LenDale tired of being a backup

Chris Johnson is the best running back in the NFL, which means any other running back on the Tennessee Titans will be a backup. LenDale White understands that, but that doesn’t mean he has to like it.

In fact, White dislikes it so much that he wants the Titans to trade him.

“I backed up greatness, a guy who ran for 2,000 yards,” White told the Tennessean Friday. “But now that that’s over I feel like . . . it is time for me to start somewhere. And that is what I want to do. I want to be a starter in the NFL, not a backup.”

White knows he’s not going to be a starter as long as Johnson is his teammate, and that’s why he wants out.

“I would definitely be interested in a trade,” White said. “I don’t know where, or how [the Titans] might view that, but that is what I am hoping for. I can’t see me sitting in Tennessee as a backup any more. And that goes as no disrespect to the Titans or C.J., but I feel like it is time for me to get out of there. . . . Sometimes it is just best to part ways.”

Realistically, if White only wants to be traded to a team that’s going to guarantee him a starting job, the Titans aren’t going to have many takers. White had 64 carries for 222 yards in 2009, and guys who can’t manage 3.5 yards a carry can’t exactly demand to be starters.

And Titans coach Jeff Fisher hinted that White’s real problem is that he doesn’t work hard enough, saying, “I don’t blame any player for wanting to play and wanting more play-time. But in his case actions speak louder than words. And I have no further comment.”

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  1. “I don’t blame any player for wanting to play and wanting more play-time. But in his case actions speak louder than words. And I have no further comment.”
    If anyone is smart, they’ll buy stock in Tequila companies after LW reads that.

  2. GOOD! Maybe this while force Mike Reindfeldt (worst GM in the league), to stop being such a pansy and make a move during the offseason! i’m getting real tired of the titans thinking that it works to rely on the left over free agents in the draft.. obviously it doesnt work cuz we have NO lombardis to show for it!!!

  3. Lendale, there is a reason you have been a backup your entire college and professional career, you suck

  4. which is why the Titans should’ve let him leave for nothing, first off, Ringer is a good backup, 2nd, White isn’t happy, let him go sign with another team and move on.

  5. Maybe the Redskins will bite on good ole LenWhale White… or the Raiders, because no one else is going to, that’s for sure.

  6. if this lazy bastard worked as hard as he moans and groans………………. he could be a productive player in this league.

  7. White should have been cut during training camp last year. Ringer showed better speed and football skills during camp, and deserved the opportunity. The Titans wasted roster space by keeping White last year. I guess this illustrates why we have not seen the Titans sniffing anywhere close to a Superbowl for a decade now.

  8. This is why Jeff Fisher and the Titans organization are one of the best in the NFL. Not many teams can have a player speak out selfishly to the media, and have his coach put him in his place without a locker room divided blow up. Nope it’s business as usually in Nashville. Go Titans!

  9. Reinfeldt needs to send a value deal to his old employer, the Seahawks. Lendale would fit in well there as the red zone back and could play for ex-college coach, Carroll.
    But again, that would take Mike Reinfeldt to get off his lazy @$$ and make a phone call. He couldn’t even return phone calls from KVB. The guy is helping Bud “Scrooge” Adams sit on his C-notes while instead of paying players, they wait and go shopping at the NFL equivalent of Big Lots. No wonder they can’t win the big one, even if you spot them a 13 win season and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. Bud, you can’t take the money with you when you die!
    While Jim Schwartz was here in Nashville at KVB’s gate at 11:01pm CDT – Jeff Fisher was probably at the house sippin’ on some “Strawberry Wine”.

  10. If LenDale White was a #1 back he would not have fumbled in the 4th quarter inside the red zone of a divisional home game like he did against the Ravens. The Titans don’t need to spend money on another Chris Brown. I’d rather sign or draft a capable punt and kick returner. Losing Chris Carr hurt!

  11. This is *** BAR NONE*** THE Funniest offseason NFL story I have read!
    This tool couldn’t carry “the load” as a #1 Starter for ANY team in the league. Whether he likes to drink tequila or not, he is a FAT-Asz, big-ego, low-production tool. Talk about inflated self-image!?!
    Hey LenDale~ do a shot and sit your fat asz back down on the Titans bench and just be GLAD you have a job. Period. You tool.

  12. I’m a fan of LenDale. I think he’s shown flashes of greatness. I also think if he got his wish to start he’d be out of the league in 2 years. Be careful what you wish for, LenDale.

  13. Chris Johnson is the best running back in the NFL,
    Really? Because he had one good season in which he got the ball all the time because the rest of his team sucks?
    I love how you state it as fact instead of as the half-cocked, bandwagon opinion that it is.
    A couple fumbles and AD is all of the sudden dropped below Lil John wannabe. I’d still take Adrian over this idiot any day.

  14. Manbearpig says:
    March 6, 2010 9:01 AM
    you take AP you dipshit! Your nuts if your not convinced CJ is better then AP. If fat boy wasnt in his way his rookie season he’d of had back to back 2K seasons. MANBEARPIG=IDIOT! The way AP runs hes the next Portis. You watch. Hes a fumbling freak to. hes almost gross to watch

  15. Great running backs don’t cough the pig up on a regular basis…AP has taken a backseat to CJ because of this.

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