Finally, Browns and Cribbs strike a new deal

NFL_cribbs1_250.jpgAfter weeks and months of stress and strain and accusations and frustrations, Browns receiver, running back, quarterback, kickoff returner, punt returner, and all-around warrior Josh Cribbs is finally a man.

A man who has been paid.

A league source tells us that the three remaining years on Cribbs’ contract have been replaced with a new deal that includes $7 million in guaranteed money.  (Some of that money isn’t guaranteed in the traditional sense, but as a practical matter it will be earned.)

The full value, we’re told, of the three years exceeds $18 million, if Cribbs continues to play like he has.  And that’s more than Bears overrated returner/underperforming receiver Devin Hester will make over the next three seasons.

The negotiation was a challenge, we’re told, because of the 30-percent rule.  Still, both sides worked through the issues and worked out a new deal.

The problem arose because Cribbs signed a long-term deal too early in his career, before he became a star player.  Once he did, he hired a new agent and tried in earnest to get a new contract.

So rejoice, Cleveland.  The best player on your team will be present and happy for the next three years.

30 responses to “Finally, Browns and Cribbs strike a new deal

  1. Present yes, I find it hard to believe he’ll be happy for too long though. Further, after the horrendous end to his season including the neck injury scare in a game already lost, I’m surprised he was so intent on resigning in Cleveland, guess he didn’t feel like he had the leverage to demand a trade.

  2. Fox News is reporting the Eagles are on the Brink of trading D.Mcnabb for Shaun Rodgers and 2nd rd pick of 2009. If true it means the end of DA and Quinn Era..Denver is reporting to show strong interest in Quinn and Arizona and Carolina has drawn interest in DA.Browns want to move both Qb’s and Have Mcnabb and Ratliff on the roster while drafting a Qb to groom for the future.

  3. Cue the “OMG he’s so overrated and not worth that kind of money!” crowd… Who, of course, are the same people that were in the “send him to *my* team, we’d love to have him” crowd when it looked like Cribbs might leave the Browns over this. 🙂

  4. YES! Holmgren Heckert and the Boys did the right thing here. Paid the right Man, and they are making the right moves, now they need to make Jerome Harrison an every day back by getting a solid backup for him! LETS GO BROWNIES!
    Draft Sam Bradford!

  5. no he won’t, after he kills it 2010 season, he gonna want to rescructure it again and try to get more money.

  6. Can’t wait to see Cribbs’ new crib on MTV Cribs.
    Holmgren starts his ascent in Parma

  7. He’s only guaranteed to be happy for one year. If he catches 2 more passes than last year he’ll hold out again like they all do. Lock them out owners…

  8. @dfed4192 –
    Did the Browns really convince the Eagles that they could still use a second round pick from 2009?

  9. now that he has been paid will you shut up about him? I expect you to be all over him like you are hester when he does not return every kick back for a td. let him play reciever full time and see if his numbers don’t go down also.

  10. Chances are, if you’re one of these idiots claiming Cribbs to be solely a kick/punt returner, you’ve never watched a Browns game in your life.
    I can’t blame you there, but do some research before even REMOTELY comparing him to Devin Hester – the epitome of a sole kick/punt returner.

  11. Cribbs is a Kick/punt returner, covers kicks and leads the team in special teams tackles the last couple years, wide receiver, running back, quarterback. Pretty sure hes a little more valuable than Devin Hesters weak play!

  12. Okay this is my take!
    I am happy as sugar honey ice tea that Cribbs got his money, the guy “BALLS” on Sundays and Monday nights!
    He does it all – return kicks, punt returner, receiver, running back, quarterback, can play safety!
    Then he wants to be a Brown! I am saying it here and saying it now! Not too often does special teams guys make it to Canton, but Cribbs will make it!
    Heck of a story!
    Second, if the Browns get McNabb – they need to keep one of the two, Quinn or Anderson. Period!
    Not saying keep both, but Quinn is young and McNabb is brittle, he can still play – but better to be safe than sorry.

  13. And that’s more than Bears overrated returner/underperforming receiver Devin Hester will make over the next three seasons.
    Wow Florio are you bitter that the Bears signed Peppers or what?
    Devin Hester is not an overrated returner he is still 1 of the best in the game he just hasnt had the oppurtunties because yes hes an underperforming receiver.
    Saying he is an underperforming receiver is misleading. It makes it seem like he could play better. Thats not the case. Hester is the same as Cribbs. A guy with alot of speed that can return kicks and who can run the wildcat and a few routes. Hes not a wide receiver.
    Anyway I think they over paid for Cribbs. I wouldnt pay a returner and basically a situtational 3rd down back $6 million per year.

  14. Actually, the biggest news here is that if Holmgren agreed to this much of a payout two things had to take place
    1) Cribbs or the OC had to convince Holmgren that CRibbs will be used in more than returns this year
    2) Homgren had to be ok with utilizing Cribbs enough this year in the system to warrant that payout.
    I say this because Holmgren was more than happy to trade cribbs for his value if he continued to consider him as only a returner.

  15. hey everybody in fairweather cities! browns fans are REAL fans and a guy like cribbs means alot to them. i am happy for the brownies be them fans, players or cribbs. being a bills fan it makes you pissed to hear shit all the time about how crummy it is to live where we do. regardless of what others think, its home and we love our football teams to a fault but thats why cleveland and buffalo are great football cities and the nfl would be a lesser league without them. WORD!

  16. “Pablo0620 says:
    March 5, 2010 3:34 PM
    What a waste. He could be giving the Dolphins a nice extra push.”
    Pfft. Pab-poo. No one wants to give the Dolphins an extra push.
    “DonTerrelli says:
    March 5, 2010 4:46 PM
    Just watch, he’ll have another good year and then complain about this contract.”
    Do you understand why he even brought it up in the first place? He far outplayed his contract where he was making s-for-b and he deserved a new contract.
    “CityByTheLake19 says:
    March 5, 2010 3:46 PM
    YES! Holmgren Heckert and the Boys did the right thing here. Paid the right Man, and they are making the right moves, now they need to make Jerome Harrison an every day back by getting a solid backup for him! LETS GO BROWNIES!
    Draft Sam Bradford!”
    ABSOLUTELY NOT! WE DO NOT NEED TO WASTE OUR 1ST ROUND PICK ON A QB (esp. one that may not even be available come #7). We should focus on S Eric Berry 1st, LB Rolando McClain 2nd, POSSIBLY Taylor Mays (although I think he’s more of a mid-1st player) 3rd. If none are available, or you feel you can get them later, trade back.
    Unfortunately it seems they may trade Quinn. I truly don’t think he’s had a legit chance to start (he’s started 9/10 games. Aikman didn’t fare well in his first YEAR of games…nor did Peyton Manning, yet people are quick to throw people under the bus). So if we are trading him, we should get the most in return that we can, and then RELEASE Anderson. Anderson is a fluke who benefitted from a 2007 cupcake schedule.

  17. I can’t believe Cribbs did this to himself. I would’ve taken the league minimum anywhere else just to get out of that dump.

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