Kevin Walter stays with Texans

Florio got this one right.  (Insert snide comment here.)

Less than an hour after the boss man said Kevin Walter should end up back in Houston after the receiver struck out with the Ravens, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports Walter has agreed to a multi-year contract to stay with Houston.

Terms aren’t available, but he was expected to get a contract similar to the one Nate Burleson did with the Lions.

In other words, the Texans got a nice value. Detroit didn’t.

Walter will team with Andre Johnson, Jacoby Jones, and tight end Owen Daniels to form one of the better pass-catching crews in the league once again.

The next logical names to get attention on the free agent market at wide receiver include Terrell Owens and Derrick Mason.

UPDATE: Aaron Wilson of NFP reports Walter will get $21 million over five years.

16 responses to “Kevin Walter stays with Texans

  1. Stop acting like a tool, JV. Walter doesn’t fit what Schwartz/Linehan want in a #2 WR: speed. They want someone who can stretch the field and force opposing defenses to use a safety deep. Walter simply lacks such speed, and wouldn’t be much of an upgrade over Bryant Johnson across from CJ.
    Thanks for understanding team’s plans BEFORE running your mouth.

  2. I don’t see why you are bashing the Burleson signing. He is a clear upgrade over Bryant Johnson and Dennis Northcutt.

  3. Phewwwwwwww…… Watch out Boys, were going to be putting up 28-35 pts. again this year and the way our defense played the last 12 games of the seaso, (Top 10) that smells first playoff birth!
    15, 10, 5, TOUCHDOWN TEXANS!!

  4. Love how McClain writes Walter “was pursued by the Baltimore Ravens but elected to return to the Texans” as if the Boldin trade had nothing to do with anything.

  5. Oh sure, take a shot at the Lions.
    They’ll be the most improved team in the league this year. Remember that.

  6. I love it. We need to take care of Demeco Ryans now. Sign CB Leigh Bodden, then G Wade Smith…. then fill the rest in the draft and I am one happy TEXAN!

  7. Hey moron, Walter played in more games last year than Burleson, plus he had a better QB throwing at him, yet he had less catches, less yards, less yards per catch, and less TDS than Burleson.
    So, exactly why did Detroit not get as good of value as Houston?
    Do some research. Don’t assume.
    Gregg Rosenthal……………you’re fired!

  8. i think that’s GREAT – kw is a good wr & you could certainly imagine that a statistically significant amount of aj’s rec. can be attributed to his being on the field…(ssa being the operative phrase here – not ALL)…

  9. He may not have incredible speed, but Walter is nothing but clutch when you need a ball caught. He was frequently the go to man on third down conversions, hes not afraid to catch a ball over the middle, and hes a great run blocker. I know there are a lot of people in Houston thrilled that we’ll have him back, but if he were to have left, none of us would have been mad. The man earned what is coming to him, whether it be the Texans or some other organization willing to give it to him. Welcome back #83.

  10. Whew. that was a close one. I thought he was going to end up here in Cincy. Thanks Texas!!!

  11. Now I see why you write for this blog Rosenthal. You’re here to prove that there are actually people who know even less about football than Florio. I must say though you are fast becoming must read at this point. Your postings here as well as on rotoworld have an extremely high unintentional comedy factor.
    By the way, it’s easy to rip on teams that suck. Why not show some gumption by making the harder calls? Oh right, you’re a hack.

  12. Yeah, I guess a guy who runs a 4.4 is not fast enough.
    Why don’t we just skip the regular season and award the Lombardi Trophy to the team with the best 40 times.
    9 out of 10 Al Davis’s agree.

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