Eagles will release Will Witherspoon

Less than five months after acquiring him in a trade, the Philadelphia Eagles are set to release linebacker Will Witherspoon.

Reuben Frank of the Burlington County Times reports that the release will become official in the next few days.

The Eagles sent receiver Brandon Gibson and a fifth-round draft pick to the Rams to acquire Witherspoon in October. What they got for that was a big first game in an Eagles uniform (an interception and a sack against the Redskins), but only so-so play after that.

Witherspoon accomplished the rare feat of playing 17 regular-season games in 2009, as he was traded after the Eagles’ bye week but before the Rams’ bye week.

The Eagles’ decision to release Witherspoon is no surprise, as he would have made a $5 million base salary in 2010.

41 responses to “Eagles will release Will Witherspoon

  1. That’s right, release one of the worthwhile linebackers while you tender Gocong…. really? Really?
    I mean … Really?

  2. hmmm you bring a guy into a defense mid season. keep moving around all 3 linebacker positions. yep thats a recipe for him to do great. i liked witherspoon and thought with a full offseason in our system and being able to play a linebacker spot all year he wouldve been good for us.

  3. So we gave up a promising young WR in Brandon Gibson (who in training camp truly looked like quite the steal for a 6th rnd pick) for sweet nothing.
    He wasn’t “great” after his impactful 1st game against the Skins, but he was better then the other scrubs we had. Word is Akeem Jordan will take the spot, but I can’t say I’d rather have Jordan over Witherspoon.
    Sean Weatherspoon, welcome to the Eagles bud.

  4. What a crushing loss with no plan in place and MLB Stewart Bradley coming off a ACL tear… great!

  5. Nice use of a draft pick hahahaha
    With the first round pick they wasted on DT Broderick Bunkley, the sixth round pick they wasted on Gibson, the third round pick they wasted on DE Bryan Smith and THIS wasted pick, that kind of makes them even with the Cowboys as far as the Roy Williams trade is concerned. Only they didn’t get a pick back and Witherspoon, Bunkley and Smith didn’t score 7 TDs last year. Or register 7 sacks or INTs or a combination of the two, collectively.

  6. We wasted Brandon Gibson…Chris Gocong is terrible, hopefully somebody is desperate enough to give us a 3rd rounder for him, unlikely, but I’m hopeful
    Hopefully we use this $5 mil productively

  7. I like the move. He was making a shitload of money and not standing out among the other LB’s.
    I hate that we lost a nice young prospect in Gibson, though.
    Eagles REALLY need to do their homework in the draft and pick up at least two LB prospects.

  8. i guess they are counting on Bradley being 100%??
    I hated when they gave up Gibson, he was a good prospect and already just as good as Reggie Brown….great….pissed away a draft pick and a WR for a guy were cutting……….genius.

  9. This is ridicolous I guess we all know what team wanted there to be no salary floor.
    So what the Eagles need to fill 2 lb spots instead of 1 now? O wait maybe even 3 if Stewart Bradley isnt healthy.
    But dont worry they are going to sign Peppers. O wait no their not.
    Maybe they will sign Dansby ………. um to late hes going to be signed by the Dolphins.
    So far the Eagles have cut $12 million dollars off the books and have done nothing with it and probably wont do anything with it because there is no one left worth the money.
    F it blow the team up. Trade Mcnabb and Vick and rebuild through the draft. Maybe they’ll be ready for 2012.

  10. With the Eagles, it’s not the player, per se, it’s the money. It is always about the m-o-n-e-y!

  11. its always about the money with banner and lurie and always will be,for a team weak at LB i have to question this move

  12. Wasted Gibson? And what spot did he have on the team? He would have been plucked immediately off the practice squad.

  13. Vox you truly must be a loser, all you do is hover around your computer and comment on every article that is posted. You are one big piece sh!t

  14. LoL @ Vox talking like the Cowboys always have perfect drafts. Lol @ Vox acting like the current regime is responsible for drafting most of their good players (cough Bill Parcells cough)
    The Cowboys have had 2 decent seasons in what – 15 years (and conveniently 2009 was “successful” for the Cowboys, despite many, many many Dallas fans saying time after time the Eagles reaching the NFC Title game was a failure, but I guess losing in the Divisional is a success lol), and all of a sudden hillbilly homers like Vox think the Cowboys are the Patriots lol.

  15. he was the best linebacker we had last year. thats not saying much but he still was a bright spot on a very dull defense.

  16. Christ Vox…you are an idiot. Bunkley was not a wasted draft pick, he has been solid. Second of all how in any way does this make us even with the ridiculous Roy Williams trade? That being said, this is a dumb ass move by the Eagles. Witherspoon would have been moved to outside where he is a better fit and he and Bradley next to each other would have been a good start. Now they are back to being shitty at linebacker, average in the secondary and on the d-line. I don’t get this move at all. There is only a few immediate impact players in this draft i.e. Suh, G.McCoy, Berry and the Eagles slot in the draft is going to be nowhere near picking up any of those guys. Unless they pull something major I am going to have to spend another year listening to Vox and other Cowboys fans shit. Thanks Lurie, Banner and Reid.

  17. I’m so angry right now it is unbelievable…..like others said, he was shifted around to all 3 positions in his first year here without a training camp and he was still the best LB we had last year.
    Tell him to restructure his deal and give him an extension to avoid the 5 million salary, but to just cut him makes the penny-savers running the Eagles look even worse than before. After this awful move, I want Kampman, Rolle, and/or Dansby…….or just implode the team and trade everyone which seems like a more likely scenario

  18. What a dumb move.
    @ Vox – Bunkley is a productive player. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Jackass.

  19. If your team is DEEP at WR and very thin at LB. How would you improve your team, dumba$$es? When the hell was Gibson gonna play? You’d rather have Gibson riding the bench behind jackson, maclin, avant, etc. with Tracy White or a declining gocong starting at WIL? LOL typical over-reaction from the over-dramatic eagirls fans. Keep crying, it’s what you do best. The guy had one good game and you think he’s worth $5 mil? Hey, I’m selling some magic beans you might be interested in.

  20. “LoL @ Vox talking like the Cowboys always have perfect drafts. Lol @ Vox acting like the current regime is responsible for drafting most of their good players (cough Bill Parcells cough)”
    Bill Parcells couldn’t go take a piss without Jones’ say so. Who signs the checks? That’s right.
    I kinda like the Cowboys post-Parcells drafts. Felix Jones, Tashard Choice, Anthony Spencer, Mike Jenkins, Doug Free, what’s not to like? Parcells couldn’t even draft a serviceable offensive lineman and left to call the draft shots by himself, would have taken Marcus Spears with the first first round pick the Cowboys had in the 2005 draft and the Chargers , Vikings or Bengals would have taken Demarcus Ware. Thankfully, Jerry Jones overruled Parcells but Parcells ended up getting his guy Spears at #20 anyway. A guy that’s now on the bubble along with that other Parcells guy first round draft pick bust, Barbie Carpenter.

  21. “@ Vox – Bunkley is a productive player.”
    He’s a JAG, dummy. Not worthy of a third round pick, let alone a 14th overall pick. The idiot missed a team flight to a game because he said he was picking up some fried chicken! Great production guy if you like fried chicken! He probably bought more sacks of fried chicken that day than the number of sacks he’s had in his four seasons in the NFL (6). BUST. But don’t feel too bad, Marcus Spears is a bust, too (but at least he has more career sacks than Bunkley).

  22. “Christ Vox…you are an idiot. Bunkley was not a wasted draft pick, he has been solid.”
    Is that the kind of production you want or expect from a 14th overall draft pick? Pathetic. I guess I should be happy with 18th overall pick Barbie Carpenter’s play, too?

  23. “The Cowboys have had 2 decent seasons in what – 15 years”
    Another example of why you lowbrows should stop trying to do simple math and buy yourself some calculators.
    “(and conveniently 2009 was “successful” for the Cowboys”
    As far as the 0-3gles are concerned, it was. As far as Cowboys fans are concerned, it wasn’t.
    “despite many, many many Dallas fans saying time after time the Eagles reaching the NFC Title game was a failure”
    No. LOSING it was a failure. As in “still short of that elusive first Super Bowl win”.
    “but I guess losing in the Divisional is a success lol)”
    It was as compared to the 0-3gles’ performance. Remember 34-14?
    “and all of a sudden hillbilly homers like Vox think the Cowboys are the Patriots lol.”
    Don’t call me a hillbilly, lowbrow. I can perform simple math tasks. You apparently cannot.
    P.S. The Pats have won three Super Bowls. The Cowboys have won five, no cheating required. The 0-3gles have won 0 no matter what they’ve done.

  24. I am a Giants fan living in Philly and I feel bad for all of my friends who are Eagles fans that have to put up with this BS every season.

  25. You know, while we’re on the subject, has anybody but me noticed that the 0-3gles usually piss their first round draft picks away? Look at their last 10 first round picks (excluding Maclin. I think he could be pretty good but it’s still too early to judge him).
    Brodrick Bunkley (14th overall)
    Mike Patterson (31st)
    Shawn Andrews (16th)
    Jerome McDougle (15th)
    Lito Sheppard (26th)
    Freddie Mitchell (25th)
    Corey Simon (6th)
    Donovan McNabb (2nd)
    Tra Thomas (11th)
    Jon Harris (25th)
    Lito, Tra, DMac (arguably), you could make an argument for all of those guys to be drafted where they were but the rest never lived up to their spot. And you guys are lucky I stopped there, you might have to go back to the 80’s to find another 0-3gles first round draft pick that lived up to his spot.

  26. I kind of thought he was our best LB.
    Guess he wouldn’t bite on the sucker deal Joe Banner offered him, so screw.
    Dollars and cents, kids. Dollars and cents.
    The gold standard.
    I almost expect them to max out Elton Brand to play LB next season.
    No plan. At all.

  27. “Wasted Gibson? And what spot did he have on the team? He would have been plucked immediately off the practice squad.”
    Brown, Reggie
    Oh, but we could not cut him because he had the worst contract in Philly (aside from Elton Brand’s) and would have killed your cap.
    You have to wait 2 more years to cut him.
    Brown, Alex
    So, there – two guys named Brown who we never used.
    Yep, Banner is a genius.

  28. I second that, I think the Eagles scheme requires the DT’s to hold the point a do nothing. Which is fine if you have 330 lb guys like the Williams Wall.
    I think Bunk and Patterson are sorely under-utilized in McDermott’s scheme, and the Cowboys exploited it (although the delayed handoffs to Barber and Felix at first played into it).

  29. The Eagles are like the US Army when Patton first came on the scene. He saw the guy sleeping and said “carry on, you’re the only SOB here who knows what he’s doing”.
    They have no plan, and no semblence of one.

  30. # .VoxVeritas says: March 5, 2010 5:49 PM
    Nice use of a draft pick hahahaha
    Keep trying to justify this sick sociopathic game you play with yourself. Bunkley is a good player, and none of the players you mentioned otherwise are remotely close to the busts Roy Williams is.
    But the Cowboys sure are “even” with the Eagles now after the Roy Williams bust, if you follow that specific brand of illogical, convoluted reasoning.

  31. Route36West says: March 5, 2010 5:58 PM
    This is ridicolous I guess we all know what team wanted there to be no salary floor.
    Yep! We all know with the incredible depth we have at LB we could afford to cut Witherspoon… I mean, after all, we have that young, up and coming lockdown LB Trotter… (/sarcasm)

  32. Actually, Vox – Buddy’s 1st rounders were very good. I believe we even got Keith Jackson and Eric Allen in the same draft (and possibly Seth Joyner the same year in rd. 7).
    That’s what happens when you have football people instead of fanatsy football players make your picks.
    Sadly, that has changed. But, if you look at the list you have you can see it is, in general, risk-averse. The Eagles philosophy in reecnt times is to usually take a safe commodity (like a Tra Thomas) over a question mark with higher upside (Randy Moss that same year).
    Drafts are typically solid but unspectacular – the difference with the Birds is that from rounds 1-7 they get more than most teams. That is what they actually grade out higher than most.

  33. Vox, it is absolutely, positively clear that you have a hard-on for the Eagles and their fans.
    Also, last time I checked, a defensive tackle’s worth is not based solely on sacks. You are a dumb worthless sh*tstain. It’s no wonder you make under $30,000.
    And for good measure, I present ToolVox Veritas everybody:

  34. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m starting to agree with people from other cities. Eagles fans are, by and large, morons. To hear them tell it, the sky is always falling, the most recent thing to happen is the worst ever, and no matter what year it is or what the team’s record is, the front office is always filled with idiots.
    Yeah, because Joey Bagadonuts from South Philly knows better. Give me a break.

  35. FMW…I have as many SB rings as Reid. And so do you.
    And so does Joey Bagadonuts.
    That’s the point, dummy.

  36. FMW – what a cowardly and uninformed post.
    Man up and explain why releasing Witherspoon was a good idea. Support the statement.
    Your thoughts are a mishmash of Sarah Palin-esque talking points that you clearly stole from someone else you read. Idiot thought repeated by a parrot.

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