Ochocinco could be getting his wish

NFL_owens2_250.jpgWe reported earlier today that two teams are interested in receiver Terrell Owens.

One of them, according to Geoff Hobson of Bengals.com, is the Bengals.

The disclosure comes as a surprise.  Receiver Chad Ochocinco has been lobbying aggressively for T.O. to be added to the team, but all reports have indicated that the Bengals don’t want to bring in another aging wideout.

Hobson says that Owens is one of several receivers in whom the team is interested.  Others include Antonio Bryant, Kevin Walter, Chris Chambers, and Josh Reed. 

Hobson believes that the Bengals are merely putting out feelers, and that they’ll do a deal when the market settles down.

37 responses to “Ochocinco could be getting his wish

  1. Hobson simply reported that YOU REPORTED that they have interest! WTF man?
    This is a stupid circle of inference that has no basis aside from Chad Ochocinco REALLY WANTS T.O. That’s all we really know here….

  2. Walter please, or bryant, but I’ll take TO before Chambers or Reed, definitely before Reed.

  3. It doesn’t matter… You still need a QB that is capable of throwing a catchable ball to them. (See Playoff game vs Jets)

  4. One of them, according to Geoff Hobson of Bengals.com, is the Bengals of Bengals.com.
    I would sure hope so. No one else would want to be associated with that website.

  5. TO has never been arrested. They won’t sign him. Antonio Bryant is destined to be a Bengal. And they’ll way overpay for him too.

  6. They should trade for Jay Cutler and Jeremy Shockey . . . that way they could have divas at every offensive skill position:
    QB: Cutler (waaaaaw . . . I don’t want to play for this team trade me)
    RB: Benson (who was a good soldier this year but has a history of Diva-ism)
    WR: Ocho Cinco (Mr. Eight Five – no Eighty Five)
    WR: TO (Too Obnoxious)
    TE: Jeremy Shockey (I’m too sexy for New York)
    Wow that would be one hell of an all-Diva lineup . . . the crying would be louder than the stadium noise.

  7. Bungles better sign him. If they don’t, Ochostinko will want to take his ball and go home. Honestly these two are a match made in heaven. I can only imagine the level of SHAMELESS self promotion and oneupmanship any time either of them get into the end zone. This should do wonders for palmer’s numbers.

  8. As a fan of football, I would love this move, just for the fun. But I could see this going south quickly after a couple of losses.

  9. Terrell Owens is a prime example of why you shouldn’t be a jerk.
    In his prime when he was one of the top 3 WRs in football, the majority of the league would’ve put up with his crap just for his production.
    Even after a terrible year last year if Terrell Owens was a good guy in the locker room half the league would be looking into getting him…if only for the great influence that a talent like T.O. could have on a young WR core.
    But now that he’s aging his production is no longer worth the headache.
    It pays to be a good guy.

  10. I agree with JoeSchmoe… read the piece… you guys are now essentially citing yourselves as “proof” that something is true. Get real.
    Better yet, correct this.

  11. Once ternell is onboard perhaps they could aquire the other two Assclowns ervin and deion the “i cant hit nobody cause my cootch will break” sanders and then the idiot circus can go backwards. Why does the NFL put up with, invite these types of slease bags punk foo scumbags???

  12. I dont think their egos would collide, i really think they would just have fun, they both know they are old and TO for sure knows hes not going to be the number one guy.

  13. This could be a lot of fun to watch knowing the way Carson Palmer chews out his receivers every week. Look the hell out the first time Palmer overthrows a wide open T.O. by 6 feet and then points the finger at him in disgust.

  14. I’m pretty sure that ProFootballTalk.com citing Bengals.com citing ProFootballTalk.com citing a source constitutes tampering.
    Tampering with logic.

  15. great post reformed……
    that would be 4 assclowns!!!!
    And next year they will all be on the NFL Network

  16. I really don’t see how T.O. and Ocho Cinco could actually work. They both cry cause they don’t get the ball enough so the keywords to explain what i’m getting at is “Team Distraction” . The Bengals should go after someone younger in free agency and get some depth from the draft.

  17. I can’t wait until the next story on Bengals.com:
    Who Dey Gettin’ their Popcorn?
    ProFootballTalk.com is reporting that, based on unfounded speculation from Bengals.com based on unsubstantiated rumors from ProFootballTalk.com that Chad Ochocinco’s wish of playing alongside Terrell Owens may be coming true soon.
    ProFootballTalk says of the Bengals “They’ll do a deal once the market settles down.”
    Man, I love the Innerwebz!

  18. quadya do I really need to explain how retarded your post was. Jesus, please at least attempt to understand football before you post a comment. Another idiot that probably thinks he understands football because he played in high school.

  19. The Bengals beat the Steelers Twice last year without T.O. Why would they want to sign him for?
    The Bengals need to figure out how to win a playoff game. T.O. ain’t gonna help them with that.

  20. A man walks up to the Steelers ticket window at the conlcusion of the 2009 season and asks to buy a playoff ticket. The man working the window sadfully tells the man the Steelers did not make the playoffs this year. The following day, the same man returns and ask again for a Steelers playoff ticket. The man at the window replies the same way. For a week straight, the same man returns to the ticket window asking for a Steelers playoff ticket and each time he gets the same answer. On the eighth day when the man returns to the ticket window, the pissed off employee gets nasty with the man and asks why he keeps asking for playoff tickets; the Steelers didn’t make the playoffs. The man replies, “I know that you idiot, I just drive here from Cincinnati every day to hear you say it.”
    WHO DEY!!

  21. Love all the negative talk about the Bengals I would say it’s coming from in conference rivals and if I recall 6-0 in the AFC NORTH. So shut up till you beat us!!!!

  22. what is it about idiots attracting each other? It makes me wonder if these two hunks o men are sleeping with each other. Wouldnt be the first time.

  23. What a thread… The mention of T.O brings out the simple folk…. Football knowledge an common sense just go out the window. I detest the guy …But I can admit he’s been tuff on the field.
    Owens short term could work for Cincy. They take the best available in the draft… Bryant (if they move up) Benn or Tate. Possibly get one of the better tight ends in the 2nd rd. or maybe a F.A . Maybe Coffman gels. Getting some production next season from basically two empty spots solidifies that offense. They need the peices… not that many though.
    The facts are… Palmer is still a top end QB. You can’t use that playoff game performance. He had problems. So did Phillip Rivers. Guess he’s washed up to. The problem was the Jets defense. And lack of recievers throughout.. After losing Henry they had no chance. Put some viable targets in place Palmer will hit em. That new O-line didn’t help either.
    While the jokes and single digit IQ’s fly. Cincy is working to plug holes. Lewis has built 2 playoff teams with completely different rosters in 5 years. They’ve had as many injury problems as any team in the league. Yet they’ve rebuilt strong and have one of the youngest deeper teams in the NFL
    Mike Brown must be feeling his age and realize that he can’t take it with him. Cause he’s been spending money…… for a few years actually. They didn’t release Coles to save. They need that change to improve.
    As brash as Owens is …He’s not gonna pull that stuff with Lewis and make it. You didn’t hear much out of Buff. this season. They’ll get a WR.. Hope its Marshall but if its Owens. and he’s healthy it’ll work. They’ll have the ground rules in place before they sign
    Baltimore’s serious …Cincy better get there or else. Cleveland’s on the rise with Holmgren.. Maybe they’ll see Pittsburgh on their way down.
    Someone tell Benny Boy..You can buy that stuff!
    Never thought I’d see the day I’d root for Terrele Owens…… Come on Dude just shut up and play

  24. Cinncinati’s TV ratings would be off the charts.
    Personally I also would like to see NE give him a 1 year contact.
    I would like to see how teams would defense two top-tier receivers at the same time.

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