something.

  21. Once again… and not to pee on the Fin parade, but…
    how many Super Bowls has a Bill Parcells team even been to, let alone won, without Bill Belichick?
    Dansby is a good player… but not that kind of money good. Their defense is still not good enough to win the division.

  22. At least Parcells can say he has a winning record along with taking two different teams to the playoffs without Belichick…which is more than Belichick can say about himself without Tom Brady, as Belichick has a losing record and has never sniffed the playoffs without Brady.

  23. LOL to all the JESTS who are hating right now
    Bart Maggie Scott = $8.0 mio
    Karlos Dansby = $8.6 mio
    ummm sorry to tell you but Dansby is twice the player Bart Scott is, even as he was standing next to Ray Lewis (who made him look good). David Harris is a beast but Scott is the same overpaid idiot like Calvin “Rollce Roids” Pace

  24. Those of you that say that Dansby was over paid. He had really solid numbers for working with a defensive line that couldn’t beat a HS O-line. We’ll just have to wait and see. I just hope that I won’t be eating crow halfway through the season. I much rather devour a Jet or patriot. Wait that’s righ twe already devoured a Jets twice last year.

  25. I just don’t get it. It’s supposed to be a 5 yr deal. Whole cost… $43 million over 5 yrs. But… $ 22 mill guaranteed, then $ 27 mill over 3 yrs? Is that a total of $49 mill over ???what?
    I try to follow NFL football closely, but cannot figure out how this is supposed to work. Is that why the players & agents have so much trouble sometimes?
    Florio, please explain!

  26. Xpensive Wino says:
    March 5, 2010 8:38 PM
    Is Dansby playing all four linebacker spots? If not, they still need three more quality players. Even if Taylor comes back and with Wake, they’re still a totally mediocre bunch.
    Cool signing, but one guy does not make a team.
    Wake will be a sack machine this year wait and see. He may even lead OLB’s in sacks!! Ya I said it, write that down and call me on it at the end of the season. Crowder, well I don’t really like him as a person he is great vs the run and a big NT like Cody in the 2nd will let him and Dansby roam. If the Dolphins draft a LOLB in the first or second who turns out to be a solid player the Dolphins could have one of the top LB cores in the NFL. Mediocre? What are you on?

  27. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m So Happy!
    U Have No Idea!
    Now Sign WR Mason Or TO!

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