Kampman visiting the Eagles

That rumor about Aaron Kampman visiting the Seahawks will remain just a rumor.

Kampman’s first visit will be to Philadelphia, according to Jay Glazer of Fox.  Getting Kampman in the building first is a coup for the Eagles, who are looking for pass rush help.

UPDATE: Glazer now says Kampman isn’t visiting the Eagles.  So you can ignore the rest of this post.  Thanks.

Clearly the second best defensive lineman available this offseason, Kampman will still have to answer questions about his surgically repaired knee.  But it doesn’t look like the injury will hurt his value much.

And it really doesn’t look like there’s any chance he’ll return to the Packers.

40 responses to “Kampman visiting the Eagles

  1. Awesome. Eagles sign another lineman coming off of knee surgery. Obviously because the first guy worked out so well.

  2. Have the eagles not learned about how big of a deal knee injuries are?! See Stacy Andrews. See Cornelius Ingram.
    Here’s hoping the physical and workouts prove the true state of his knee… Bright side being that at least its not Peppers.

  3. he will flourish with Reid.
    Great pick up for the Eagles.
    This should highlight was a horrible GM Thompson in GB is…. one year ago (when he knew the switch to the 3-4 would not favor Kampman’s playing style) he could have traded him for a 2nd or even a first round pick. kampman would have been able to sign a long term contract rewarding him and EVERYONE WOULD HAVE WON.
    Potentially Thompson has cost the Packers a high impact player in the form of a draft pick and personally cost Kampy a lot of cash.
    No wonder everyone wants out of GB

  4. As a Packer fan I hope Kampman signs on with a good team for good money outside of the NFC North. He was a hard nosed, no nonsense player who didn’t complain about being moved to linebacker his last season before free agency. How many guys would do that?
    He was a true Packer, but with the new 3-4 defense they have no real need for him now. Good luck Kampman.

  5. Philly could use the help in their lb core, the shuffle they had to go with all of last year after bradley went down in camp. Philly is making a good deal here if they can nail him down.

  6. The Packers should have traded him last year. Both Kampman and fans knew he wasn’t going to work at outside LB. The Packers should have known.

  7. Teddy T making the youngest team in the NFL even younger stupid comment :
    first i have to say 74 is and always will be one of my favorites to ever have a “G” on his helmet but he doesn’t fit as a linebacker in the 34 so why would TT resign him to a scheme that he doesn’t fit??

  8. I’d never bet against the guy, he’s a great athlete.
    “superbowl” youre a buffoon, you have no idea what youre talking about.

  9. hizzle, orthopaedic surgery is vastly superior to even just 12 years ago. Depending on the circumstances of the original damage he can potentially have a stronger knee now than he had before the injury.
    I know why you think that way but knee injuries are not the career-destroyers they were 20+ years ago.

  10. Florio, this is not true. Glazer has on his twitter page that the Eagles have spoken to Kampmans reps but he is not coming to Philly quite yet.

  11. Don’t count out Uncle Teddy to match what Philly may offer. The object is to let Kampman test the market for an aging DE/LB with a torn ACL… NOT to set the market. I’m sure Kampy would prefer to stay in GB. Let’s see what happens instead of jumping the gun.

  12. superbowl:
    Its lovely that the mental institution grants you some time each day to use a computer but stick to something you know about. Obviously you know nothing about the Packers and their GM.
    What would it have done for GB to trade away their ONLY known pass rush threat last year? They were coming off a season where they had 25 sacks on D. It doesn’t matter if they were switching to a 3-4 in terms of pass rush because Kampman was still rushing the passer most of the time. The only thing that hurt him was trying to cover TEs. Its not like he is the first 4-3 DE that a team tried to turn into a 3-4 OLB. Get a clue.

  13. superbowl, you’re an idiot. Yes, Reid is well known for his work with defensive ends. And how exactly did Thompson cost Kampy a lot of cash? Did he go out with a scissors and cut his ACL? The Pack loved Aaron and wanted to do whatever they could to see if he fit and they could keep him. He was getting better when the injury, which was Thompson’s fault, occurred. Shut the hell up asswipe.

  14. This would be a great signing. I’m sure whoever signs Kampman will get more production per dollar than whoever signs Peppers.

  15. Pack attack,
    keep sucking up the Packer SPIN MACHINE – from Ari Fleisher to Thompson; there is more spin in GB than on any other team in the league.

  16. FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer issued a correction to his earlier report that defensive end Aaron Kampman is visiting with the Eagles.
    Glazer just reported on his Twitter account that the “birds have had talks w his rep but he is NOT visiting at this point.”
    Sorry to get the fans excited.

  17. I’ll maybe just ignore your analyses sections of any post, since they clearly aren’t well thought out. Those last two sentences, even without Glazer’s correction, make little sense. A. his value could still be hurt even if he visits a team. B. he could still sign with the Pack after visiting a team.

  18. # superbowl says: March 5, 2010 1:34 PM
    Pack attack,
    keep sucking up the Packer SPIN MACHINE – from Ari Fleisher to Thompson; there is more spin in GB than on any other team in the league.
    So in other words, superbowl, you’ve got nothing to back up you’re original arguement. That’s what we figured but thanks for making obvious.
    By the way, do you give Thompson any credit for moving up and drafting Matthews Jr.? Probably not – just dumb luck, huh?

  19. I like Kampman, but coming off a knee injury and at his age I think they should just leave it alone and learn from the past. My hopes were that they were using it as a ploy to try and pull Peppers in for at least a visit, but with his deal being “imminent” maybe they will just leave it alone. Especially considering Glazer’s latest update. Please leave it alone! If you want to sign someone… sign Dansby!

  20. Can’t blame Kampman for checking out his options. He signed with the Vikings a few years ago and the Packers matched. I think Thompson would like Kampman, Clifton and Tauscher back, if the price is right. I definitely would not want to play poker with Thompson. He’s a great GM and is not going to over pay those players who are all over the age of 30 with a history of injury. If any of the three players get a better offer to play elsewhere, Thompson will thank them for their efforts and let them go. If those players are willing to rejoin the Packers after the initial Free Agency frenzy, Thompson will welcome them back with a fair market deal.
    Go Pack!

  21. Lebowski and Pack attack,
    If you can stay with this thread long enough and your A.D.D. does not kick in….
    Kamp will not come back to the packers – that bridge was burned by your GM – what a loser. to take a pro bowler at the height of his career and make him a linebacker – not to trade him and GET NO COMPENSATION for his release haha.
    Ya could have had a 2nd round pick OR MORE for a GREAT PLAYER AND CLUBHOUSE LEADER.

  22. Rumors = Truth 70% of the time
    This has to be for DE no LB if the LB experiment was a failure in GB why would they continue a failed experiment in Philly?
    Oh, never mind. forgot we are talking about Reid here. Its probably as LB

  23. MarcDuke
    yes, i do give credit for his draft selections. Matthews was a reach that looks to be a solid calculated risk.
    Thompson is strong in the draft but his weakness is interpersonal relationships with the players already on the team. He is simply not a person that knows how to manage a player’s needs – he is best suited for a player personnel position and he is clearly out of his league as a GM
    There is only one reason the Packers had to give Fleisher $5M.. this was to spin the mess that TT has gotten them into.

  24. scottybee says:
    March 5, 2010 1:48 PM
    The reason they WON’T sign him is becuz of Stacey Andrews…once bitten twice shy
    If i recall correctly, Andrews was hurt at the end of the year, where kampmann was hurt at the beginning. those extra months of recovery are very crucial.
    If the birds aren’t getting Peppers, as now seems the case, Kampmann will really help the Birds. All he has to do beat single coverage with Cole gettin doubled

  25. superbowl= tool
    you would be a worse GM than the love child of Matt Millen and Daniel Snyder.
    Yes Ted Thompson could’ve traded a franchise favorite and the team’s only known pass rusher for a first round pick. That’d be brilliant.

  26. Oh, and Montae Reagor. NEVER FORGET MONTAE REAGOR!!!
    If you do, those rat bastards got away with it.
    60 years from now I will still be ripping the team over this signing!

  27. I actually like this as a possibility, and you are right that it helps 2 positions (RDE AND LDE).
    Now onto FS, but the free agent market seems inflated. Can we finally move Sheldon to FS? It just makes so much sense.

  28. Superbowl, first of all, learn how to spell and use the English language. Second of all, you’re an idiot.

  29. Kampman is a 4-3 DE. Anyone remember that DE to LB conversion drill at the combine last week? If kampman had run it, it would have been obvious that he was a DE only. The packers did him a disservice by converting him to a LB and should have traded him.

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