Osgood flying across the country for "legit shot" to play receiver

In seven seasons with the San Diego Chargers, Kassim Osgood has grown increasingly frustrated with the team’s insistence that he’s more valuable on special teams than he is playing wide receiver. Now Osgood says he’s finally getting a shot with a team that wants him to play offense.

Osgood is an unrestricted free agent, and he tweeted that he’s flying across the country for a 6 a.m. meeting with a team he didn’t identify, but that he said he knows for a fact will give him a “legit shot” at playing wide receiver.

Osgood added that it’s not so much that he wants to leave San Diego, but he likened playing for the Chargers to a job where you know you’ll never get a promotion.

After using Twitter to break the news that the Chargers had released Jamal Williams, Osgood is now using it to keep us all posted on his own status. Perhaps OCNN could offer him a job. One where he could eventually earn a promotion.